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The Wrong Impression?

Straight from the horse's mouth

Are the NHA protecting punters – and horses?

The 6yo Impressionist had his 56th start at Fairview on Friday. The Vet reports that he went down short and not striding out in front.

Then the Stipes reported after the race that in view of his run (9,95 lengths back) the Course Veterinary Surgeon was requested to examine him.

Just 72 hours later Impressionist is back for his 57th start – this time on the Fairview poly.

Now apprentice Lyle Hewitson reports that he felt something amiss with the gelding in the running. He finishes 13 lengths back.

The Course Veterinary Surgeon (the same as Friday) was requested to examine and reports that Impressionist was not striding out in front.

Should Impressionist have even be allowed to run on Monday?

So where to from here?

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10 comments on “The Wrong Impression?

  1. Ian Jayes says:

    The horses do not nominate and accept for themselves, if they could, some would stay as far away from a racecourse as possible. Why nominate and accept for horses that obviously need treatment and rest?
    Horses like this should be suspended until passed sound. The same should apply to doping. There is obviously something wrong with horses that are given drugs and horses returning a post-race positive should be suspended for at least six months.
    The NHA’s prime responsibility is to protect the horses and to uphold its rules. If it did this properly the punter would automatically be protected.

  2. Michael Jacobs says:

    Surely the trainer is too blame too? Based on the feedback from the various parties why did the trainer run the horse again?

  3. Hope says:

    This article serves little purpose – and is a display of the lack of understanding of veterinary terminology. It’s rather simple: Like saying “has high Knee action”. this doesn’t mean the horse is a cripple – it is a statement of the way of going. Some people drag their feet – yes even athletes – and they still perform. it is their natural way of going.

    1. Editor says:

      Thanks for that angle Hope.
      One has to consider though that the majority of the punting public are probably laymen when it comes to veterinary issues. So the sequence of events does not look impressive on the face of it.

      1. Hope says:

        As Warren Buffett said ‘if you don’t understand it, don’t do it ‘

        1. Editor says:

          Would there be anybody left?

    2. Ian Jayes says:

      This article did serve a purpose. The whole point of making horses canter to the start is for punters and officials to see if a horse is going down “short” or “scratchy” which are signs that the horse is not 100% sound. In the interest of the horses, suspect horses should not be allowed to run and so-called pre-race medication for such horses is tantamount animal abuse.

      1. Hope says:

        And when the same horse wins and trots sound and test don’t come back positive-what argument do you have then???

        1. Ian Jayes says:

          Some horses that do go down short can warm up and stride better in a race. The course vets should know them and make judgements about them, but that doesn’t mean unsound horses should race or be given pre-race medication in order to race.

  4. muhtafal says:

    I don’t know what is worse the fact that the horse has run 56 times or that he was allowed to run after being reported for not striding out. Clearly something is amiss and the horse should not be allowed to run again until full veterinary checks are carried out.

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