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Beating The Rainy Day Blues

Jarett Rugg Launches HHCU Fundraiser

Jarett Rugg (photo: JC Photos)

Jarett Rugg (photo: JC Photos)

While the cancellation of the Kimberley meeting for Monday, 9 April was bad news for race-goers, it did allow us to catch up with Jarett Rugg about his pledge to raise money for the Highveld Horse Care Unit during the month of April.

“It’s something I did last year as well,” explains Jarett. “I normally try and give something back. I’ve raised money for Movember, but feel I have to try and give something back to horses as well.  Horses are my life – and the life of most people in racing. We all benefit from them and I feel we need to give something back. The Horse Care Unit does so much for the racing industry and for all horses across the country – whether they are in racing or not.”

Jarett has pledged R500 for every winner he saddles in April and is hoping to rally a group of people to join him. “It would be great if people could match me or even just make a small contribution. Every cent helps.”

Unfortunately the rainy weather is not helping. Kimberley has already lost 7 of their scheduled 36 meetings and there’s more rain on the way.

“This morning was overcast, but it looked fine. It was only from 10am that it came down hard and it’s still drizzling,” he reported.  Luckily, the crew were able to take refuge in the Flamingo Park bar!

“We are hoping to race next week and then again on the 23rd,” says Jarett.  “I’m just hoping it will all work out.  There’s no use just trying to raise money on just one meeting, so I’ve already decided that if we lose any more, I’ll just carry it forward to next month.”

Well done to Jarett and we wish him every success with his efforts. Now if only it would stop raining!

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