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Hey, It’s Not All Doom And Gloom!

But time for serious reflection

In the aftermath of the CTS April Yearling Sale there is little question that the South African thoroughbred sales industry is going through a phase of major correction and adjustment on all fronts.

Cape Thoroughbred Sales March Yearling Sales

But we all knew that!

Innovation and experimentation is the name of the game in tough times and the trial of Cape Thoroughbred Sales having combined the CTS March and Emperors Palace Select Sale into what was effectively another regional sale, just ten days prior to Nationals, was a calculated move that may well need a review before the sales calendar programming is rostered for 2019.

“I’m waiting for Joburg” was the phrase often uttered ahead of “I’ll have another” at the admittedly well attended sale at the country course on Thursday and Friday, which was characterised by typical CTS five-star hospitality, but a serious lack of cash and genuine buyers. And, as acknowledged by some breeders, an overall absence of genuine depth in the broad catalogue.

Cape Thoroughbred Sales ready to run Sale

While we are clearly feeling the knock-on effects of the vacuum left by Markus Jooste, and to a lesser extent the competitive edge provided by the late Adriaan van Vuuren, the real impact on breeders across the board that were possibly never even supported by either of those big buyers in the very recent ‘good old days’, is the minor ‘flooding’ of the market over the past four months of the Mayfair Speculators horses.

Large numbers of unraced 2yo’s and a host of raced – and in many cases proven horses – have been put together by the former Mayfair trainers as they battled to balance the books in the aftermath of the fallout from the Steinhoff saga.

This has surely drained the cash reserves – not everybody’s got unlimited buckets of the green stuff – and has meant a possible reallocation of spend for many prospective buyers.

Add to this the notable absence of some other major players, possibly still stung and reeling from South African horseracing’s darkest December in memory, and there has probably never been a more appropriate time for a joining of hands and renewed flexibility in terms of providing much-needed relief for hard-pressed breeders, as that group reflect and possibly reconsider the numbers and the way they run their own businesses.

With three distinct sessions, the CTS April Yearling Sale stats have been published below.

The top lot overall was #47,a Silvano colt which went to Vaughan Marshall for R700 000.

The top filly was #23, a well-related Captain Al daughter, who was bought by Itlaag Pty Ltd for R525 000.

Session 1

Aggregate R13,220,000

Average R161,220

Median R105,000

Session 2

Aggregate R6,745,000

Average R57,161

Median R42,500

Session 3

Aggregate R370,000

Average R46,250

Median R25,000

See all the prices here

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4 comments on “Hey, It’s Not All Doom And Gloom!

  1. Ian Jayes says:

    Mayfair aside, it looks like real value and good sense is returning to the yearling market. It was long overdue.

  2. BEATLE says:

    It was easy for Jooste and Van Vuuren to spend money at sales because it was never their money they were spending

  3. Joe says:

    No pity sorrrrry
    The Breeders have been highly enriched with “stolen monies”. And those who did not sell to the “hot cash” received inflated prices due to the rest of the buyers having to compete over an artificially reduced number in a fake and inflated pricing market with a falsely improved sentiment.
    I personally have no pity for the breeders or at least many of them who treated the rest of us as if we were unwanted customers as we didn’t have the millions to spend.
    Having spent 500K with one breeder for 3 horses over a couple of years and still every sale having to introduce one self stinks of arrogance on the sellers part. Mike De Kock who has done 1000 times more for SA racing than any of the breeders always manages to greet one even though I only had a 20%!share in a horse with him for just under a year many seasons ago.
    I believe the NYS will no doubt be a stronger market due to the weakness of the CTS catalogue and a sale which I agree is no more than an attempt to harm the NYS. Nonetheless I still expect greatly reduced prices to prevail.
    Good luck at the NYS.

    1. Brian says:

      I’m with you on this Joe. If they needed the skelm money to call it great, then clearly, it wasn’t great was it.
      Yes there is now value to be had but it also shows that quite simply, there are many like me who celebrate the day I handed in my colours every day.I don’t even bet.
      How I love the horses though! And yes, Mike de Kock is always promoting ‘the game’ and trying to get me back in. But you see, he loves every bit of it. Those running the show don’t even know what they’re doing in it.
      Strangely enough at Turffontein the other day all Tellytrack could show was the horses arse in the canter past.

      That sums it all up if you ask me. Arse about face!

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