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Newsflash: Jockey Protest Ends Meeting

Scottsville abandoned after first

The Scottsville racemeeting on Sunday 15 April was abandoned after the first race following a jockey protest about the track conditions.

Anne Upton gazebo at Scottsville

In the 24 hours prior to the meeting, only 3mm of rain had fallen, while a total of 13mm had fallen in the 7 days preceeding the meeting.

The going was posted as heavy with a  pen reading of 31.

The sun was shining during the running of the first race, which was won by the fancied Immortelle.

This is the second abandonment of the day’s feature, the Listed Kwazulu-Natal Stakes.

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16 comments on “Newsflash: Jockey Protest Ends Meeting

  1. Tex says:

    What has happened OR should I say what has not happened to our tracks 🏇?😎

    1. perd says:

      lack of proper care and sabotage involved but this is well hidden from public untill horses break and human lives at stake

  2. Jimmy says:

    Was on the cards had ample time to move meeting to Greyville Poly!!!!!!

    1. nish surjoo says:

      rain was predicted a week beforehand they should have moved it to the poly

  3. Roderick Mattheyse says:

    luckily the barrier trial went off without a hitch – no money was wagered and owners jockeys trainers and grooms earned no stakes – such a win win

    who is laying odds the rain gauge at Scottsville is working or not

    cannot blame the jocks, the jocks cannot be guaranteed of good medical treatment should they fall, it was clearly visible ( in he first race – I never watched the barrier trial as I was engrossed in watching paint dry) that going into the 400m most horses faltered and no doubt this was the jocks main concern

  4. Gavin says:

    The game is going backwards… Sad

  5. Rikesh says:

    It is actually an embarrassment for Horseracing in KwaZulu-Natal to be represented by such incompetent, short sighted and self conceited individuals. It appears the Goldcircle board are self motivated by personal interests and self gain rather than for the betterment of Horseracing. The track was already wet 24 hours ago. The suggestion of 3 mm on track is a joke when the pen reads 31 (which sounds understated). The meeting could have been salvaged to the poly alternatively abandoned early enough on Sunday to avoid the poor animals travelling unnecessarily. Gold Circle refuses by conduct to engage with the proper stakeholders and instead make unilateral nonsensical decisions.
    The owners and hopefully trainers now need to stand up and make a change. The continuation of this mockery needs to be addressed.

  6. Gavin says:

    Well said rikesh… Brilliantly put

  7. Roy $ says:

    Bring Back Robert Mauvis who not only has a great Vision and Foresight but who can improve the ailing situation WITHIN Gold Circle. Seems racing has been Captured by people who know not what they are doing.

  8. Jurgs says:

    Sure common sense needs to prevail and meetings are ruled upon timeously? Here I must single out the NHA as the guilty parties. It is time that they took control of the situation once and for all. My suggestion is simple. Let a panel consisting of a senior NHA official, a senior trainer based at the affected track and a senior jock make the call on the safety of the track AFTER at least 3 horses are galloped by different jocks around the distance of the longest carded race. Feedback received from the jocks should be acted upon and a decision taken after this information is digested. All this should occur before 8am to ensure that costs are kept to a minimum. Should the decision be to race, jockeys need to be bound by this and unless conditions deteriorate between 8am and the time of the race, Jocks that are not prepared to race should be allowed to stand down and be replaced, however these jocks will should then be barred from racing in similar conditions in future and will need to be replaced on raceday by a jock who is prepared to race in the wet. It is not rocket science.

    Moving the meeting to the poly seems to be an issue because Greyville staff have been given off. If this is true it is a shameful situation and KZN owners should be preparing lynching parties. Whatever happened to the bluster of Burnard and his owners association? Lots of hot air it seems!

  9. Ian Jayes says:

    In England you regularly get reports of “soft” going and their soft is really soft. By our standards they would hardly ever hold a racemeeting. The jockeys always allege the track to be unsafe, but in over sixty years of observation I can’t recall a horse or rider falling in wet/soft going. Races held in these conditions were commonplace and certain horses which relished these conditions were called “mudlarks”.

    If the jockeys would not ride so short and go back to riding as they did up to about thirty years ago, they would have more contact with the horses, have less tumbles and make themselves and the horses feel more confident. Leading jockeys like Lester Piggott and Charlie Barends have been critical of riding so short.

  10. Rayner says:

    This is the result of two conditions. 1. The people in authority are INCOMPETENT. 2. There is NO ACCOUNTABILITY for wrongful actions. We see gross wrongful decisions made day in and day out. I can bet you 4/10, that next week all this is forgotten and all will be a thing of the past. Until we have people in authority who know what they are doing, and until we have disciplinary action against people who make wrongful decisions, we will continue to sink. And we wonder why we have zero people going to the course.

  11. Dave says:

    Tracks should be inspected one day before the race and a decision should be taken.We also understand jockeys have lives.This situation made my Sunday very miserable.

  12. Joe says:

    put a polytrack on the inside at Scottsville-problem solved.

    1. Jimmy says:

      Joe, GC paid an I disclosed amount of money for them to be told scottsville would be most suited location for a polytrack only for them to waste both time and money a destroy Greyville.

  13. Sandhiran says:

    Racing in KZN is concerning . Totes are suffering , turnovers are down and we just cancel a meeting which they knew in advance about the weather . Can gold circle afford to just cancel a race meeting . They should rather postpone to a day or 2 later or onto the poly . What happened to the 3 days meeting in KZN . Mmm I remember they sold Clairwood Park …

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