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The Perseverence Issue

NHA Newsletter - March 2018

NHA Newsletter - March 2018

NHA Newsletter – March 2018

In the NHA’s newsletter for March 2018, CEO Lyndon Barends reaffirms the NHA’s commitment to their journey of excellence and reflects that ‘Excellence is perseverance in the presence of obstacles’.

Hazel Kayiya joins the NHA as Racing Administration Director, Dr Schalk de Kock explains the NHA lab’s compliance to international guidelines and decisions and if you think you have what it takes, the NHA is recruiting cadet stipendiary stewards.

Click here to read the full newsletter.

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2 comments on “The Perseverence Issue

  1. Chris Swart says:

    Maybe Barends should be applying for the position of Springbok coach (having extensive experience selling them a brand).

    When you preside over a corporate, you do not blame the consumer for your consistent failures that are now highly repetitive and rampant.

    The starting stalls is an absolute shambles both at Greyville and the Vaal.
    You don’t employ professionals 7 days a week and rely on part time employees and grooms to load. This alone is an indictment of incompetence that is damning and negligent. The injury to jockey Strydom an example

    The medical response is third world. Di de Kock got to jockey Delpech faster than the medics.
    I personally contacted the professor of neurosurgery with the symptoms and relayed his opinion that it was a neck injury to bedside friends They were incredibly lucky he was not discharged

    The incompetence regarding parties involved and or implicated in financial scandals continues. The total lack of due diligence has rocked racing to an all time low.
    Not only do you allow these parties to continue but do so with public knowledge the nominee of one party has openly stated he is fired
    If this party hasn’t paid a certain trainer, what happened to the posting system?
    They’re in default to banks and trainers but hey, how can you let down someone that got you where you are
    Every time they run punters and the public feel your neglect and are disgusted.
    All they’ve heard is you’ve issued a statement requesting a statement that was issued to you and you’ve not stated why they’re allowed to persist.

    Sectional timing is vital to All. Please inform the public why it’s privy, who is behind it, who is being paid public funds and whether this went to tender. We also need to know whether parties have declared a conflict of interest in their involvement in this

    You inherited a first class structure and it’s deteriorated. The share price declares this

    With negligence comes Litigation and your record with a recent loss in court leaves a lot to be desired.
    The level of negligence in the medical attention afforded to two champion jockeys in a month should be the subject of a huge claim.

  2. J James says:

    The newsletter of the Horse Racing Association reads like an admission of guilt that the HRA is not regulating horse racing as it should with the chief executive making excuses and blaming nameless people to minimise the HRA faults.
    I see that the CEO believes that the HRA is a service provider to the industry. The HRA is required to govern and regulate. It has no business in servicing horse racing. To read this drivel spewed by the CEO makes me nautious.

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