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Anthony Delpech Recovery Update

Champ On The Mend

Anthony Delpech (photo: hamishNIVENPhotography)

SA Champion Jockey, Anthony Delpech (photo: hamishNIVENPhotography)

Tuesday, 1 May 2018 marks three weeks since Anthony Delpech’s surgery following his fall on Classic Day.

Anthony and his wife Candice know that friends and fans are anxious for news on his recovery, and kindly furnished us with a brief update.


On Tuesday, 10 April 2018, Anthony underwent surgery to repair a disc herniation and a damaged spinal cord. The procedure entailed the removal of the herniated disc material, inserting a bone graft into the disc space, followed by a cervical fusion entailing screwing the upper and lower vertebrae to a metal plate to stabilise the joint.

Road To Recovery

Anthony Delpech (photo: supplied)

Anthony on his daily walk (photo: supplied)

The operation was completed successfully and Anthony spent 11 days recuperating in hospital, before undertaking the journey back to Durban. However, he is now safely home and focussing on his recovery, working on his rehabilitation every day.

The effects of the fall and the surgery have affected Anthony’s hands, but he is making steady progress. “He is now mobile, can feed himself, and dress himself and is improving every day,” reports Candice. “At this stage we are unsure what the extent of neurological damage is, but we will re-evaluate his situation with the doctors in 6 months’ time. At this stage they are unsure how long he will be off, but expect it to be a minimum of 6-8 months.”

Anthony hopes to be sufficiently recovered to visit Greyville and see fans in a month or two, but in the meantime, he and Candice wish to thank everyone for the on-going thoughts, encouragement and well wishes – every single one is appreciated.

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17 comments on “Anthony Delpech Recovery Update

  1. Fred Blomkamp says:

    The life of a jockey is short but they are brave men who ride these horses and need all the help when hurt. Get well soon Anthony from a old fan

  2. Paul Karam says:

    Dear Anthony
    Wishing you and Candice all the best, keep on following doctors order, and in no time you will be back on the saddle. Racing needs you. Loraine & Paul Karam

  3. raeljoel says:

    Well Done Bonje!! Good to know you on the mend, take your time!!

  4. Brian says:

    Thanks for the update Ed. To the Delpech family there are so many of us routing for your speedy recovery never feel alone

  5. Nad Naidoo says:

    Hey Ant. I have followed you all your career and still believe you’re the best jock in the world. Glad to hear you’re progressing well and look forward to your return. All my love and God bless you and your family

  6. Nikeair says:

    All the best on your recovery Anthony .

  7. Zahir says:

    Well done brave soldier of the saddle. Excellent to see u are on the road to recovery. God bless u and your caring family.

  8. Anthony says:

    My favoutite jockey!smart humble and very talented!thanks for all the gteat racing moments..regards from a fellow anthony (smuts)

  9. Akthar says:

    Anthony, the best in the country. Wish you a speedy recovery. We know its going to be a long road to recovery but stay strong. We hope to see you back in the saddle because racing needs you and so do we. All the best!!

  10. Martin says:

    Get back soon champ all the best.

  11. Corrine Amas says:

    only you can do it .so be strong and put your mind to it .god bless

  12. Peppy Naidoo says:

    Hi Anthony

    Here’s to hoping that your recovery is fast and that you are back
    Doing what you do best.

    I , more than anyone else although slightly selfish, cant wait for your
    Recovery cos I’m having endless issues trying to catch the Pick 6 without
    My favorite jockey who used to arrive time after time.

    You are sincerely missed.

    So good luck in your rehab and we look forward to seeing what you back
    To your winning ways


  13. Rian says:

    Hey Anthony, hope you get well soon and even if you cant do what you do BESTright now, please lets hope somebody gives you some T V airtime as we desperately need gifted horseman who know what they are talking about with experience and a natural in front of T V

  14. Peppy says:

    What’s the latest on Anthony- when is he back?. Does anyone
    Know how he is doing?
    Peppy Naidoo

  15. Terry Ragoonanan says:

    Just today, the 22nd July 2018, I was telling my Australian friend about who I considered the best jockey in South Africa- the incomparable Anthony Delpech. That’s when I realized that I haven’t seen Anthony racing for a while. Only today I discovered about the injury. I know Anthony is a man of great fortitude and strength, and he will be back. Looking forward to having you back soon mate!

  16. Gerard louis says:

    All THE best. In dutch STERKTE!!

  17. Lance Rooplall says:

    You are a great family man. I see the love you have for your family and they love you more.

    I watched the video with you and your family.

    Anthony. No rush. You are a word champion.

    Enjoy the time away from racing. Things happen for a reason.

    Lance Rooplall

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