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Deryl Daniels – ‘My Worst Failure’

'I thought it was the end of my career'

Racing in general becomes a small circle in which everyone knows someone who is connected to someone who knows someone in the game.

Deryl Daniels -‘gobsmacked’

Hence I was shocked to hear of my doings and suspension being laid bare in the Sporting Post for all to see.  This cannot be good, I thought, writes Deryl Daniels.

Surely this marks the end of my career.  I have been riding for 26 years now and had my struggles, but somehow always managed to pull through, with minimal help.

Because I was trying to hide the fact that I have a problem, I never sought help, thinking how embarrassing and shameful it would be to let the cat out of the bag and be frowned upon by the critics of racing.

This was to be my worst failure and biggest learning curve that I have had to come to terms with.

I messed up, sure, I am doing my time, sure. But I let myself and a lot of good people down.  The roof had to come down though, and it regretfully came down hard.  This will always be in the back of my mind.

Right now though, I am amazed at how many people actually came forward to be by my side and offer help, advice, guidance and their wisdom. Even the great trainer, Mike De Kock voiced his opinion. I am truly gobsmacked!

From the top brass of Gold Circle right through to owners, trainers, jockeys. Management, family and friends, and even the racing public.  From when it looked like I have no way out to now having hope again, all of these people have been so amazing.  And they continue to stand by me.

How we reported on the Deryl Daniels – NHA Press Release

It is not easy, but I am no quitter, and with these people and God on my side I will do my time, I will work hard to recover and be my best again, and be back on the track again soon.

Once again, I am blessed and would like to thank each and every one of you for being there for me, from the bottom of my heart.


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6 comments on “Deryl Daniels – ‘My Worst Failure’

  1. Chris Swart says:

    Good on you Deryl

    Mike was 100% right.

    The total lack of empathy from those that needed to fuel their pathetic attempt to show they’re policing racing is not what real people and leaders exhibit.

    I’m very happy you’re back on track and motivated. Admission of a problem and seeking help is the first step back.
    Be strong and make this a story that should be a film script

  2. nish surjoo says:

    be positive and have a strong mind set its not easy but you are u good happy go lucky fellow,wishing you a good comeback

  3. Brian says:

    Deryl, I remember you as an appie seeing you and Greg Cheyne run to our ring to get on my horse. Greg was really slow, good job he became a jockey and didn’t take up athletics.

    What happened to you can happen to anyone. “There but for the grace of God go I”

    Now come on! Get up and be the great jockey you can be! You have thousands of supporters!

    It was the fight of the long count, but, if I’m correct, it was said by Jack Dempsey, and as my great mate Jack used to tell me, “champions get up off the floor”. You’re that Man!

  4. Tendai says:

    Well said Deryl.Now focus on your goals and have your” word” be trustworthy again.Many people will be wishing you well.Even the ones that dont know you.

  5. Bob Kistnasamy says:

    Well said Deryl. We all have trust and confidence in you to pick up yourself and hit the high road. There is no other way.
    Burn Phillips said, ” The only discipline that lasts is self-discipline.”
    Exercise that that and you would heights that you are capable of.
    We have a few of your colleagues who picked themselves up and went onto achieve their goals.
    This is done with hard work, dedication, self-belief and application.

    You can do it!

  6. Preston says:

    Steve job quote “the journey is the reward “ . As you prepare to embark on this journey , always remember the reward is waiting for you. Have faith, stay positive, embrace this process and one day when you win a grade 1 race , you can quote Steve job with confidence .God bless and be with you Mr Deryl Daniels.

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