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Striker – Equipment Failure

'Not on the up at moment' - champion

Racing can have its ups and downs and I definitely can’t exactly say I’m on an “up” at the moment, writes Piere Strydom in his weekly column in The Citizen.

I have spoken before about getting on the wrong horse at the wrong time and that is exactly what happened to me on Thursday.

Piere Strydom

SA’s greatest jockey Piere Strydom

I have had numerous falls through my career and even though I have been lucky enough not to have suffered a major injury, any injury does set you back.

In Race 4 on Thursday I rode Refuge and as they jumped from the starting stalls I initially thought he had jumped a little skew. That can cause your foot to come out of the stirrup iron but most of the time you get your foot back inside in a matter of strides and get back riding.

This time I was quite amazed that I fell off in such an easy manner, but I only learned later that my stirrup iron had snapped. We often have to replace our equipment through wear and tear but how do you judge, if something is made of steel, where and when it is going to break?

Piere Strydom

Piere Strydom – flashback to 2016 and a broken collar bone

In fact, brand new irons have been known to snap so there is just no way of knowing. It was lucky that it happened at the start so we were not going at full speed.

In terms of my injury, I was obviously sent for X-rays as I felt a pain in my neck and they showed I had a fracture in my neck. I was then sent for an MRI scan and the report back from the radiologists is that they believe it is possibly an old fracture.

Therefore I have to take this week quite easy and hopefully I will be back next week.

The run of injuries to jockeys lately has been quite weird to see. Right now top jockeys like Anton Marcus, Anthony Delpech and Gavin Lerena are all out for long periods after falls.

But I have to add that even though through the years we may fight and argue with people, so many people have called to ask about my well-being and have wished me well. As tough as this game is, at least we can say that we still care about one another.

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3 comments on “Striker – Equipment Failure

  1. Wishing you well Piere …….. we have seen full well how dangerous this Sport is lately. There are other good Jockeys of course, but few with your balance and judgement of pace and more importantly, your attitude towards the horse you are riding. Thank you. You can be ‘found’ in any field ………….

  2. Thurlo says:

    It is sad to see all.the top jockeys in the.land out of action through injury but it’s also.good to see the our younger jockeys putting up there hands and taking full advantage of the opportunity as the big boys are not around.. our young riders seem more than capable of carrying on your guys legacy.. yes we do get mad when we backed a horse you riding and it loses.. but thats the nature of the beast.. it’s all soon forgotten as you ride two or three winners the following week… after all we all simply just being human and no one likes losing… especially money… but as a race goer I enjoy the sound and excitement of the sport.. as a punter we definitely lose more than we win and yes at times we disappointed and angry but life goes on and it’s all water under the bridge after the next race… you win some and you lose some…and present and correct the next race meeting…. best wishes guys….i wish you all a speedy recovery and hope to see you all up and about soon… for the.love of the sport …

  3. Paulie Karam says:

    So pleased that it is an old fracture, take this time to have a well deserved rest, and we will have you back where you belong very soon, our CHAMP Paulie Karam

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