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July Tote Turnovers Under Pressure

Soccer World Cup puts boot in

TAB turnover for Vodacom Durban July day fell short of the R140-million target, but Phumelela Betting Executive Vee Moodley says tote turnover for South Africa’s biggest betting bonanza of the year was far from disappointing in light of various elements that impacted negatively on betting through the day.

Vee Moodley – Soccer World Cup played a role

TAB turnover of just over R130 million on Saturday was R11 million or some eight percent less than a year ago.

“One has to remember that last year’s phenomenal total came off the back of two years of strong growth,” said Moodley.

“This year prevailing economic conditions obviously had a major impact, as did that there was no Kenilworth race meeting. So we had only two South African meetings versus three in 2017 and to make matters worse turnover on the Turffontein fixture was dented by protest action at the racecourse and a flood of scratchings in a couple of races,” he added.

Moodley also believes that World Cup 2018 in general and two World Cup quarter-finals on the same day were a significant distraction.

“Soccer was top of the mind for many in the week before the race and not the July as normal. And unlike last year, tote turnovers dipped sharply after the July when the England-Sweden match was already underway and turnovers after 8pm, when the other quarter-final kicked off, also dropped more sharply than in 2017.

Soqret beaten at short odds (Pic- Candiese Marnewick / Gold Circle)

“Results were also not in our favour. Only two tote favourites won and the defeats of runners like Soqrat and Snowdance were bad for churn. And while it’s hard to quantify, not screening the July live on a free-to-air television platform for the first time in ages probably diminished the interest of a significant number of armchair players,” Moodley said.

He added that the pools on the Greyville Pick 6 and the Durban July Quartet were most encouraging. “We accomplished a whopping R16-million Quartet pool on the July and the Pick 6 hit the targeted R13 million plus delivered a payout of over R276,000.  Both those pools were very encouraging,” he concluded

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9 comments on “July Tote Turnovers Under Pressure

  1. No Mr Moodley, stop restricting the punter from access to easy tools to make him or her want to bet

  2. My Frankel says:

    There is always an excuse about poor turnovers by the operators.
    It is never their fault. Well, I believe that the fault for the drop in turnover is the complete fault of the Operators.
    Take the excuse of soccer being a reason for the decline. That is bollocks. The entire day Tellytrack was advertising the soccer odds for each game. Tellytrack which is supposed to be a horse racing channel was used to divert money to be invested in horse racing into sports betting.
    Get real Mr Moodley. For some months you and your team have been hopelessly out with your estimated pools when there is a carry over. Keep on feeding other sports and I can promise you that turnover will continue to decline.

  3. Anthony says:

    I agree. The guys running the show are forever full of excuses. They cry about the tote turnover and the bookies but dont see that they themselves have become bookies by purchasing the Superbets business. So what now?? The operator has become a betting empire of all bets and lost the essence of horse-racing and the thoroughbred.

  4. STEVE says:

    Hi Vee, you know why….What happened at Turffontein on Saturday???? This Industry needs to catch a wake up otherwise this will continue on a downward spiral !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  5. hilton witz says:

    mr moodley look in the mirror and you will see the reason why turnover on local racing has dropped alarmingly through the years..Every time riaan du plessis does the yearly report for phum he mentions the decline in local turnover and that if it wasnt for the money brought in by john stuarts overseas operation the local industry would be dead and buried and this is echoed by mr nairacs statements on tellytrack for the past 2 years on winning ways …The current management clearly have no idea about customers needs and how to drive turnover but continue to bury their heads in the sand …The saying goes the fish stinks from the head and until these captains of industry either resign or get fired then the local industry will continue to burn ..

  6. Ian says:

    In any well run, well managed organisation the sign of a weak manager is always one who seeks excuses for poor performance elsewhere without looking at himself or his department.There is absolutely no doubt in my mind that the decline in turnover is in no small way due to the continued very bad press Phumelela continue to receive in the media. What the management of this organisation seem not to understand is, that ‘joe public’s” discretionary or leisure spend is all about choice and is very easily shifted if there is a perceived lack of value and confidence in the product being offered.
    Very simply put, if one can’t do the job find someone that can. The problem with Phumelela is there is a complete lack of competence ( including ethics, integrity etc) in the organisation and with absolute certainty the problems besetting the industry and the company will continue until there is a major clean out of this organisation.

  7. Graham Hurlstone-Jones says:

    Killing me softly…..

  8. PL.NEL says:

    Idiotic, absolutely smoking #¿ Your crowd needs a professional ,, full stop. You are completely missing what the market is crying out for….. to be entertained. The mistakes were endless,, coverage shocking,, publicity amateurish,, excitement , what did you miss that.
    Dude there is so much more to offer and you already got the show piece…… how about R20mil pick six carry over. Now you got me locked in for 6 races in a 35million pool with a consolation pool, eish extra money. Good planning with proper coverage and uninterrupted presentation at ground level. You missed it completely.

  9. Sanjay says:

    One of the main problems with horse racing is that the sport is being provided coverage by the worst possible TV broadcasting channel. The focus on Tellytrack is on everything else besides actual horse racing. The use of split screens, the lack of focus on horses as they gallop to the start, the lack of focus on parade ring activity and the incessant obsession with providing the racing public with expert tips from “expert tipsters” and the lack of accountability for reckless tipping advice are all factors that are contributing to the declining popularity of the SPORT of horse racing. Tellytrack has turned horse racing into a mere numbers game.

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