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Failing To Plan

Could be planning to fail...

Unlike the fragmented efforts on our own doorstep, it seems the Americans are at least talking to each other about the challenges facing the industry

The www.thoroughbredracing.com website reports that Sunday was an exciting day for the future of racing in America.

A plan for a series of groundbreaking initiatives was unveiled at the 66th annual Jockey Club Round Table Conference in Saratoga Springs, and they could provide a major shot in the arm for the industry.

The initial discussions on Sunday centred around feedback on the 2011 McKinsey presentation, given at a time the industry in the States was facing a challenging set of trends.

Betting turnover had declined 37 percent over the previous decade, race days and starts per horse were down 14 percent and on-course attendance had dropped 30 percent.

The new focus is on items like social media engagement with the ‘fan base’, takeout on betting, complexity of betting – and even using the legalisation of sports betting to advantage.

An interesting item for our Cape racing fathers could be the suggestion that a preoccupation with win strike-rate stats was a reason that trainers were running their horses less and not filling fields. That’s close to home!

Thinking about it, when last has the South African horseracing industry formally sat down as a collective, buried agendas and actually tried to find some answers to the many pressing questions and hurdles facing the sport? At the current time it feels like it’s each man for himself and on his own mission.

Click here to read the report on the Jockey Club Conference-  kind courtesy of www.thoroughbredracing.com

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4 comments on “Failing To Plan

  1. Chris Swart says:

    Banning publications and rivals from sponsorship was probably the final sign of the lost oar.

    It’s high time that people realise that the end goal is the best racing model in the world.
    If you differ in opinion of how this is achieved, you’re viewed as the enemy.

    This to me having grown up and schooled through various dictatorships smacks of self preservation and enrichment.
    It simply can’t be allowed to continue.

    Owners need to get angrier and take back what they’re due. It’s their intellectual property whether they run first or last and the Singapore appearance money model needs to be openly debated

    When a top owner says a horse had to win once a year to pay its keep, where now it has to win three, somewhere the stakes pot has eroded 66%.
    This should have alarm bells ringing.
    We breed great horses at a fraction of international prices but race for fractions of their stake money.

    In the UK, various trainers boycott courses that don’t pay adequate stakes and publically state . why.
    This should be the industry norm.

    When costs outweigh expense and the ROI, what is the point ?

  2. Space Invader says:

    The only success that will be achieved by putting everybody around the table to resolve problems is more problems. To many cooks spoil the broth. We need government to intervene. If the horse racing cooks all got together approached government to find a solution, there is no doubt government will assist. The problem is that not all in horseracing will want government involved.

  3. perd says:

    goverment? they cant even care for horses in the army over 70 horses taken away by spca last week in potch equestrain its a disgrace let alone thoroughbreds you right mr swart owners getting angry everything else gone up but not stakes most graded races gauteng the same or less summer cup the same since far back as wolf whistle winning 2003

  4. Hannes says:

    Please what government.

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