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East Cape Grooms Protest Turns Nasty

Nadine Rapson escorted from stables

It appears that the Eastern Cape Grooms protest has turned violent with reports this morning of stone throwing and damage to property at Fairview.

The Grooms were adamant that external people could not be brought in to assist with stable duties.

Champion trainer Alan Greeff reportedly had his door broken down and Tellytrack presenter Nadine Rapson had to be escorted away by her husband as she was helping and is not employed by Greeff.

Trainer Gavin Smith was ordered to remove his apprentice jockeys who were assisting him.

Horses taken down to be worked on the tracks allegedly had stones thrown at them and had to be returned to their stables.

Our source said that the situation is tense but that owners and stable employees were undaunted and had rolled their sleeves up and gotten down to doing the job.

A trainer who has a very small string stabled at Fairview has apparently acceded to wage demands and his staff are going about their daily duties.

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5 comments on “East Cape Grooms Protest Turns Nasty

  1. Paul Karam says:

    This really saddens me, why can this not get sorted out, lets all try and work together. My heart bleeds for all concerned………………………………………Loraine Karam

  2. Gary Jolliffe says:

    Best they who are behind disturbance understand that us owners race for pleasure, and that the moment it is no longer a pleasure but a stress, we will pull out. through our pleasure we create huge employment for no more than our leisure and hobby. we do not derive an income from being owners, whereas the grooms do. Stop aggravating owners before jobs are lost. Having said this to the grooms, we must all understand that those driving this s#*t don’t give a s#*t about the grooms welfare. So long as they can say “look what we did for the grooms” (those still employed) they will gain votes and popularity with the unemployed masses, and that is what “they” care about

  3. Francois van Ghent says:

    People throwing stones at horses not supposed to work with horses? They have no love for the animals…. So sad to read this…

  4. Louis Goosen says:

    Agree with Francois.

  5. Carlos gonsalves says:

    I for one will get out of racing if fees increase and if stakes do not increase

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