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NHA Board Need To Come Clean

Barends resignation does not indemnify them

In the wake of the resignation of National Horseracing Authority  CEO Lyndon Barends, longstanding Breeder Dr Marianne Thomson has called for various reassurances from the NHA board.

She writes in the Sporting Post Mailbag…

The NHA Website home page claims in Point 2 :” The objective is to govern the Sport with Integrity.”

Let’s not lose sight of that!

Now that Mr Lyndon Barends has fallen on his sword, the NHA Board must not think that they are free and clear.

We have no reply yet as to whether they were complicit or negligent at the time of Mr  Barend’s appointment.

We have no explanation as to how and why Mr Barends was allowed to clear the NHA and the Stud Book in particular, of experienced staff, when he himself was brought in from outside the Industry.

We are now left with a grossly inefficient and malfunctioning Stud Book department.

Being a breeder I prioritise the Stud Book.

If the Stud Book does not work , there is a knock on effect to the Industry that is incalculable.

Can the NHA Board assure us stakeholders that Mr Barends will receive no severance payment until such time as a full financial audit has been completed.

If the board refuses an audit, what are they hiding ?

Can we also be assured that no member of the NHA board is a Phumelela shareholder.

Surely this would be a gross conflict of interest.

I await a public reassurance from “a voice from above”

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9 comments on “NHA Board Need To Come Clean

  1. Barry Irwin says:

    Complete house cleaning is way overdue.

  2. Steve Reid says:

    Dr. Thomson it is refreshing to have a dissenter like yourself asking questions as you are now doing. Mores the pity that industry “leaders” have not followed suit. The time is ripe to clean out the NHA and replace

    Your call for a full audit of the NHA books is well founded. A few years ago at the NHA AGM I asked the question as to who was preparing the financials of the NHA as at the time they had no Financial Director/Manager employed.. It was not surprising to me to be told, after much prompting, that the financials had been prepared by Andreas Heide of Phumelela for “cost saving” reasons. The ramifications of that are obvious. It was also established that many costs were paid by Phumelela – here I recall travelling costs in particular. Strange indeed that someone being regulated could exert such influence on the regulating body.

    We should go back a few years and establish what the packages paid out to Denzil Pillay and Colin Hall entailed. These have never been publically disclosed and have been hidden in the financials. Questions around this have been fobbed off citing confidentiality.

    Your call on the hiring and firing of employees has merit. In particular we should peruse the value added to some of the new positions created by Mr Barends. If the rumours from multiple sources are correct, then all I will say is he provided a lot of management input to these. Strangely this was not enjoyed by the rest of the staff members.

    If you need addition evidence about the absolute dereliction of duties by this and previous boards, I suggest you contact Advocate Brett Maselle. Whilst he is not everyone’s cup of tea, he has single-handedly held the MD and board accountable for many breaches of their rules. His actions have led to the deletion and changes of the rules to enable this diabolical conduct to continue. It is all documented and the extent of their ineptitude is shameful.

    Please continue your good work!

  3. Ian Jayes says:

    While we are about it, let us also find out who authorised the removal of the portraits of past chairmen of the Jockey Club/NHA that use to adorned the walls of the stairway and passage. Where are they now and why was this done?

  4. Lorraine de Klerk says:

    As far as I am aware when one resigns (for whatever reason) severance pay is not due. In this case Mr Barends has only been in the employ of the NHA since March 2016 – not exactly up for a long-service award?

  5. Jurgs says:

    Sometimes a payout and a confidentiality clause is the safest way to cover your tracks.

  6. Luella Robinson says:

    Mr Irwin, completely agree with you! Why did Samantha Dames get outed? She was the only one you could contact and things were always sorted out from the passport side of things! She was passionate about her job and a huge loss to the Racing Industry!

  7. The Dark Duke says:

    Judy’s termination was just as puzzling. How could they let a woman with her undoubted talents leave? The mess the stud book is in is without doubt due to the incompetence shown by Barends and his board. The majority of those board members are not horse people. BEE not the answer

  8. Pheobe says:

    Both Samantha and Mrs Davies need to be wooed back to sort out the chaos. These women always went above and beyond for the breeders!

  9. Mary Carlisle says:

    Its an absolute disgrace as the industry [and the NHA in particular] is in dire straits. We insist on a Special AGM where we can peruse the financials and have a clean sweep of the current Directors.

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