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Newsflash:Jockeys Injured In Scottsville Fall

Terrible fall in fourth race

The Scottsville fourth race on Sunday produced a shocking accident when the pacesetting Gratuity dislodged SA Champion Lyle Hewitson, also resulting in senior rider Stuart Randolph falling off Pathway To Glory.

Lyle Hewitson

Lyle Hewitson – shocking luck

Hewitson, who only returned after injury at Turffontein on Saturday, has apparently injured his other knee and is battling to walk.

Randolph was placed in a neck brace.

Apparently both suffered soft tissue bruising.

Further updates follow.

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28 comments on “Newsflash:Jockeys Injured In Scottsville Fall

  1. Judith says:

    And the horses? Any news?

    1. Editor says:

      Hi Judith
      Gratuity was humanely euthanised.
      Pathway To Glory cantered back to the unsaddling area.

  2. Shirley Ann Owen says:

    It looked horrible. 😢

  3. Judith says:

    Horrible, yes, and so sad. Thank you, ed, for the update.

    1. Editor says:

      Pleasure Judith. Lyle says he in pain and off for an MRI scan – he is hopeful of a positive outcome

  4. Ian Jayes says:

    When will something be done about how short they are riding?

  5. Tracey Whyte says:

    Can we also have an update on how Anthony delpech is doing

  6. Arthur talbot says:

    For the uninformed please can you explain Mr Jayes’s comment about how short they are riding?

  7. Ronnie Ramasamy says:

    Im so sad for the loss a great racehorse and also hope the jockeys get better soon

  8. Selvie Chetty says:

    I like to wish both the jockeys a speedy recovery ….

  9. perd says:

    riding short means the length of your stirrup strap the shorter the less contact you have with your legs on the side of horse when horse stumbles you become very unbalanced theres nothing your legs can counter push to help you correct your momentum going sideways falling your calve muscles have nothing to squeeze on

  10. Arthur talbot says:

    Thanks Perd

  11. Lindi Garlicki says:

    In this particular incident I don’t believe the length of the stirrups made any difference at all as both horses went down. Very sad to lose a horse but glad both jockeys relatively ok

  12. Louis Goosen says:

    Both horses were euthanased. Very sad for us. We were in front, leading and travelling well when the filly broke her leg.
    As for sitting too short, I am in Ian Jayes camp on that issue, overall. However, yesterday, no matter how a jock sat, there was no chance. I am just glad that both jocks are ok. This was the most horrendous and heartbreaking event in the last 25 years for me in Training.

    1. Editor says:

      Thanks Louis – our eyewitness report differed yesterday
      But Stipes confirm your version

  13. JohnnyG says:

    For someone who has never ridden a horse to comment on how short jockeys rides should actually keep his comments to himself. It has nothing to do with how short you sit. If a horse breaks a legs or clip heels and goes down its makes absolutely no difference how short or long you sit . So please stop talking absolute rubbish .

  14. Jess K says:

    Sad to hear about the plight of horses and jockeys. Unfortunately the injuries and falls among jockeys is on the rise and is most worrying. An urgent investigation needs to be launched as to the possible causes of these increased incidents. No use insulting each other’s opinions in order to put a point across. One must look at the causes. Is it the poor condition of our racetracks which have been exacerbated by the Operators’ mission to cut costs at all costs ? Is it the neglect of the NHA to properly police and protect racing ? Does “riding short” play a part ? A committee of independent experts needs to be established urgently to investigate and put measures in place to protect horse and rider before more tragedy strikes.

  15. Bob Kistnasamy says:

    Regrettably, we have been having too many of these incidents recently. Unfortunately our top jockeys have been affected and their recovery period extensive.
    Speedy recovery to Stuart and Lyle and deepest condolences to the racing fraternity on the loss of our thoroughbreds.

    Just as in motor racing, safety measures must be examined, discussed and implemented.
    We owe it our horsemen and the beautiful horses they ride.

  16. Glen Hatt says:

    Anything can happen when riding in races and no matter whether you ride short or long, when you clip a horses heels or sadly if a horse goes wrong , there is nothing that a jockey can do to try and rectify the situation. It happens so quick that you have no time to even think what to do!
    As a rider that rode short in over 35000 races in my career and having fallen numerous times and luckily not breaking anything I can say with confidence that I would rather sit short on a horse rather than long. I would prefer to be catapulted away from horses than my legs being entangled with the horses when going down in a race.
    This is my comment in my personal capacity.

  17. Ian Jayes says:

    In reply to JohnnyG if I am talking rubbish then so did Charlie Barends, Lester Piggot and a host of trainers. Far too many jockeys are falling off going down to the start, at the start and in races and horses are not all breaking down when they do so. I may not have ridden in races, but I do know that when the only contact you have is with the horses mouth, you are not doing yourself or the horse any favours. You cannot defend the indefensible. .

  18. Preston says:

    No pun was intended with his honest observation of riding “short”.🏇🏿

  19. JohnnyG says:

    Well Ian Jayes I can see you are not very clued up on stats . The great Lester Piggot sat the shortest out of any jockey in the world and won every classic race all over the world at the time . As for the jockeys sitting to short obviously the following jockeys are all wrong and you right . Striker Strydom Frankie Detorri Ryan Moore Anton Marcus Joa Morreo Felix Coetzee
    That’s just to name a few , so once again please keep your comments to yourself if you dont know what you talking about

  20. JohnnyG says:

    Ian Jayes I see you not clued up stats. The great Lester Piggot sat the shortest out of any jockey and won ever classic race in the the UK and around the world at that time . So as it seems that Frankie Dettori Ryan Moore Striker Strydom Anton Marcus Felix Coetzee Wiechong Marwing just to name a few are all wrong for sitting to short and you right. Like I said before please keep your comments to yourself as you have no idea what you talking about .

  21. Ian Jayes says:

    Well, for JohnnyG’s information here is a quote from Lester Piggot: Copy Joe Mercer not me,,for if you try to ride like me you will end up breaking your neck. Here is one from the late Charlie Barends: They sit far too short and if the horse pecks they must fall off, I don’t know why more of them are not injured. In my time I have seen top jockeys like Tiger Wright, Bertie Sage, Gerald Turner, John Westwater, George Patmore, Charlie Barends, Raymond Rhodes, Roy Curling, Martin Schoeman, John Whyte and James Maree amongst others ride and they never rode as short as they are doing today. I rest my case and if Charlie Barends was alive today he would see that far too many jockeys are falling off and being injured, some very seriously. It has always been a dangerous profession, why make it more so.

  22. JohnnyG says:

    I see Mr Jayes is giving us a history lesson. Those jockeys his talking about rode in the 60s and 70s ( dont get me wrong they were great great jockeys in there time. But just like everything in racing

  23. JohnnyG says:

    Thank you very for the history lesson Mr Jayes, make no mistake those jockeys mentioned above were GREAT jockeys IN THEIR TIME . But just like everything in the world things evolve so did racing. From training horses to feeding them and so did riding styles. So you cant tell me that almost every jockey around the globe are all WRONG and you sir are right !! PLEASE I ask you give this discussion a break cause you are making a fool of yourself. Case closed

  24. Ian Jayes says:

    For JohnnyG’s information, I have ridden horses, but not having ridden them in races does not disqualify me from commenting on what is a bona-fide and honest observation. This subject is long overdue for an open debate as no industry can withstand the injury rate that has obtained for some time. I take exception to JohnnyG trying to make this into a personal issue. Instead of insulting me by saying I talk rubbish and am making a fool of myself, he should rather give some evidence of the advantages of sitting so short and why so many have adopted this style. There is no question that sitting so short increases the chances of falling off and there must be real advantages in doing so, if one is to justify the trade-off between safety and risk of injury. Glen Hatt kept the debate on a civil basis and expressed a preference for riding short, his point about being thrown clear is taken, but he has not given any advantages for either horse or rider. The horse’s mouth is very sensitive and it should not be the only point of contact with the rider. This is a serious issue as every time a jockey is dislodged there is the risk of injury to both rider and horse. When horses are scratched there are costs involved to both owners and operators. The rate of attrition could also have serious insurance implications. This issue does not deserve a slanging-match but an elevated debate.

  25. leonie says:

    Ian Jayes is 100 percent correct and maybe johnny g should go ride circus horses

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