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AHS Blow To Fairview’s Big Weekend

Cape raiders unlikely to take their chances

The Fairview double feature weekend of racing on 26 and 28 October has received a body blow of note with the news that the suspected African Horse Sickness case in the Port Elizabeth area has been confirmed at a laboratory, according to the State Vet in the area.

Cape raiders have dominated the Algoa Cup for many years and have added quality to the line-up. But few are likely to make an appearance after the unfortunate news broke today, with the implications of movement restrictions.

While unknown whether these are related, Justin Snaith has already scratched four entries.

Declarations are due at 11h00 on Monday 22 October.

African Horse Sickness Sign

Tabnews reports that the strain of AHS involved is Type 2, the same strain that was circulating earlier in 2018. The strain 2 cases earlier this year were all confirmed field strains and not vaccine related, so it is unlikely that this one would be vaccine related.

A 40-day movement restriction into the AHS controlled area of the surrounding 30km radius was implemented immediately the suspect case was reported, and will remain in place for a minimum of 40 days.

Fairview Racecourse is one of the properties within the 30km radius. During this time, movement into the AHS controlled area may only occur via Stop Over Quarantine and any applications for such movement should be directed to [email protected]

Direct movement into the AHS controlled area will be re-considered at the end of the 40 day period, which will be on or around 20 November.

Algoa Cup weights

13 Strathdon Scratched (5G) 60.5 102 A Justin Snaith
23 Mac De Lago (AUS) (7G) 60 101 A Dan Katz
20 Master’s Eye (7G) 59.5 100 A Justin Snaith
8 Doublemint Scratched (4C) 59 101 A Justin Snaith
6 Fire In The Belly (5G) 59 99 AT Alan Greeff
18 $Ngaga (AUS) (5M) 59 99 BA Andre Nel
16 Stormy Eclipse (7G) 57.5 96 AT Tara Laing
26 Widow’s Lamp (4F) 56.5 96 A Yvette Bremner
12 Kimberley Star (4G) 56 95 AT Alan Greeff
3 Laws Of Succession (7G) 55.5 92 A Yvette Bremner
1 Magnificent Seven (4G) 54 91 A Justin Snaith
9 Mangrove (5G) 54 89 A Yvette Bremner
4 Ollivander (5G) 54 89 BA Candice Bass-Robinson
31 My World (7G) 53.5 88 A Tara Laing
27 Western Wu (8G) 53.5 88 CAT Alan Greeff
23 Sabbatical Scratched (4G) 53 89 A Justin Snaith
22 Desert Wisdom (5G) 53 87 A Jacques Strydom
11 Plano (5G) 53 87 AT Tara Laing
21 Cape Rebel (6G) 52 85 A Tobie Spies
17 It Is Written (8G) 52 85 A Tara Laing
25 Story Of My Life (5G) 52 85 BAT Gavin Smith
32 $Run Red (4G) 50.5 84 A Andre Nel
19 $Adorada (6M) 50 81 BA Emmanuel Kaknis
7 Arabian Dynasty (5G) 50 81 AT Alan Greeff
28 Frikkie (7G) 50 81 BAT Jacques Strydom
10 Querari Viking (5G) 50 81 A Sharon B Kotzen
29 Ballad Of The Sea (AUS) (4G) 49.5 82 BA Candice Bass-Robinson
2 Fellow Traveller (5G) 49.5 80 A Glen Kotzen
30 Free Agent (6G) 49.5 80 BAT Tara Laing
33 Pacific Chestnut (4G) 49 81 BA Candice Bass-Robinson
22 Jailhouse Rock Scratched (4C) 48.5 80 A Justin Snaith
14 Chappaquiddick (4C) 46.5 76 BA Gavin Smith
24 Helios (4G) 46 75 A Sean Tarry
5 $Wild Brier (6G) 44.5 70 BA Gavin Smith
15 $Captain’s Vista (6G) 39.5 60 BAT Emmanuel Kaknis

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