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Paul Peter’s Peruvian Pro!

First winner for Gomez

Paul Peter’s new Peruvian jockey Carlos Herrera Gomez didn’t waste any time making his mark locally, as he brought Angelic home to a comfortable win in the fourth at Turffontein on Tuesday.

Carlos Herrera Gomez in action in Peru

Tabnews reports that this was only his third ride in SA, and his low, crouching style was rather reminiscent of his local mentor, former top rider Guilermo ‘Willy’ Figueroa.

Gomez said little post race, largely due to language limitations.

Trainer Peter was more forthcoming.

“It’s so exciting. He’s done really well in Peru, and we were very happy to get him.  Thank you to Willy Figueroa, who rides work with him, and also acts as the translator” was  how he summed it up post race.

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6 comments on “Paul Peter’s Peruvian Pro!

  1. Gavin says:

    After watching gavin lerenas ride on redberry word… It left a sour taste.. Another racing fan that is going to spend his money elsewhere

  2. LG says:

    When Andrew Fortune spoke of the lack of depth of jockeys locally I wondered what e was talking about. Paul Peter now looks abroad for a suitable jockey.
    One less place for a local lad.
    Chinese and Pakistanese have taken our commercial opportunities.
    How long more before we have a full contingent of foreign jockeys.


  3. Roderick Mattheyse says:

    was there not a plan to bring in “retained” cheap indian vets to the vaal a while ago?

  4. LG says:

    Not sure what cheap indian vets have to do with this topic.

  5. Paulo says:

    @LG I totally disagree with your comments and I venture to say your concerns are unfounded and are born from good old fashioned protectionism.

    If opportunities have disappeared for a local lad, its because the local lad didn’t take it, is unable to take it, doesn’t want to take it, or isn’t good enough to take it.
    The Chinese and Pakistanese have taken the commercial opportunities that the locals didn’t take, were unable to take, weren’t good enough to take, or didn’t want to take.
    Its that simple.

    I won’t go into the commercial opportunity part because this is the Sporting Post not the Financial Mail, but on the horse racing front, I feel it provides competition, enables the locals unable to travel, an exposure to a different style and approach, and to some of them an opportunity to learn, maybe even improve – certainly aspire. Trainers have a wider option. All of this is healthy for the industry.

    Don’t ever forget – the greatest economies and industries in the world, with the highest production outputs, and the better take outs to citizens, were founded not on protectionism, but on the ability to utter three decisive words – You are fired!

  6. Roderick Mattheyse says:

    Other than a tie in with a theme of the Pakistani or Chinese taking business opportunities probably not much.

    But then maybe a commission or two was lost… but on this community Tigers Don’t cry

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