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Shocked Trainer Banned From Walking Racecourse

NHA hypocrisy and pettiness under spotlight

Ormond Ferraris (photo: JC Photographics)

Ormond Ferraris (photo: JC Photographics)

Veteran Gauteng trainer Ormond Ferraris informs that on Sunday 21 October 2018 he received an sms from Phumelela.

He writes in the Sporting Post mailbag:

I have been a trainer for over 65 years and have never before received a notice banning me from inspecting or walking the surface on which my client’s horses are going to race.

National Horseracing AuthorityFurthermore, it appears such actions will result in me obtaining a sanction from the NHA.

Whilst the sheer idiocity and lunacy of such is clearly apparent, it begs the question as to what is being hidden under the track covers, especially after the recent farce of the state of the Vaal tracks?

I am quite sure that the NHA would welcome the possibility of handing out fines in this regard.  However, this would only further demonstrate its hypocrisy and pettiness.

Some Turffontein trainers were recently fined for their grooms not wearing safety helmets, whilst WALKING horses.

But week after week we see images of Cape trainer’s horses being ridden on a beach without a safety helmet (including on the trainer) in sight and no fines issued.

Unfortunately, the demise of Du Plessis has apparently given rise to a new regime of authoritarianism and not the promised all inclusive open door policy.

So Phumelela what is being hidden from us?

Maybe they have found Shergar!


Shergar – found?

Ed – Ormond Ferraris

Ormond Ferraris first took out his licence in 1952.

That is 66 years of training winners.

He holds a record of ten SA Oaks and eight SA Derbies, he has twice been SA champion trainer, he won the1994 Summer Cup with Sizzling Sun, ran 2nd in one of the most controversial Durban Julys with Distinctly in 1975 and trained 2013 Triple Tiara winner, Cherry On The Top.

On 12 March 2016 Mr Ferraris celebrated a milestone 2500th career winner when Romany Prince won the Listed Drum Star Handicap, two weeks before his birthday. He has done sterling work on the Trainers Benevolent Fund, he is respected as a horseman and also as someone who is not afraid to speak his mind on industry matters.

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27 comments on “Shocked Trainer Banned From Walking Racecourse

  1. Barry Irwin says:

    I don’t get it.

  2. Louis Goosen says:

    Where have I been ? I cannot believe that Aptil 1st has arrived so fast. Damn sorry that I missed Christmas…and when schools went back… I planned a mini break for late January, when the Moz resorts are quiet.

    Ever since I was born into Racing, I remember that Trainers and Jocks always/often walked the course. In fact, nowadays, we are a bit lazy compared to those days.

    So, this must be a hoax. If not, then no Trainer who has any guts, self respect or decency , must ever again be a part of any course inspection.

  3. Calvin says:

    What bull is this? Mr Ferraris is a well respected gentleman and how could the racing authorities treat him in this manner. This was truly not called for and I believe they need to apologise to him before taking another step. He probably has done this before – only to safeguard his clients investments. The NHA should start fixing the real root of the problems, not creating new ones. Sorry Mr Ferraris, for all this idiocy. GB you.

  4. Stellio Antonio says:

    A good example of Phumelela’s Stupidity at its BEST

  5. Brian says:

    Just when you think it can’t get anymore pathetic, it can; and does!!!

    Dear Phumelela in terms of your “open door policy”, would you like to explain this insanity?

  6. hanif manjoo says:

    As zuma said; radical economic transformation, the horseracing industry requires urgent radical transformation.
    An elder like Mr Ferrari cannot be treated with such calumny n disrespect.
    To start off, the industry is tainted with arrogance n non-accountability.
    That has to stop after the Steinhoff saga that also contaminated the industry n be fully investigated by the Public Prosecutor for any suspected manipulations.

  7. Steve says:

    Mr Ferraris is 100% correct, owners spend lots of money on purchasing horse and in many cases, the tracks are sub-standard and jockeys have to call for an abandonment because of unsafe conditions??? Why cant the powers do THEIR job???

  8. VINCENT says:

    Well respected man, given his life to the game and now this crap, very insulting, Sorry Sir.

  9. Editor says:

    Ashleigh Hughes wrote on our Facebook page:

    Well this has been Phumelela’s position whenever they are doing spring treatment to the tracks. They have requested every single year that everyone stays OFF the track under treatment so as not to stunt the new grass growth. And Phumelela have cleared this misunderstanding up. Wonder if Sporting Post will practice good journalism and add a note at the end of this article to clarify that? ????

  10. Douw says:

    The NHRA an phumelela don’t have a clue to what’s going on, all they see is “BEE” opportunities and MONEY, other than that they don’t give a ***** *** (edited)

  11. Tracy says:

    I’m sure with Mr Ferraris years of experience on all of us, he would be the exact person to inspect the tracks and their response or lack of it to spring maintenance and advise accordingly. We would all do well to look to the elders instead of believing we doing such a good job on our own.

  12. glynis says:

    I cannot believe what I have just read. What is the NHA going to do if ALL the trainers do track a track inspection EVERY meeting (as they should, especially after rain). Are they going to sanction them all? This has got to be the biggest load of bollocks that I, in 50 years of racing, have ever read or heard of.

  13. glynis says:

    Gosh, I did not know that Mr Ferraris is THAT heavy and his feet are THAT big so as to cause damage to the new grass. Well! well! well! One never stops learning new things every day.

  14. Ian Jayes says:

    Doing proper Spring treatment entails fertilising, verti-draining, rolling, leveling and watering, it requires equipment being used, so how can walking on the course stunt the growth of the grass? What walking on the course can do, is show if this is being done properly. Moreover, ever since horseracing started in England hundreds of years ago, it has been a custom for trainers to walk the course and decide what to do. Even today, a trainer could have the favourite in the Derby and if he didn’t like the going on the morning of the race, he can scratch his horse. Phumelela continues to show its ignorance and the poor calibre of the people it employs and pays exorbitant salaries to. If it wasn’t so seriously worrying it would be laughable.

  15. Terry Lowe says:

    Mr. Ferraris you and I have spoken many times about how pathetic this game has become. The power’s that be are a joke. They put people in charge that know VERY little and us with everyday experience are banned and they don’t want our input. They think everything is under controll but it’s far from it. It’s frightening to think where this game will be in 5 years.
    It needs top informed people in control.
    They forget that the game belongs to the racing people, owners, trainers, breeders, jockeys, grooms etc. They need to be involved in the decisions and their input should always be considered.

  16. R le Gras says:

    What bunch of charlies????

  17. Brian says:

    Hello Ashley, I don’t believe SP needs to make any further comments whatsoever. The message to such a respected trainer was heavy handed and unnecessary and clearly dictatorial

  18. Knight says:

    One speaks to most of the Veterans of Racing that are still around and they all say”No True Horsemen left in the Industry”,,,People like Mr Ferraris are one of the few left and his knowledgeable experience should be taken into account

  19. Wendy says:

    How can they stop a trainer from walking the track. He has his horses welfare on his hands. Been in the game longer them most people including people that work for the race industry. I’m think this is disgusting and proof where racing is heading

  20. anesh says:

    Pathetic, Mr Ferraris is one of the most experienced racing men still in the game, how can they disrespect him like this, racing is in shambles

  21. Casey Clarke says:

    Surely they should respect Mr Ferraris walking the track to gain feedback from him. Mr Ferraris is highly respected and a household name within the racing community and clearly ‘P’ has no idea who Mr Ferraris is or they chose to be disrespectful to this legendary horseman. The whole lot in ‘P’ should hang their heads in shame!!!!

  22. George says:

    Douw Phumalela has no BEE policies in place. If you write about Nepotism yes because it is a family business that we contribute to. I believe that all or at least six trainers st the center’s where the racing takes place should walk the courses and they must decide to whether racing takes place. You go Mr Ferraris you have the right to look after your clients interest.


    Well I’ve seen it all , i met Mr Ferraris way back when Rolands Song The late Jean Hemming and Mr Ferraris star St Just .

    I’ve need to ask Eda question ?

    1) Lyndon Barends his financial woes and his provisonal Sequestration as reported by Sunday Times and by Sporting Post ironically a stable sponsored by Hollywood Bets , Corne Spies ex trainer snd now employed as a groom , he remains unrehabilitated ,The embarrassing facts have cemented the sponsorsship of Hollywood bets ?

    SP interviewed Corne Spies in 2012 with fanfare and praise , a few week later Corne Spies was sequestrated What happened Ed ?


    Good Journalism please sir

  25. Robert says:

    Phumelela are obviously losing the plot, how can you stop a trainer from walking a course? That seems like a normal practice anywhere in the racing world, especially for a trainer or jockey. To make it even worse, they have disrespected one of the most distinguished gentleman in horseracing, not to mention an icon amongst the South African training fraternity. I would demand a public apology from Phumelela immediately!

  26. freeracer01 says:

    BOULLOS HASROUN: Perhaps 3/4 of the South African population should be under debt review in a land where the government has stolen people blind. Have you run a business before? Do you know that racing’s owners are some of the worst payers of all industries? People make mistakes, business is not easy and we’ve all had our ups and downs. It is no shame whatsoever to be sequestrated. It doesn’t make you less of a person. What do you expect sequestrated people to do. lie down and die? What’s the big issue about Corne Spies and his personal financial woes? Get a life!

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