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O’Çonnor Heads Track Inquiry

Team to make recommendations to Phumelela

Andy O’Connor, former chairman of the NHA, will lead a commission mandated to review the track management systems for Phumelela.

Andy O'Connor

Andy O’Connor – heads commission

This follows Phumelela Group CEO John Stuart’s announcement last week of a review in light of the fact that the meeting held on Thursday 4 October on the Vaal Classic track was called off owing to an “uneven and inconsistent track” as well as other recent track inconsistencies.

According to Stuart, O’Connor’s independence and integrity is above reproach, making him the perfect candidate to lead a team tasked with making recommendations to Phumelela.

Part of O’Connor’s mandate will be to investigate current track management processes and the ways in which they could and should be improved, to draw up Standard Operational Procedures regarding the implementation of improved track management processes, and to ensure the alignment of the maintenance of training and racing tracks, with the feature race calendar at the various racing courses.

Apart from serving as chairman of the NHA, O’Connor also has a five-year stint as director on the Racing Association on his CV.

Clyde Basel

Clyde Basel’- walkabout

As far as the Vaal course is concerned, Clyde Basel, Racing Executive for Phumelela, yesterday invited stakeholders to inspect the course ahead of this weekend’s Grand Heritage.

The inspection was to be held late afternoon.

“We will walk the course from around the 2000m mark to the winning post to ensure that it is track ready,” said Basel.

“We will give feedback after completion of the track inspection.”

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4 comments on “O’Çonnor Heads Track Inquiry

  1. Jimmy says:

    Now they want to be pro-active turn it up guys! Thank goodness I am done with the racing game actually after this message I am going to unsubscribe to sporting post.The game is plagued with nepotistic money hungry grabbers who only have one agenda!!!!!

    We have had bitterly cold winters for the past 124629372 years many a lot colder than the last, yet the tracks are unraceable because they give track managers ( poor guys) a shoe string budget to work off while they line their pockets …should be ashamed of themselves! ZERO accountability from the top ZERO!!!

  2. My Frankel says:

    What use is it to have Mr O’Connor and Clyde Basel involved in something that they have no clue about.

    I might as well be asked to be part of the Inquiry team. I most probably know more about the subject than they do. I look after my garden. I now the lawn. Ask either of them when they last did anything of the sort.

    The likelihood of them knowing the exact type of grass and soil used is slim. Phumelela should have got in experts and not names. I am pretty certain that Clyde Basel and Mr O’ Connor cannot help and any recommendation or view taken by them without at least 2 experts will be worthless.

    Mr OConnor and Clyde Basel are out of their depth. Can they recognize the grass and soil and their type? Do they know how to maintain excellent care of the tracks? What do they know about suitable mowing, feeding, watering, trimming, raking, brushing and aerating the tracks? I think they know nothing.

    Phumelela needs to put its hand in its pocket and pay for experts to undertake an investigation and give professional advice. Will Phumelela make the report known and agree that it will not make any changes to the report if one is prepared?

  3. Gerhard says:

    What was the outcome of the walk on the track, did they anounce anything?

  4. White Cross says:

    Who is protecting who?

    Someone’s interest surely is being protected here .
    Very unprofessional.

    Punters walks out being the losers again.


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