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No Comment – What’s The Answer?

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Sabine Plattner Racing trainer Andre Nel prefers to give his pe-race comments on his first-timers and rested horses on the course on raceday.

Andre Nel – second from right after his recent Sophomore Sprint success with Pleasedtomeetyou (Pic – Chase Liebenberg Photography)

We contacted Andre after he was singled out by readers as the only Cape-based trainer who provides a ‘no comment’ in advance for printed publications.

“I am not prepared to comment five days prior to a racemeeting. The information will be more accurate on raceday – and let’s reward those punters who come racing,” he said.

The Western Cape racing management are known to be keen to get the buy-in of all trainers to provide information to punters as a small measure to provide a more transparent product.

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9 comments on “No Comment – What’s The Answer?

  1. Paul says:

    No problem with that. The owners spend a lot of money and deserve the chance to get their money on before the public. Providing incentive to punters to attend the races is also a good idea. As long as you don’t here after the race has run that they always fancied it.

  2. James George says:

    Psst,Psst Andre over here.Do you know that if you give your comments on the course on race day Tellytrack broadcasts them to the 400kg person sitting in his den somewhere more than 1000 km away from the race course.You did not know that?

  3. Carl says:

    Old punter
    We often hear the TV presenters congratulating the owner of the winning horse, with the comment that so and so deserves the win, because he puts so much money on the racing.
    That’s true, but what about the punters, without us there would be no racing .
    Horse racing is Robin Hood in reverse, where the punters (the poor’s) money is taken and given to the rich (owners, breeders, trainers and all their connections) via the racing system, where the punters are kept in the dark by the connected and in many cases the press and TV presenters.
    Take Mondays Kimberly meeting, where after the first race the presenter informed the punters that(Ziets) trainer Human’s owner or deputy made the winner an excellent bet, in the post race interview Ziets said “the horse was working like a train”
    Both Ziets and the presenter where very excited by the win. Surely this knowledge could have helped the normal punter win some money, but we must create the pools for the connected to win the swinger, quartets etc.
    Ziets the took it further by stating “he would be very surprised ” if a certain of his horse of his got beaten . NEEDLESS to say his favorite got beaten by his stable companion Doctors answer, at 40 to 1 knocking most punters out of the pick six. Ziets also “helped” us punters by tipping his horse in the 9th (Africa… Something) AS a good thing after it’s second last time out. It also ran 4th
    Out of the PA and pick six.
    Kimberly is not the only place people are not, in my opinion , honestly informed, to some degree it happens at most of the centres, although at P. E and Kimberly it is patently obvious .
    My detractors will say horses are not machines and are difficult to predict, that is definitely so, but we have excellent trainers in RSA and I honestly feel that punter is often manipulated by the trainers, press and TV presenters whereby the masses build up the pools so that the rich and connected can win the huge pools to get richer while the masses of the punters get poorer.
    It is blatantly apparent that since abolishment of the “coupled on the tote” law, how often the wrong one, usually the longer priced horse of a particular trainer will win. I cannot believe that the trainer is not most often, aware which of his horses is performing the best. The connected will know which is the right”one”, but the general punter will lose his money .

  4. Leon Smuts says:

    Reading these comments again highlight the need to introduce multi-leg exotics in a less punitive format so that the average person can have a lot more fun and a better chance of winning. Bet types that will limit the advantage of inside information will go a long way towards promoting the sport among those not privileged to stable info. A product with a fixed cost and restricted to one set of selections per player will ensure that racing will truly be a game of skill that will be a much fairer and competitive contest that will enhance the image of the game and truly make it the people’s choice. A product such as this will create a wonderful marketing opportunity and would be a very effective for the development of a new generation of punters and racing enthusiasts.

  5. Brian says:

    Yeh, the presenters are often commenting on the investments of the owners and how deserved the win is bla bla.

    Guess what presenter people put money into various business ventures that’s how we get a stock exchange.
    Thing is though they want a return and punters don’t always have the opportunity to kiss an owners butt to get the info. If any owner tells me he buys a horse for the fun of racing I’ll respond quite simply BS!.

    I owned horses for one reason only. To win. The fact that I didn’t is immaterial, that was the goal. Did I have fun losing, I have to say yes. Getting to the track early in the morning followed by a great breakfast was tremendous. BUT, I still wanted to win, that was the goal.

    Even in the places that did happen the prize money came from one place only, the PUNTER.


    By the way Tellytrack presenter, guess who’s actually paying your salary?

  6. Mr Smuts, I think your suggestion is solid and will result in a new found ” betting experience/excitement ” for the masses.

    Good on you for the foresight.

  7. zietsman oosthuizen says:

    Just to reply on CARL’s post slating me for dishonesty and not helping the general punters.
    Yes, i did tell the owner to have a bet and that she worked like a train back home and if the presenter did asked before the race i would have told him we fancy her strongly ,but he never bothered to even ask although he had plenty opportunity to do so , not my fault. Why only wanting to know about runners chances after we had a winner i dont know. To ask 13 trainers about their runners of the day before the first race isnt too difficult i think.
    Yes, i made Polly again in race 2 our best runner on the day and was surprised when instructions wasnt followed how i wanted her to be ridden. They all left the stablemate Doctors answer to make a gap that couldnt be closed . Brilliant riding by Shadlee and poor ride on Polly .
    Yes , i also lost , i took all my bets with polly as my banker , but unlike you Carl , the pick 6 only started in race 4 ….. not in race 2 like your proclaim ( what are you smoking boet???) , and then come claiming doctors answer knocked everyone out the pick 6!!!!!
    I see you forgot to mention i helped also to say Royal Master is a very big runner that WON the very next race at odds 13/1 ….
    You also forgot to mention For Ever i said can upset although 11,5kg under sufferance …..he ran 4th !
    You forgot to mention Charter Jet i said is very honest and can win , she ran close 2nd beating the rest of the field by almost 6 lenghs .
    Only race where i expected much better runs was when all three of Yesan , Secret and Totv ran unplaced.
    Never have i said Just Africa is unbeatable or a good thing ( as you proclaimed again), i said he is a huge runner after his 2nd last time out and i think he ran a very nice race into 4th beaten less than 2 lenghs and the rest of the field way back.
    Maybe get your facts straight before slating a real honest guy in racing on a public forum .

  8. Gerald says:

    As an owner I have often had my horses backed before race day and trainers seemingly having no knowledge of who backed the horses.WRT to Mrs Plattners horses…..I think its known fact that Mrs Plattner does not have bet and therefore the only person benefiting from not sharing the information early is Mr Nel….of course Mr Nel like most other trainers will deny that they actually have bet, so it begs the questions as to who actually benefits from withheld information.There is no damn transparency in South African horse racing especially when when Bookmakers are allowed to sponsor Racing Stables , If that’s not a conflict of interest then i wonder what bloody is…..if the stable ,the owner and the jockey has not backed a horse then please explain to me how a horse shortens????? Trainers like Mr Nel are certainly not doing anything to make racing any more transparent …..

  9. Shaheen Shaw says:

    The continuously dwindling ranks make it quite apparent that many now view it as a mug’s game.

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