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Snaith Pledges Focus On Cape Owners

Can young guns make the difference?

The new board of the Western Province Regional Racing Association has its first scheduled meeting this week.

Jono Snaith – motivated and driven to succeed for the sport of horseracing

Chairman Jonathan Snaith told Michael Clower on Monday: “We have many positive and interesting points to discuss – the focus being owners in the Western Cape and how to make their racing experience more enjoyable and exciting.

“The mission of the Racing Association is to protect and support the interests of the sport of horseracing in general and the interests of the owners in particular. It is all quite exciting because we are a youthful board with lots of fresh ideas.”

Snaith stressed that stakes, and their increases, are decided through the national board of the Racing Association and the Racing Trust along with the operators. But he added: “As a board we will make every effort to ensure that the Western Province gets its fair share. This is decided on a percentage split nationally. “

Craig Kiewswetter (photo: supplied)

Ridgemont Highlands Craig Kieswetter is getting involved

His fellow directors are Green Street Bloodstock supremo Justin Vermaak, Avontuur’s Philip Taberer and Craig Kieswetter of the Ridgemont Highlands powerhouse.

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9 comments on “Snaith Pledges Focus On Cape Owners

  1. Dan says:

    Well the sad thing is if you based stakes on tote pools, which is what they should be. Cape racing stakes should be way smaller than they currently are. I have no idea why cape racing has such a lack of betting interest. Gauteng is most definitely supporting cape racing and those owners are losing out.

  2. Basil says:

    Dan , the betting pool should be run nationally and not regionally, after all we are all part of bodies that are run nationally. If the WC creates entertainment (viz racing) and the Gauteng public wager on it , why should those funds be credited to Gauteng instead of a national pool. Punters and owners are crucial elements of horse racing but I fail to understand why stakes (benefits the owners) should be higher in a region purely because the punters in that particular region have more disposable income than the punters in another area such as Cape Town. Furthermore when the clubs were operating , I remember that at least 3 off course totes existed in central Cape Town and wonder if even one exists today. These permitted employees to have a bet at lunch time to assist with bigger pools.
    Last but not least , WC owners have to pay the same price for horses as those in Gauteng and receive lower stakes in return for their investments which bears little motivation for the attraction of potential owners. I wonder how the Gautengers would feel if disposable income were lower there and suffered the same fate as WC owners do.
    Please, let us all act in the national interest of horse racing which will create a more positive grounding for not only us , but the future of those to come.

  3. Rod Mattheyse says:

    Basil the tote is national, the Cape pools are small and getting smaller. The stakes are allocated in ratio to the pools ( I. E rewarding the owners and trainers for their product on show). In the recent past their was a disproportionately high % increase for the Cape.

    I suppose the message is clear, improve the show and you will get more.

  4. Mich says:

    We in CT have less race meetings than the rest of the centers.Why is that and who makes these decisions on allocating the number of race meetings per duristiction?

  5. Basil says:

    Rod , please advise us how we can improve the show in CT as no one seems to know how.

  6. Eric Fordred says:

    Congratulations to all these fantastic young men, who have taken on such an enormous role, I wish you all every success in the future, and it goes without saying you can always count on my support.
    Eric Fordred

  7. Gary says:

    The only way to get Cape Town racing back to normal is to stop the monopoly that Snaith Crawford and Bass hold.They probably collectively train over half the amount of horses there,thus being the reason for mainly tiny sized fields.If nothing is done soon,I see Cape Racing being no more in a few years time.The only way to resurrect the current battling trainers with small numbers in their yards as well as getting new trainers in the Cape would be to limit the number of horses that these big stables can train.Sure they are top trainers but with small trainers in the Cape disappearing as they are,the only way to correct it will be restricting their numbers.

  8. Roderick Mattheyse says:

    Basil, I probably don’t have a clue as to the fix, but i am pretty certain that one should treat customers well.

    I have been to Durbanville twice in the last four weeks. The first time i had lunch there, and it was adequate for me, yet my lunchmate had to send his back.

    i had to venture there this weekend. The Robinson’s and Donna Bernhardi had arranged a great day out for the various pony clubs. My daughters wanted to go. So i thought i would catch up with some mates. That i did, and that was great but what really amused me, and it is hilarious, was that when i went to get some waters for the parched girls from the upstairs bar, i was informed by a man that the man next to him took the orders ( i just placed an order – not at anyone specifically), so i moved the 50 cm to my left and replaced my order only to be informed that the lady another 50cm away, by a cash register was actually the correct person to speak to. I moved the 50cm to my left and placed the order only for the lady to say she had heard me the first time – i did receive the water in the end.

    So racings hospitality is not up to scratch – no-one takes charge but every one collects a salary

  9. Eric says:

    Board of Western Cape Racing

    Dear Mr Chairman

    It is my firm belief,that if we were to work together, instead of complaining about the problems and issues, that we all know are facing Western Cape Racing, we could do so much more to assist in re inventing racing in the Western Cape.Complaints are often valid, but constructive criticism, along with solutions will definitely take us further, after all, we are in this together. The first thought that comes to mind, is that, since there have been numerous complaints regarding the food,service etc at Durbanville Racecourse, the board should appoint a subcommittee to determine whether there is merit in the complaints, and then act accordingly, as mentioned before I am more than willing to assist where needed.

    Kind Regards
    Eric Fordred

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