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‘Positive Achievements Self Evident’ – Mnganga

Derogatory rumours are regrettable

In a widely circulated letter, Chairperson Dr Phumla Mnganga has said that the Board of Gold Circle is appreciative of the desire by members of the Gold Circle Racing Club to participate in the upcoming election for Club Directors and thereby contribute to the on-going business success of the company.

Dr Phumla Mnganga (pic: Gold Circle)

Dr Phumla Mnganga (pic: Gold Circle)

She writes:

Regrettably, the Board has been made aware of rumours that are currently circulating which are derogatory towards the Board and Management.

While constructive criticism is welcome and improvement always possible, the positive achievements of the company over the past few years are self-evident.

The Group is benefitting from strategies implemented by the Board since 2011 and has made great strides in difficult times:

Gold Circle has survived the downturn in the national economy since 2008.

Gold Circle has successfully strategized against the current negative trends in totalisator turnover generation.

The company’s grass racing tracks are well under way to regaining their glory of the past.

The Polytrack at Greyville will soon undergo its five year scheduled rejuvenation treatment.

The company’s training centres have met the high levels of efficiency set by the Board in the agreed strategies.

Summerveld has been rated as one of the best training centres in the world by international visitors.

Stakes levels paid by Gold Circle have reached those of our counterparts around the country.

The Company has been certified as a level 2 contributor to B-BBEE.

Gold Circle has won the National award for the Most Women Empowered Company.

The Vodacom Durban July has achieved unsurpassed heights and recognition in the past few years.

The Company has reached the highest levels of Corporate Governance.

The Company has posted positive results amidst very costly litigation and a loss of revenue from Bookmakers in respect of intellectual property rights and broadcast fees.

These results and achievements are not the result of any individual but of a collective of Board members and Management who strive relentlessly for the betterment of the horse racing industry in KwaZulu-Natal.

We therefore encourage members to exercise their vote and continue to contribute to enhancing the Sport of horse racing in KwaZulu-Natal.

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3 comments on “‘Positive Achievements Self Evident’ – Mnganga

  1. sandhiran says:

    It would be nice to see the figures of staff that were retchrenched at all levels and demographics . The article also make reference to the grass tracks gaining popularity like before, what does this mean when attendances at these venues are poor . Is Greyville race course a racing venue or function hire . What are they doing about their outlets in terms of keeping up with the times and the game of horse racing .

  2. Oh please Doctor Mnganga, you must be joking !

    You forgot to mention the implementation & upgrade to 3-ply toilet paper now supplied in the public toilets at Greyville racecourse !

  3. VR says:

    Madam Chair with all due respect you have no clue as to how bad Gold Circle is run and how fast the executives are running the company down. You look at your executives and the people of colour, there is no transformation, the people of colour that are in those rolls are there just to vote with the top dogs on decisions. They just yes men and woman Gold Circle have lost so many people with value and with the desire to take the company forward however you are left with managers who have no direction or purpose to drive the company and make it a success. Succession planning is so poor, you will probably say stats prove that Gold Circle has promoted people of colour to manager posts but these are people with no clue on racing or on service delivery. Turnover decreases because there is no desire or drive from your team. Its easy to see things from the top but do me a favour drive to branches, agents talk to customers more importantly talk to employees lower down and get an idea of what Gold Circle is really about and where they are heading. To many contract workers at exorbitant rates, to many friends of friends, to much wasted expenses on things that don’t add value. It’s time to take a deeper look as the chairperson of a huge organisation which used to be close to many peoples hearts. Don’t be blinded by what you told or what you see on the top. There is another picture you missing.

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