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It’s Called A Crop Or Stick- Okay!

Let's get the terminology tuned as a start

The second race at Turffontein today could be one of the most interesting on the Charity Mile Day card as for the first time in South Africa an official race will be run to test how jockeys will be able to ride without a crop in the hand.

Tabnews reports that the Hands and Heels Maiden Plate over 1400m and all riders will leave their whips in the jockey room.

The race is off at 13h00.

Experienced horseman Tex Lerena was interviewed earlier this week by the Sporting Post and his statement that it is a matter of time before all races are run hands and heels and that the crop is used mainly for correction, has evoked quite a response from certain quarters.

Read the Tex Lerena interview

One of Tex’s focal points is that we need to start the education by amending the terminology and the NHA did just that a decade ago. We call it a crop. Full stop!

So we are publically calling on our friends at Tabnews to get with the programme and start using the word ‘crop’!

Tabnews reported further that there are many different views as to whether this will work or not and we spoke to some of the jockeys who will be riding in the race and also got the views of some of the trainers.


Warren Kennedy (photo: Gold Circle)Warren Kennedy (photo: Gold Circle)

Warren Kennedy – tool of guidance

Keagan de Melo: I honestly think young horses need the encouragement. It’s not meant to be used excessively, it’s used for guidance. For example, I’m riding an inexperienced first timer (Mighty Rock) and horses like that need it (stick) for guidance. Not to hurt them, but to get them out of the gates, straightened in running, and so forth.

Warren Kennedy: I’ve ridden horses that don’t like the stick before. The stick is there to ask for a little extra from runners, not to give them a hiding. It should be regulated – maybe, say, it should be used two or three times. Young horses need the guidance. The stick is also used to assist in straightening them while running.

Dennis Schwarz: I think it’s a great initiative, but I also think some horses need the stick especially ones who are still learning about racing.

Raymond Danielson: To be honest I’m all for it. I don’t really use the stick that much in races anyway. I find that I’m a better rider with the hands. Some horses do need the whip though – but I for one can’t wait to ride without my whip on Saturday.

Corne Orffer: It’s going to be very interesting to see whether or not horses will respond to us in running, without the whip. Will they run straight, will they behave or jump out the gates? I can’t really comment on it until I’ve experienced it. We’ll see how things go on the day.


Paul Peter – difficult with young horses (Pic – JC Photos)

Paul Peter: I feel the no-whip rule should only apply to the older, more experienced horses that know about racing. Young horses need the guidance. They’re obviously still very green and will run around etc. I think this should be for the runners that have raced a few times.

Brett Crawford: I think it’s just something we have to let run its course and see what happens – see how races unfold and how the jockeys handle it. It will be quite interesting. I can’t really say what I think of it at the moment and I would like to watch a few races before I make a decision.

Yvette Bremner: It could be a race between Piere Strydom and Lyle Hewitson. Lyle is very good without a whip and so is Piere. Some jockeys just can’t ride without using a whip.

Mathew de Kock: I’m excited to see how it goes. It’s something different. I’m still new in the game so I have an open mind on the issue, although right now I’m uncertain where I stand. But I believe we are dealing with a perception about horse racing rather than a fact.

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3 comments on “It’s Called A Crop Or Stick- Okay!

  1. Sergen govender says:

    Khumalo will battle to ride winners again

  2. Harold says:

    Without using a crop, would Bernard Fayderbe have guided Marinaresco to that scintillating win in the July?

  3. Nathan kotzen says:

    I say they should carry sticks but not to hot horses behind with it more so give them direction with a tap on the shoulder.

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