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SA Racing Hall Of Fame

To celebrate, inspire and empower

Horseracing history is set to be made on 16 January 2019 when the first superstars from the racing fraternity will be inducted into the South African Hall of Fame.


This is arguably the most important moment in the history of South African horseracing, as it not only sees the first equine inductees into the SA Hall of Fame, but also recognises the sport of horseracing with its rich legacy as an integral part of our national heritage.

One horse, one jockey, one trainer and one owner – from any era – will be nominated for induction into the Hall of Fame.

When the first equine inductees are announced at the Grand West Casino in Cape Town, it will put the country’s equine heroes on par with legends like Gary Player, Penny Heyns, Ladysmith Black Mambazo, the 1995 Rugby World Cup winning team, Gé Korsten, Jacob “Baby Jake” Matlala and of course Nelson Mandela.

“It really is a momentous occasion for the sport of horseracing,” said Rob Collins, Group Chief Strategy and Operations Officer of Sun International, custodians of the South African Hall of Fame.

“With a history spanning more than a century, the sport of horseracing has produced legends beyond compare. It is a privilege and an honour to see them recognised for their role in building the Rainbow Nation.”

The South African Hall of Fame, established in 2015, strives to tell the stories of extraordinary achievers while celebrating their holistic accomplishments, not only their talent, skill and successes.

“Through this we strive to inspire individuals to dream, and reach their full potential which in turn puts them in the position to make a difference in South Africa,” reads the vision of the Hall of Fame.

The South African Hall of Fame has three Core Ideologies: To celebrate, inspire and empower.

John Stuart – dream come true

“To see racing legends inducted into the South African Hall of Fame is a dream come true for everyone who has ever been involved in racing,” said John Stuart, CEO of Phumelela.

The names of the inductees will be announced on the day of the barrier draw for the Sun Met.

Clyde Basel, Racing Executive from Phumelela, has been tasked to set up a committee charged with the nomination process.

“Once the committee has been finalised and the criteria for the nomination process agreed upon, we will most definitely involve the public in the process,” said Basel.

“It will be an enormous responsibility to choose the first four equine inductees, and the wider the net is cast, the bigger our chance of identifying the four most deserving individuals. That is why we will ask input from the public and racing experts.”

  • Media Release – Phumelela Gaming & Leisure Pty Ltd – 21 November 2018

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21 comments on “SA Racing Hall Of Fame

  1. Whistler says:

    Its simple…let the public vote

  2. Cliff says:

    Agreed. Let the public vote!

  3. beatle says:

    Agree let the public vote

  4. jim says:

    this is crazy. how do you go back over 100 years and induct 1 horse owner trainer jockey a year. itll take 10 years to get a half decent list together

  5. hilton witz says:

    i thought mr de kock and michael roberts had already been inducted into the hall of fame or is this like the boxing titles where there is more than one..With respect this task should be given to people such as karel miedema mathew lips charles faul and robin bruss not those who work at phumelela who only know numbers not the history and accomplishments of individuals in south african racing

  6. RAFFIEK HABIB says:





  7. Graham Martin says:

    The Grey Bomber!

  8. Cwc Ynwa says:

    I would nominate the likes of Martin Schoeman, Micheal Roberts and Robert Sivewright (Jockeys), Syd Laird, Terence Millard and Mike De Kock (Trainers), Sea Cottage, In Full Flight and Horse Chestnut. That’s my lot for whatever its worth.

  9. Willie Schoemaker says:

    There’s so many horses that fit the description to be inducted. William Penn, Force Ten, Fire Eyes, Java Head, Elevation, Sea Cottage the list goes on and on.
    Trainers such as Wilie Kleb, Terence Millard, George Azzie, Joe Joseph, Syd Laird etal.

  10. I’d like to nominate all the 1000’s of grooms who treated the horses that they cared for, like their very own children. These same grooms who were exploited by the racing establishment in the heartless apartheid era and now in our current, greedy ‘rainbow nation’ dispensation.

    Kind carers, who now, have nothing to “show for” after years of devotion for these majestic animals.

    Phumelela – maybe a Hall of Pain instead of Fame ?

  11. Robert says:

    Hilton this is not the horse racing hall of game but the SA hall of game you really are a negative individual we complain racing is not treated as other sports when it happens you use it to bash Phumalela shame on you

  12. Rod Mattheyse says:

    William make sure Pas De Quoi’ s groom is top of that list

  13. Oh yes Rod, especially in light of the fact, that there have been over 4000 cases of devoted grooms carving up horses shins, forelegs etc etc

    1. karel says:

      Interesting debate under this heading of Hall Of Fame.
      I must be missing something.

  14. Akesh Singh says:

    Wolf Power….the Course records he held, range of distances he won .


    Yes Akesh, Wolf Power, Model Man and Empress Club – Grade 1 winners in Transvaal, CT and Natal.

    All 3 centres and winners over a variety of distances . Wolf Power always a superstar

  16. Roderick Mattheyse says:

    William and a particular place of honour for the angry Randjies mob

  17. Russell says:

    Wolf Power …. always a superstar ? Unfortunately the ‘grey bomber’ couldn’t live with PRINCE FLORIMUND before ‘the Prince’ went to race in the United States.

  18. Yeeeesss Russell I agreed with you. I rated Prince Florimund better than Wolf Power as well. If you read correctly, I stated all three centres….. PF didn’t race at all three centres. That’s the sole reason why I didn’t suggest him.

    The Amos’s PF is in my 10 ten from 1970 onwards.

  19. Cecil Pienaar says:

    Bodrum and Turncoat, good memories of these 2 Stars, and another Grey favourite Wolf Power. Think Ricky Maingard trained the 2 Greys and Herman Brown Sr trained Turncoat.

  20. Yip, Turncoat initially owned by Peter Misdorp, then sold to Ronnie Skjoldhammer, and then bought by Mr Robert Sangster. Turncoat won The Mainstay 1800 back then, I couldn’t wait for his next run.

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