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Goodman Is New CEO Of Tellytrack

Heads Tellytrack & Phumelela Publishing

Phumelela Gaming and Leisure Ltd announced the appointment of Colleen Goodman as CEO of Tellytrack on Tuesday.

Colleen Goodman

Goodman takes over from Rob Scott, who was appointed Sports Betting Executive for Phumelela. Scott will remain executive head of Tellytrack, marketing and publishing as well.

A veteran of the media industry, Goodman has been deployed in various positions at Multichoice over the last 21 years.

“I literally grew up at Multichoice,” said Goodman after the announcement of her appointment. “I was fortunate enough to experience continuous growth throughout my career at Multichoice. It contributed to me improving my skills and being exposed to new challenges. After 21 years, however, it was time to move on.”

According to Goodman she was drawn to Phumelela because she sees Tellytrack as a major roleplayer in the media & betting industries.

“I am by no means a racing aficionado. But having spent my entire career in broadcasting and media, I see this as a role I can grow into, deploying my skills and knowledge in a different environment.”

Goodman will be responsible for Tellytrack as well as Phumelela Publishing.

She is also a person who believes in giving back to her community, and lectures Innovation and Consumer Behaviour at Vega, an advertising and marketing college, where she takes pride in coaching young entrepreneurs.

“What keeps me sane is the gym. And I meditate.

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23 comments on “Goodman Is New CEO Of Tellytrack

  1. Ian Jayes says:

    She could start by improving the sound quality of Teletrack broadcasts.

  2. Rick says:

    The preferential treatment of local racing would once again capture the die hard enthusiasts I.e the coverage of the after race interviews. That should be looked at.

  3. Brian says:

    I simply have to agree, however, I suspect the problem emanates from the on course inadequacies

  4. jay says:

    She needs to look at the presenters,, Cecil thinks he knows it all. In a photo finish whereby the commentator cannot separate the horses, he can and 9 out of 10 he is WRONG. This is misleading the public

  5. Logan Naidoo says:


  6. Mikey says:

    Congratulations. But lets face it, can’t get much worse. But will there be any change with Scott still in charge? Dear Ms. Goodman, listen to your viewers and focus on the local product. No one cares about the Ben-Hur racing

  7. CWC says:

    Congrats Colleen, I am sure you will add value and bring a consumer perspective back to Tellytrack. No need to be harsh on the presenters opinions, as they are exactly that, opinions.

  8. Roger Hendry says:

    Please negotiate with Dstv . I am a die hard armchair pensioner punter and in order for me to get channel 239 I will have to take out a R800 plus per month bouquet . Which I cannot afford . Thankyou Roger Hebdry .

  9. ROY Sukdhev says:

    Congrats on the appointment.

    Coverage on TellyTrack cannot get worse. Standard of coverage is pathetic at present.

    Horses going down to the starting stall in front of the grandstand is shockingly bad…. one very often does not get to see the saddle cloth number and the good view of the gallop.

    On screen visual text presentation with new color is disgustingly poor and one battles to read the information…. comments such as probably done by a woman hopefully will no longer be true.

    We pray that Colleen will make a difference.

    Good Luck????

  10. Harold says:

    Considering many of the punters are of Indian decent, can we not get some Indian horseracing on TT? It would be much note exciting than trotting from down under. Hardly any Kiwi and Aussie punters in SA.

  11. Brian says:

    Wow! This lady has walked into a right real ambush. But listen people, Rob Scott had no clue how to run a TV channel, This lady does. i haven’t watched the channel for years, but I have this feeling things might change.

    Colleen, good luck and believe me, you’re gonna need it!

    1. Editor says:

      How do you reach the conclusion if you havent watched the channel for years, Brian?

  12. Nadasen Govender says:

    Well done, congratulation.
    Please can we have more time showing the horses behind the pens before the race begins.Tks N.N Govender

  13. Steve Reid says:

    Hi Roger

    Due to the fact that you have been a good boy this year, Santa has fantastic news for you. Take out an Access package with DSTV for R99 a month and Tellytrack is included.

    Ho ho ho

    Saint Nick,

  14. Wayne Fouche says:

    The desperate fixation with Donkey car racing and any overseas venue you can think of (including places you may never have heard of) as Tellytrack rushes across to one of them within a minute or two of our horses having past the post is rapidly ruining what is left of SA racing. Please Ms. Goodman do your best to turn the ship around.

  15. Nish says:

    What is the connection between tellytrack and the racing clubs? Last week sat, I had to phone the tellytrack studio to complain about the lack of local coverage. They showed hurdle races one after another.

    They hardly showed the canter to the start, had no preview of the local race and switched over at the last minute to show local racing. The post race interviews are not covered in most races. I was utterly disgusted and stressed out. Let’s hope a change of guard will rectify this dire situation.

  16. logan says:

    W e can only hope

  17. Michael Jacobs says:

    Ms Goodman, please bring Shaheen Shaw back. Also I have to agree, Cecil isn’t very good, but then none of the current crop are. Please improve the coverage as punters no longer go to the course and rely on Tellytrack. Thank you

  18. Ian Jayes says:

    Ms Goodman, the on-screen information pages showing results and dividends must be changed. It is almost impossible to read the white numbers and letters on a pale blue background. The whole colour scheme should be revisited.

  19. Roy says:

    That is concern I raised very strongly as well. That I thought was common sense but sadly it was not. The other issue is horses leaving the parade ring and going down the coverage is pathetic.

  20. Brian says:

    I have watched the channel in the past Ed. The criticisms raised in this forum are the very reason I don’t watch the channel anymore. That is how I reached my conclusion..
    I do watch the canter past sometimes but at times it is a waste. Kenilworth, as the horse gets into stride you get a good view of the arse end; sometimes at Turfontein the horses shoot off in the other direction and the shot is too far off to get a good look. Those are on corse problems that Rob Scott never seemed to do anything about and now, through this forum, readers are asking Colleen to do something about it.

    Thanks to Interbet, I don’t have to watch the channel. Just the parts I like which is, canter past and the race at the off.

    Furthermore Ed, my comment was written soon after this story was posted. Just look at the comments after mine and it is very clear the ambush was imminent and all the comments contained herein ar absolutely why I don’t and haven’t watched the chanel for years. Just the parts I like
    I fail to see how you can’t see how I reached the very evident conclusion

  21. johnsweet says:

    I have been a TeleTrack customer for years, and I still hear the same repetitive noise between races. For some reason or other, someone thinks that it is music to our ears, but I can assure you it is not. Day after day, hour after hour, minute after minute, that ‘music’ drives us mad. I am sure I am not the only one who rapidly clicks the mute after a race

  22. ROY says:

    Tellytrack from Dec 2018 todate has gone worse.
    Most pathetic is that often when the current race is being finished no sooner the horses past the post the coverage is interrupted with advertising. Why not wait at least the first 4 are announced then break away. ????

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