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Vee Moodley Is New NHA CEO

Full circle as he returns to regulator eight years on

Current Tellytrack CEO Rob Scott will assume the role of Phumelela’s Sports Betting Executive after the resignation today of Vee Moodley.

Vee Moodley – new man at NHA

Following the resignation of National Horseracing CEO Lyndon Barends in September, the post became vacant and was advertised. Vee Moodley was the succesful applicant.

A Phumelela Press Release informs that after studying at the University of Natal and working as Group Accountant for the PMC Group of Companies in KwaZulu-Natal, Vee opted for a career path change and joined the National Horseracing Authority as handicapper in 2003.

His thorough knowledge and understanding of horseracing stood him in good stead and in 2007 he was promoted to Racing Control Manager and Chief Executive Officer designate of the National Horseracing Authority.

Vee has a strong financial background and excellent knowledge of horseracing and betting and was appointed by Phumelela as Sports Betting Executive on 1 July 2010 and as Executive Director: Sports Betting on 1 October 2010. Vee was also appointed CEO of Betting World, a subsidiary of Phumelela, on 1 June 2015.

Rob Scott (photo: supplied)

Rob Scott (photo: supplied)

Rob Scott hails from a well-known racing family, with both his late brother and uncle respected trainers while his father, Tony, was a steward. Rob has been involved in horse ownership for 11 years.

Before his appointment as CEO of Tellytrack, Rob worked in various senior management positions for Edcon for more than two decades. He holds an MBA degree.

“The Board and management team would like to thank Vee for his valued service and contribution to the Company over the past eight years and wish him every success in his new role as CEO of the NHA,” Phumelela said in a sens-announcement yesterday afternoon.

There was no news from the NHA to confirm Mr Moodley’s appointment.

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22 comments on “Vee Moodley Is New NHA CEO

  1. The Dark Duke says:

    The worst kept secret in horse racing. Vee Moodley is a poor choice he can never be a neutral participant when regulating the company that employed him. He is also a punter, I thought this was a big no no?

    1. Editor says:

      Shouldn’t we rather be giving him a chance and supporting him and let the proof be in the passage of time and the pudding?
      He has the knowledge and the passion – there can’t have been too many applicants within our borders that better fitted the job spec.
      And it’s a tough specialised post for an industry outsider – as recent history shows

  2. The Dark Duke says:

    Mr. Editor with respect, this is not about giving a candidate a chance, it is about appointong the right candidate. Moodley is conflicted. His racing knowledge counts for naught, he will find it impossible to regulate with integrity where Phumelela is involved.

    1. Editor says:

      Just to understand, Duke – so, broadly, the position could never be filled from anybody who comes through the ranks in any horseracing/breeding related entity, then?

  3. Warren Lenferna says:

    Congratulations Vee such wonderful news I wish you all the very best you are passionate about racing go for it

  4. Michael Jacobs says:

    I have to agree with the Dark Duke. Vee Moodley is too involved in the gambling and punting side of the industry, as opposed to the welfare of the horse and integrity issues of racing to be a good choice. What was needed was a true horseman of impeccable and ethical character, with no vested interest in the punting side. I am not besmirching the character of Vee Moodley, but pointing out that the usual suspects cannot circulate in different jobs all the time in the industry. Where are the judges who have an interest in racing, good lawyers and advocates, who could run this entity? Why a punter?

  5. Tony Mincione says:

    It’s not exciting to see the editor pick a side so early in the game. Neither is it necessary to be supportive. It’s a high profile job and he’s been picked to do it.

    However, the Dark Duke is completely out of order. Everything he or she says is so biased I would not have printed it.

    If Mr Moodley liked to bet, then at least he wasn’t the tea totaler running the bar. I’m sure he didn’t punt when he was handicapper and I’m happy to think he won’t gamble in his new position. You don’t have to be virgin to be a nun, you just need to turn it up once you sign up.

    But what is worse by far is the attack on his integrity on assumptions of what he might do. I can’t agree with anything Dark Duke has said. His racing experience is a great asset and worth the decades it took to earn. We don’t have to wait while someone learns.

    He strikes me as very possibly the right candidate and I oppose the opinion that he is compromised because he worked at Phumelela since leaving the NHRA the first time around.

    And finally, he is conflicted? Well mate, I don’t see that, but you are the very definition of conflicted…your own words hang you!

    And more final, if you use his name, use yours Dick.

    1. Editor says:

      Tony, it’s not about picking a side – why must their always be a side? What sides are you referring to?

      Duke, the NHA Board were tasked with finding a replacement for Barends. Who else should have voted or had a say in the decision?
      They settled on Vee Moodley after a drawn out process.
      Why don’t we rather adopt the principle of watching the game and hoping for fair play – rather than simply maligning the merits of the individual just because we can – and before he is even on the pitch?

  6. Brian says:

    Well Ed, the proof will be in the EATING of the pudding, but besides that you have sung his praises for some time now in all fairness and clearly you are on his side.

    There will always be sides, or if you like, opinions thereby creating sides which, I don’t think they are.

    You do come across quite defensive of the man.

    Bearing in mind I have a completely neutral view point because I don’t know the man or his CV.

    Therefore, I will give him a chance in spite of the fact that, in my opinion, he didn’t do such a brilliant job at TAB

  7. Roderick Mattheyse says:

    On a positive note the NHA will now respond

  8. Ebisu Farm says:

    Hi Brian that is how the media works. First they praise you then they hang. If they don’t praise you first then the hanging will not be that spectacular. The media is nobodies friend. So give Ed some time to sharpen his knives.

  9. vinsesh says:

    It’s rather unfair to be critical of Mr Moodley’s appointment, rather let him do what he has been put in place to do and then comment. People are never satisfied unless there is someone that they feel is better suited, in the corporate world you can have the best interest of the public at heart but when you are out voted there is nothing you can do, the downfall of the racing industry is there are to many of the “he knows, she knows” but in the end they all don’t know what’s best and the genuine people like Mr Moodley who would bring change gets criticised.

  10. Brian says:

    Ebisu, that was not how it was said. I think read my comment more carefully

    It had nothing to do with how the media works and in any event, this particular ” media”as you call it, has never worked like that.

  11. Cecil Pienaar says:

    Congrats Vee Moodley, well spoken, likeable fellow. I am sure he wouldn’t accept this job if he wasn’t up to it…

  12. Michael Jacobs says:

    I note that the editor has once again taken to censoring comments and posts. I wonder why? Is the Sporting Post sucking up to the operators and establishment again in an effort to get into the good books? My comment about the Vee Moodley appointment was censored for some reason!

    1. Editor says:

      Michael – rather than taking a swipe, simply try refreshing your browser and have a look at the comment approved 16 hours ago

  13. Prasheen says:

    I personally think is it because his surname is moodley that’s the reason most people are unhappy with his appointment. So what if he is a punter there are certain big shots who own horses as well. People deserve a chance so I think just give vee a chance and see what he does. Mr werferner the world needs more people like you.

  14. Preston says:

    @Micheal Jacobs Interesting Observation (but I guess this comments will be censored as well)

  15. Raj says:

    Give the guy a chance before hanging him.All best Mr.Moodley

  16. Jonathan Harris says:

    A few years ago I called this man Vee Moodley in his capacity as chief handicapper and sought his advise. What struck me was his willingness to spend his valuable time with a very very small time owner like me. He did not even know, never met. With a character like that, he is always a “good bet”

  17. The Dark Duke says:

    Mr Editor we have now given Moodley his chance as suggestes by yourself. I think that the results are as expected and predicted by me earlier. The man has already in this short period shown that what he says and what he does are different. You would think that he would learn from Lyndon Barends mistakes wouldnt you? Judging by the rules are guidelines mantra, it seems its back to the we do what we like philosophy.

  18. Rian says:

    I must agree with The Dark Duke

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