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Unauthorised Vaccination – Owner Fined

R4000 fine for contravention of rules

The National Horseracing Authority confirms that at an Inquiry held at its offices in Johannesburg on Wednesday, 5 December 2018, Owner Wayne Kobusch was charged with a contravention of Rule 39.1.1.

This arose in that as the Owner of the horses SABRINA, SILVER SUOJURE, SPINDRIFT SPENE and CLAIM THE ROSES, he allowed these horses to be vaccinated against African Horse Sickness by a person who was not a Veterinary Surgeon nor was the vaccine supplied by a Veterinary Surgeon.

Wayne Kobusch pleaded not guilty to the charge, but was found guilty of the charge.

After hearing evidence in mitigation, the penalty imposed by the Inquiry Board is a fine of R4 000.

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9 comments on “Unauthorised Vaccination – Owner Fined

  1. HIH Wayne Kobusch von Konigsberg. says:

    Such a great pity, that the very organization that is meant to uphold the integrity of horse racing in South Africa, does not disclose the full contents of this enquiry, including matters that we raised and minutes as far back as the NHRA’s AGM of 18 January 2017. The NHRA have discounted the State Vet and Vet Counsel, including protocols listed in the African Horsesckness Trust.

    A lot of noise about a small battle that the NHRA have won in this round. When Owners and Breeders, finally stick together, we will definitely win the war.

  2. Roderick Mattheyse says:

    is this the count

  3. Steve Reid says:

    Wayne yours is one of many examples of selective information disseminated by the NHA. I have read press releases on the outcome of hearings where I was in the dock and wondered whether I had actually won the case after reading their press release.

    I am sure that the NHA are Catholic, they have a form belief that they are infallible when in reality they are anything but. Good luck with owners and breeders standing together.

  4. Wayne Fouche says:

    Hi Steve – boy am I surprised that your comment has been allowed! Whenever I have tried to comment I am told that the comments will not appear on the site as they are ” too sensitive” when in fact they are the truth. I would think that your catholic friends might find your comments sensitive but not the editor!!

    1. karel says:

      Comments are never disallowed because they are (your words) ‘too sensitive’.
      Comments are mostly binned for reasons of lacking common decency and/or factual truth.
      You get the idea.

  5. Steve Reid says:

    Wayne I’m Catholic educated and used the terminology to highlight the fact that the NHA believe they can do no wrong. No disrespect was intended towards the Holy See or the church,

    Insofar as the Editor allowing my comments, make no mistake, many have been trashed before. I tend to stick to facts when airing views on controversial issues, When dealing with issues involving the axis of evil – NHA, Phumelela and RA, facts are sufficient to highlight the inefficiencies, idiocies and incompetentcies (sic).

  6. Mashie says:

    AHS vaccines need to be supplied and given by a veterinarian and that is a DAFF rule, not the NHA rule

  7. Leon Lotz says:

    When I started training I got fined R70 000 for not understanding the same rule.I also used the state vet for horsesickness.My own wrong doing,the rule is very clear just stick to it the church wont help you

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