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Met Favourite – Jockey Questioned

Twice Over gelding did not travel well

After a glorious summer season and three good winners on Sun Met day – including a Gr1 success – top jockey Richard Fourie was called in by the Stipes to explain his ride on beaten big race favourite, Do It Again.

The Justin Snaith-trained Do It Again is a horse who likes to be left alone and has a strong finishing burst. He was closer to last for much of the 2000m race and finished with a flourish to be beaten 0,75 lengths.

The pic angle is deceptive – but Richard Fourie can be seen urging Do It Again down the inside as Rainbow Bridge (Anton Marcus) bursts clear (Chase Liebenberg Photography)

In an awkward moment close to the finish, Fourie was forced to go inside of long-time leader Head Honcho.

This may have cost him marginally but it did not appear to affect the result with eventual winner Rainbow Bridge going too well.

The stipes report says:

Jockey R Fourie (DO IT AGAIN) appeared before the Board with regards to his ride on this gelding. He explained to the Board that the gelding had not travelled to his expectation in the early stages and having raced with cover he had to encourage DO IT AGAIN from the 600m, which was far earlier than he had expected. This had resulted in him entering the straight about four lengths off the eventual winner, which was more than he had envisaged. DO IT AGAIN had then proceeded to hang out in the straight when encouraged. His explanation was noted.

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60 comments on “Met Favourite – Jockey Questioned

  1. Jay August says:

    DOI was all over the show in this race running around like a headless chicken. It did not look good and the jockey appeared to have no clue how to ride him. Was the horse off or just confused by the jockey? I’m inclined to think the jockey lost the plot quite badly in this race and the horse responded to too many wrong signals at the wrong time. Under the circumstances he ran extremely well and hopefully this was an aberration, although you should not see a dual Gr1 winner running around like that.

  2. Rian says:

    Feel sorry for the owners and trainer of D I A and the families involved but it was a pathetic performance from the Jockey and would love to hear his explanation to other top jockey
    who are now Stipes and were present in the hearing
    Agree fully with Jay and did not have a bet as there were to many Red Flags to lead up to big race and just a pity Head Honcho who was given a great ride from a stable who had a super plan. imagine if he had a few kilos less but thats another story
    Well done Micheal in the met but the rest of your tips werent up to your high standards, ha, ha

  3. Editor says:

    Via email:
    As an ex jockey my opinion Do it Again an exceptional horse extremely badly ridden excessive use of the whip changed hands on umpteen occasions allowing the poor horse to run all over the park apart from badly placed if ridden properly balanced steering him in the right direction not panicking as to many jockeys do these days not very professional in my opinion. He should be questioned
    Deon Spies

    1. karel says:

      So who is this ex jockey? Nameless experts should not be given such a critical platform.

      1. Editor says:

        We have requested his permission to utilise his name
        In the meanwhile have suspended his comment upon reconsideration

  4. Jay August says:

    Amen to that “via email”. The fact the horse did what he did and quickened like he did from the 600m-400m and then again at the finish tells you this horse is exceptional but was really poorly ridden. I’m sorry for Richard but he cannot in all honesty say he did not panic. Riding the way he did in the straight was just plain amateurish. I see on FB that someone is claiming the horse stumbled at the start which would have been all the more reason not to yank the horse to the rail so quickly, which is exactly what he tried and failed. From there on it was just one error after another.

  5. jc lee ching says:

    Cast my mind back a few years ago when this same jockey was involved in another incident, the Durban July. I watched the replay many times and came to the same conclusion. He entered the straight ob Legislate and bumped Wylie Hall who became unbalanced. They continued to make contact several times but Wylie Hall was too strong and beat Legislate fair and square. He immediately launched a hysterical objection and the rest is history. I felt very sorry for the owner but especially sad for the trainer who lost his composure, under those unjust and biased circumstances I might have behaved much worse.

  6. Joe says:

    Coincidence? Fourie was questioned by the Stipes for his riding of Made to Conquer on November 24, 2018. His excuse then begs the question how he and the trainer were allowed to get away with racing an unfit horse. Also it would appear that his riding/judgement ability has been called into question more than once. You draw your own conclusion.

  7. Joe says:

    Twice in two months.

    Fourie was questioned by the stripes about his riding of Made to Conquer, odds on favourite, on November 24, 2018 and told them the horse wasn’t fit. They, the stripes, accepted this explanation and took no action against either the jockey or trainer. My understanding of the rules is that every horse must be given every chance of winning. Can’t win if your not fit.

  8. Jay August says:

    Ed, Karel. Not for me to say how you moderate content but here is my view on “ex jockey via email”. The comments are all valid and have substance and should be allowed to stand with or without the “i am an ex-jockey” statement. You in the past posted articles from anonymous commentators without disclosing their name so I can only assume you posted this without actually knowing or being able to verify this person. However I cannot see how the comments themselves are an issue. Hopefully the person allows his/her name to be used.

    1. karel says:

      I am not editor.
      This is what the stipes report shows:
      d) Jockey R Fourie (DO IT AGAIN) appeared before the Board with regards to his ride on this gelding. He explained to the Board that the gelding had not travelled to his expectation in the early stages and having raced with cover he had to encourage DO IT AGAIN from the 600m, which was far earlier than he had expected. This had resulted in him entering the straight about four lengths off the eventual winner, which was more than he had envisaged. DO IT AGAIN had then proceeded to hang out in the straight when encouraged. His explanation was noted.

      If you watch the replay without preconceived ideas, you’ll note that the progress made by the winner and Do It Again up the straight was pretty much the same.
      I’m not an ex-jockey with no name.

  9. Editor says:

    Full marks to the Stipes for dealing with it.
    Sportsmen at all levels make mistakes

  10. Mike says:

    The stipes did not deal with it emphatically enough, a suspension should be the order of the day for not giving his ride every chance

  11. Jay August says:

    It has a comma between Ed and Karel so it is clearly not implying you are the editor no? You posed the question and the Editor then decided to remove the post hence me including you both as there seemed to be some causal connection in your question and the removal.

  12. Rian says:

    Full marks to the stipes my foot, they must announce a full on inquiry as to the Jockey in question and get the facts from starter ,handler,groom and ,trainer as to his instructions and let him have a lawyer present, but you can rest assured nothing will happen
    Most of the comments come from seasoned racegoers with a great deal of understanding on Horse racing and most think his ride shocking so far

  13. Rian says:

    What utter nonsense, if the horse was 4 lengths behind and progress was pretty much the same, surely without preconceived ideas he would be 3 lengths in front at the post

  14. Jay August says:

    Preconceived ideas? No, just common sense from watching several thousand races in a lifetime. If you believe he rode DIA correctly and that all the issues were in fact the horse’s than so be it. We’ll disagree on that. Progress up the straight is not at all what is being questioned here rather the inconsistent urging the horse was given and how the horse responded to that. But being no ex-jockey you can perhaps write my lay comments off as preconceived and clumsy.

  15. Kay says:

    Fourie rode Do It Again poorly in Met from the start throughout. He rode Strathdon in the stayers race just as poorly, how he could expect that poor horse to make up that many lengths in the straight is beyond believe for a horse slung in at weights and then in race 11 he rode Nexus with same coming from impossible position to eventually win that. Fourie was definitely not at his best on such a big race meeting. All those races he needs to be questioned. Not talking from my pocket just observations.

  16. Nish says:

    It will be nice to get a comment from Justin. Did my money in cold blood. Still trying to figure out why Fourie went down the inside when most winners were making their runs middle to outside. Not as good as he thinks. Poor ride in my opinion.

  17. Hulman says:

    Fourie rode a poor race…cost punters a lot of money.Waiting to hear Trainers comment on DIA run.

  18. Graham Hurlstone-Jones says:

    When you have watched enough races from around the world where you see favourites start to fail before the halfway stage you can see when a horse is just not travelling and if you watch Fourie around the back he was giving Do It Again a right old push along at the back, I knew then…..He was not travelling well. I am little shocked how the mob comes out and start bringing up stuff from years back when i can reel off any jock you like who gets hauled over coals for a bad ride in a feature. This was not a bad ride, it was a fight for survival and i think Richard did an amazing job getting Do It Again to second, an amazing ride considering he was last at the top of the straight. Its funny he won a listed and 2 grade 1’s in a row 3 weeks ago after a fall and 3 races on Saturday including another grade 1…….He is a top jockey who will always give everything for the owner especially. To think otherwise is in your own mind and should stay there. To this day i wished he had ridden all of my horses rides, he gives you everything. It was great race by Head Honcho and the pace was on. Marcus is world class on a world class horse, it was his day, second fav i think…no shock.

  19. espresso says:

    Tjank you Graham

  20. Casey Clarke says:

    Thank you…..I agree

  21. karel says:

    For the benefit of all the commenters, here’s what the stopwatch showed:

    Slowly run early, the Sun Met was a very false paced affair. The pacemaker Head Honcho did step on the gas on the bend, and recorded the second fastest time in that segment. He had the field very strung out at the top of the home straight and came very close to stealing it. Winner Rainbow Bridge, racing 8th coming off the bend, had a good 13 lengths to find, and Do It Again was a further 2.5 lengths behind him. Not surprisingly the final segment was the slowest of the seven races around the turn.

    Summary of split times for the day will be in the SP hard copy, and the SP Digest on Thursday.
    It makes interesting reading.

  22. Peter Dembitzer says:

    Simply Anton Marcus is in a league of his own as a jockey, and while he might not be the most naturally gifted, he makes very few mistakes.The best horse won in my opinion.

  23. Jay August says:

    I’ve had time to think about all the comments from others and some of the vitriol on the this matter and have come to the following conclusions.

    1. There are a substantial amount of racegoers who have seen what I saw watching the race live and in the many repeats afterwards. Perhaps the more dismissive can write that off as favourite watching, gambler’s woe or some other malady (preconception). Whatever it is there is clearly an issue here and one can decide for yourself whether the horse is off, or the jockey, or both. The stipes were correct to question this ride. In other jurisdictions where the standard is perhaps too strict I doubt very much that the jockey would have got away with a mere calling-in.
    2. I am not at all doubting the jockeys status as an elite rider but he does ride for a top stable so that is not surprising. However there have been enough incidents involving this jockey over a number of months and years to wonder if he sometimes has concentration breakdowns. Others have mentioned these so I will not repeat. I am not implying that he does not try on some horses as one or two people interpret. Rather he does appear to try too much on some occasions and that leads to panicky and incorrect decisions which one does not expect from an elite jockey.
    3. Do It Again ran a great race under the circumstances and I have not changed my view this is a top horse. He has acceleration that few horses in SA possess and showed it in snatches again on Saturday, but unfortunately not at the right time. My opinion is that the jockey used his stick and urging interchangeably at the wrong points and the horse became confused and unbalanced as a result. At no stage have I questioned the final result only the handling of the second horse. Rainbow Bridge won and that is final. I’m no jockey and have not sat on a horse since 2001 so in some eyes I don’t qualify to make such comments. However I watch other sports and have firm views on the outcomes and plays, without having been any good at them, and somehow do not have that shoved down my throat
    4. There is a snobbish tendency in SA amongst certain of the racing establishment which renders professional gamblers and lay punters as only a necessary evil to fund their activities, unless of course they buy into the club by racehorse ownership or direct sponsorship. This has many guises but generally amounts to a downplaying of any opposing or critical view as uninformed and not constructive. I make a living gambling and have done so for nearly a decade so while I do not have the horsey wherewithal that may be needed to join this fraternity, I think I do have enough knowledge of gambling/speculation and have laid out enough money over the years as a result. That entitles me to have a view and to be heard and not merely written off, as one “helpful” trainer called me, “a grandstand jockey”.
    5. There is no mob in racing as one commentator decided. Rather there are thousands of people all reaching a conclusion based on what they see and how they feel. That is how markets work. If the outcome is a mob-like-behaviour then so is the popularity of any brand. Strong opinions are what drive gambling. Without such opinions there simply would be no gambling and probably a very diminished horse racing industry. Rather than decrying “the mob” and its strong opinions perhaps they should be embraced as part of a healthy ecosystem.

  24. Joe says:

    Well said Jay August.
    There are truly some sanctimonious commentors on this site.

  25. Gee... says:

    So you are saying even if The jockey wins he rode a bad race…?? I see you did not mention the Kasimir win or the first race…..I presume it does not suit the narrative they are on a horse not inside a car……Lets go check all the other bad rides ? did you see Hewitson on Legal ?? all over the place…..The pacific trader run was awful ?? lets do the lot….or is it “lets bash Fourie” day just because you can…..How about New World beating Twist of Fate !!?? terrible ride by Twist ?? you see this can go on the whole day. This post is a hatchet job….thats all.

  26. Anthea says:

    Correct me if I am wrong did Fayd’Herbe not ride 1kg over weight on Rainbow Bridge in the Green Point Stakes? And why is it not showing in the form publications? Transparency is key, punters study form and these things are important not everyone remembered that why have a comment section. The computaform clearly is not indicating that overweight not even in the comment section.

  27. Graham. says:

    Its a mob,….this is hatchet job of the highest order….disgusting. The only sanctimonious comments I see here are the ones trying to destroy a jockey for a ride where he came second by 1/2 a length. How can anyone say the horse had a great race but the jockey didn’t ? that is a ridiculous statement to make. The mob mentality is what is going on world wide…..attack and destroy because you don’t like it no matter the facts…… i have been gambling for 40 years ! that does not make me an expert if anything the opposite…..should have retired by now. To bring up history Legislate went through an enquiry and was deemed the winner, the jockey was not sanctioned in any way…..Made to Conquer as were the other horse caught out by Prestage and his tactics. All the horses behind Milton did not run on….they were caught napping by a very fit horse. Well done. maybe you can find something during his apprentice days to shore up your argument. I am disgusted. To say there is a lot of incidents is a smear…??? show me this list ? that is just fake news to drive the narrative. You keep going Richard, I did not hear a thing when you won all the other grade 1’s recently and Saturday ….well done and see you in the winners box……..I banked DOI.

  28. Wayne Fouche says:

    In my humble opinion whichever way you look at it there is no way DIA could have beaten Rainbow Bridge on the day.

  29. Rian says:

    I agree 110 percent with what you have said Jay, but my what utter nonsense post was aimed at Karel comment
    So far its 24 for and 3 against
    What id like to know is if our Stipes share bad racing with their counterparts in Hong Kong , Australia, States England and the French to get their take on the controversial ride and vise versa
    The HRA were quick to respond to the M/R but were deafeningly silent on the Hong Kong debacle.

  30. Jay August says:

    Graham and Gee (perhaps you are the same person?!), you clearly inferred what you wanted from my comments and got inflamed. The result is a debris trail of words and scattered thoughts. People who see hatchet jobs and mob injustice are not measured in their views. You can have a completely wrong view (as you believe I have) but still make a semi-logical (which you believe I have not made) argument why you see things differently. If you want to have serious discussion then sound credible to start with. It helps if you stay calm.

  31. Jay August says:

    Rian, thanks but help me out on the Karel post. What was utter nonsense? This is not me being sarcastic just genuinely interested in your view.

  32. Graham. says:

    Name one ? your post directly challenges the integrity of the stipes and stewards because you did not agree with the outcome. the Nov run which was Made to Conquers first run since the July 4 months later….yes…unfit, thats exactly how my horse beat Carry on Alice at 20/1…no secret science or manipulation…..the best can be beaten on the day….this is what racing is all about !!! ask the owners of Rainbow Bridge…he has been fav the last few runs but I see no burning at the stake ? )……you are basically saying they are cheats because he did not get 12 lashes and a prison sentence when all the jockeys got caught out….I see there is an un named jockey as well weighing in……thats just great????( the same as CNN with “inside sources” cowardly )……what next i wonder while the witch-hunt is on………..Racing is snobbish but thats not a crime even in Aussie….this is all just hate baiting that you see every day on mainstream media because it did not go your way……..Fourie is world class and everything you think otherwise should stay private unless you have proof otherwise not your emotional responses because you are all pissed off. There are many things wrong with racing but Fourie is not one of them…..I hope you dont watch F1….. Vettel and Vestappen should stop racing according to the group think here because they make the odd mistake or the car fails….. Your superior morality on this seems to tell me where the sanctimony is on this ,matter…..WELL DONE TO RAINBOW BRIDGE AND MARCUS a well deserved victory that was touted months before…..See you in the winners enclosure Richard unless this lot get hold of you then it looks like trial by hatred….it seems it is personal. The Snaiths and the world class set up they have seem to think you are good enough as do the owners etc…..Ricard was suspended in July 2017 for 7 days……any other penalties against him since ? where is this litany of disaster that he is meant to be ?……2 incidents Legislate and made to conquer….he was exonerated on both….but not by you lot….nasty…….The last 50 yards of the Met tells me Rainbow is a huge runner in the July if he gets the draw…..Game on.

  33. Mark Donelly says:

    The better horse won on the day. I have had a bet on Rainbow Bridge from the 1st win. I was very disappointed the way the horse was ridden in the last 2 races by Bernard. I was extremely excited when Marcus was carded to ride. As good as DIA is on his day, the better horse won the Met. I knew that Rainbow Bridge would win the met in November already. I was hoping that I could get 8/1, lol, but no such luck. Cheers to DIA and Richard but salutes to Rainbow Bridge and Anton Marcus, master jockey.

  34. Rian says:

    Jay, if you read his last paragraph and it starts with, If you watch the replay without preconceived ideas
    what i thought he meant that they made the same progress up the straight and he started off 4 lengths behind him how did he manage to finish .75 L behind him
    Maybe im just reading it wrong
    Never been called part of a mob before

  35. Nish says:

    Don’t forget Fourie went on air stating categorically that do it again will win the met which influenced my decision to a greater extent & I would have expected a better run for my hard earned cash.
    There is something new I’ve noticed with his riding style. Many of the horses he rides are tucked in at the back of the field & he changes his whip numerous times especially when the horse seems balanced & is making a good run.

  36. Graham ( Gee ) says:

    Your whole premise is driven by your personal opinion on how the race the was run by Richard Fourie….simple. You have gone out of your way to make this perfectly clear….you have only based on your observation ( the same as everyone else ) on what you witnessed and have drawn a personal conclusion that basically says Richard did this through amateurish riding but the horse was great ???!!! he said he was struggling with DOI which I mentioned I saw but that fact seems to elude you ( inconvenient truth ). To bring up previous incidents of which he was exonerated is exactly what is happening in mainstream today….its a hatchet job……simple. Semi logical ? lets keep this simple…Do it Again had a rough day but still showed his class in the end. Richard rode 3 winners on the day but it seems not even they were good enough for some……Marcus and faydeHerbe had 3 as well……thats good company to be in……Your premise is to slag off Richard….thats all you have done…..your long post is just very long way of trying to do this, you want to see a flogging.
    I have watched the race as I do with them all again and again with my brace buddies ( from all walks of life )and for the life of me I cannot see how you know he used the persuader so many times ( except round the back when he was pushing DOI I watched it becasue he was horse alone ) Do it again was hanging in the end so would have been needed….A horse hanging normally means it is tired, it was a hard race for both of them.
    Patronising me by telling me stay calm which i am means you dont see yourself and how your stance comes across. I do not want a serious discussion with you because there is no need for one. You just need to be told that you are doing a hatchet job under the guise of being a punter for a few years…..thats all it is…..half a length more and he is hero but that half a length has turned him into a criminal according to what I have seen here. Rainbow would have won any day of the week, his gear change was faster…..looks like the `July winner unless De Kock has something ……I had DOI into lots of doubles and trebles…..tough result.

  37. Graham. says:

    Thats exactly what I saw…its why i am not worried about how DOI ran even though he was a struggle all through the race for Richard that last 100 said it all….Rainbow for the July with DOI right there unless De Kock does his usual trick…

  38. Graham. says:

    Well you have now….a leaderless crowd baying for blood whatever the facts ……go read your post on how you want everyone hauled in for an inquiry….starter ? groom ? handler / trainer / bus driver who else would you like. `Feeling sorry for the owners of DOI ? he is the July champ, the Queens plate champ ( well done to Richard, second run after a race over 1600 ) and he nearly pulled off the `green point after a 4 moth lay off…..and second in the MET against the original favourite…..are you not seeing this, this whole thing has been blown out of proportion. I had a ton of doubles and trebles on DOI and it was disappointing but what a fantastic race by the original favourite and world class jockey…….I know who will win the July unless De Kock has anything to say……( what is 24 and 3 against ? is that a poll you are doing so the consensus wins ? not the facts, thats the definition of a mob. The facts are the stipes addressed this issue and its done with, the fact they called in Richard is a good thing as DOI looked in trouble halfway round and being the fav it was the right thing to do, facts not emotions that why the Stipes were ok with it all, unless you think some other way ?. I have proposed before that all favourites should be interviewed after a race whatever the result in all races.

  39. Graham. says:

    Complete agree…the only reason I went off RB and onto DOI was because of the QP run. well done, Marcus was the difference for RB. I went with the proven horse in features……damn it all…..watch De Kock in the July but RB looks like a real champ ( DOI already is )..

  40. Jay August says:

    Ok Rian, got it. Karel’s statement today is more to the point, so I will read what he has to say in the Digest.

    Yep, it is quite funny that someone who writes in such an incoherent and emotional manner should call anyone part of a mob.

  41. Rian says:

    Graham, you should calm down or you obviously enjoying a few drinks when you bring up CNN , Hate baiting, Ausies etc etc etc
    We are not a Mob for crumbs sake but we are stating facts on what we have seen and we are certainly not hanging anyone out to dry
    Well said Nish , he did say nothing can beat his horse at the weights

  42. Prasheen harrimohan says:

    Let’s not forget how many races Fourie won on the day. Stop being such Hippocrates because if it was Marcus or delpech whom bushed the favourite there would not have been such a fuss. Richard is a top jock and his win in the qp was not so talked about as much as his loss in sun met. He is still a young rider and has achieved much more that the veteran jockeys have at his age. In years to come he will be a legend.well done Fourie and long may ur success continue. PS ur win in the 11 race was ride of the day for me

  43. Jay August says:

    Graham (Gee) let me state the following;

    1) Richard Fourie is beyond doubt the greatest jockey in SA by far. His record of achievement is beyond reproach and any statements made against his riding ability are clearly false and can never be true. No other jockey would have got a rank DIA to run as close as he did on Saturday.

    2) You are the most erudite. lucid. logical and sane commenter on racing in South Africa by far. Your utterances are gospel and anything to the contrary emanates from heretics and lunatics.

    3) This is held to be absolute, undeniable and universal.

    So be it!

  44. alan says:

    mr fourie ride was not of a high quality. i have noticed that most horses run around with him. my belief is that this is caused by him using his stick in his left hand. only the great garth puller could use the whip in his left hand and the horses would run as straight as a arrow. i would like to hear what mr snaith has to say about this display of riding in the met of all races. i would like to know why he chose to go up the rail and not down the stand side rail like anton did. the going looked better there the whole day. surely a professional jockey would follow the main danger being rainbow bridge. nowthe horse gets blamed for not travelling well. mr fourie just admit you really did not shine

  45. Graham says:

    Kasimir won on the inside ?

    1. Editor says:

      Sprint track

  46. Graham. says:

    You are not stating facts or we would be on the same page, it is your own subjective assessment and that is what I am challenging along with the others…..I for one disagree with the consensus and have discussed at length the whole race with life long friends as we usually do… Legal Eagle went via Sea point to get to the finish ( champ jock as well ) that cost me a huge quartet ( as many others I am sure ). I saw DOI being ridden after the first few hundred yards ( after watching many years of US racing, the camera work is great and only following favourites you get skilled at seeing if a horse has it or not ( we all do but you have to be objective ), how a jockey is reacting and the general set up of the race…DOI was struggling, he never looked settled but the gap was on the inside and that was the way to go and off they went ( Kasimir won going away on the inside ) Richard was working hard all was in place then DOI hung to the right even with the persuader on the right side thats where the race was lost, he straightened but too late….. Lafferty mentioned he was maybe looking for company, thats a fair point, all the horses were on the right of the track and DOI straightened the moment he was next to HH and Richard could push on with persuader in the other hand ( worried about hanging again ?)…………well done for second…….Richard certainly has his own style and that has given him 3 grade 1’s in 3 weeks., oh yes I don’t drink, I dont understand that remark ? I am pissed off because I see a mob mentality for one ride and thats wrong…( .just one goat the saying goes ) the event has been distorted to suit a narrative, RF as a jockey needs to be questioned…..? I am looking at group think on this as my crowd of horse friends see the Fourie ride differently after discussion and studying a few times, we try to be objective not subjective or you dont see things clearly ( there were some angry voices to start with accepted ). The one thing agreed upon is DOI did not travel well round the back…..the observations bare out, no animosity even though we lost money. Richard did his best but Marcus and Rainbow Bridge are worthy Champs, the extra 4 lengths proved the difference coming round the top and I dont think DOI would have caught RB any way ( but thats subjective not fact bring on the July…)The shine of the Met has been diminished not because RF had a perceived bad ride but because people want retribution for that perception ( the posts are ugly reading )…..suspend him ? ( for what ? ) Another inquiry ? ( why ? ) Question his ability even though he has multiple grade 1 wins ?…..what would you like to see, an admission of guilt to confirm exactly what you saw ? so you are vindicated…..DOI, lost he tried but not his day……simple. The only reason I went off RB and onto DOI was the QP run……i got it wrong, we never learn but i was happy with my choice.( thanks for the praise by the way but Richard is not that good, I am defending the ride, not him ).

  47. Mr Editor, without having knowledge of the split times, I’d like to put my head on a block and say that visually, I thought the first 1000m was run at a more that decent pace, possibly a solid to hard pace.

    Whether within the first 1000m, the sectionals were run evenly, I wouldn’t want to speculate … I am looking forward to the “hard facts”

    Additionally I thought, other than Head Honcho, many of the other horses were running out of puff in the last 500m..

  48. Graham. says:

    oops…..One World, Nexus….. I was looking for a Fourie ride and the fact that the going was fine everywhere……..it seems the outside was being favoured but there was no reason for this, the best horse won wherever they were…

  49. Sean says:

    I am not blaming anybody as this is racing and in fairness to Rainbow Bridge, he pulled and was taken wide in the G/Point stakes (difficult ride) and flew up…on another day may have won and the next race he was flat. These things happen. However, I would like to express my difficulty in understanding the comments around Made to Conquer, Graham. “the Nov run which was Made to Conquers first run since the July 4 months later….yes…unfit”. This is where I am confused, as he was potentially a Summer Cup runner (Vodacom Durban July second-placed Made To Conquer is one of two horses who have been supplemented into the Summer Cup). It was my understanding and maybe incorrectly that he was not unfit, as that race was scheduled for the 1st December 2018. This is where I do have an issue because it seems “cloudy” to say the least!

  50. Margret Bruce says:

    Thank you Graham. And Alan just so you know Richard IS left handed

  51. No one seems to mention the Proximity of the 3rd Head Honcho a 5yo, so has no secrets, rated 114: to the winner and second rated 119 and 125. personally I think Do it again is a Genuine 130+ And probably south Africas best for some time. it has to be the pace of the race. undrcover agent finished 4th betean just over 2 Lenght. he seemed not to stay the 1600 in the Queens vase. but seemed perfectly well here over an extra 400mtres. Double mint 104 finished in front of OH Susanah 121. pretty impossibble on any Day. I just think a lot of jockeys just let Head Honcho Dictate the pace and left him alone. something this Teainer has done before Tactically. so all of those behind contributed to this race Result. the second had to be Under par however. even allowing for Riding. maybe something will turn up in his blood or he was feeling something why he hung possibly in the straight. if it does turn out like this then he must be a super star and id rather guess that would be the reason. Rember RFourie comments after QV. nothing will beat DIA not this season at least. his quote un quote. Rainbow Bridge by IDEAL WORLD (USA) won and not forgotton. A horse who has Improved out of all recognition 2018/19. Lets hope the real Do it Again Turns up next day. Possibly one who could win big prizes Internaionally.

  52. Geoff Clark says:

    Terrible ride caused by over confidence and then panic.

  53. Jay August says:

    flatracingguruuk – many have noticed the proximity of HH but discussed it in the article on the handicappers assessment of the Met result. See that article as it is a better avenue for that comment.

  54. ROBOCOP says:

    dear margret i know you know he is left handed as you are his mother. my comment was that he could not use his stick as well in his left hand. i am not trashing your son but hoping he will maybe try riding more with his stick in his right hand where he looks far more comfortable. his wife as you are aware is related to the best left handed(with a whip) jockey ever produced in south africa. maybe she can ask her uncle garth puller to help mr fourie

  55. Richard Fourie is one of the best jockeys in this country and his win ratio on fancied horses or money horse are also of the best, top sporting professionals often have off days and I’m my opinion this was just one of his off days…..

    If you want to see and talk about a shocking ride go back and look at Craig Zackeys ride on Vardy……how he was not questioned by the stipes and subsequently suspended is beyond me.

  56. Cecil Pienaar says:

    Well, it seems us punters, happy or not, look fwd to the next race where these 2 champions will meet again. My opinion, Rainbow Bridge won the Big One that so many predicted and wanted including a change of Jockey. Off course we all entitled to our opinions, but it feels shine is taken off an excellent victory by the RB team. Imagine if Head Honcho had hung onto win. This forum would have crashed the Internet…

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