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Met Meeting – Information Breakdown

Phumelela failed contractual obligations

The Hong Kong Jockey Club will refund punters who placed bets on four horses during Saturday’s South African simulcast after its contract partner failed to provide information about jockey substitutes before the start of the races.

The South China Morning Post reports that the issue was created when jockey Donovan Dillon became indisposed after the opening race of the simulcast and needed to be replaced for the remainder of The Met meeting at Kenilworth.

However, in four of those races, the Jockey Club said Phumelela Gaming and Leisure Limited “failed its contractual obligation to inform it of the jockey substitutions”.

The four horses concerned are:

S1-2: “11 Sherwood Forest” replacement jockey Sean Veale

S1-4: “20 Helen’s Ideal” replacement jockey S’manga Khumalo

S1-5: “5 Rose In Bloom” replacement jockey Keagan De Melo

S1-7: “7 Benjan” replacement jockey Anthony Andrews

“[The Jockey Club] only received notifications of the concerned jockey substitutions from Phumelela after the completion of those races and after the payout process,” the Jockey Club said.

“Subsequently, it took immediate actions to update the jockey information across all channels. The horses concerned did not finish in the top four of those races.

“We take this incident seriously and have demanded an explanation from Phumelela.

“According to the Horse Race Betting Rules, all confirmed results and dividends remain unchanged. “However, after considering the interests of customers, we have decided to make a discretionary refund.”

Punters who invested on any of those horses in single and all-up pools for win, place, quinella, quinella place, trio, tierce, first four and quartet, double trio or treble are eligible to get their money back.

For those who placed the bets using their account, they will be refunded automatically.

Refunds on cash bets can be done manually from midday on Monday in off-course betting branches Lost tickets can also be claimed in those shops within seven days.

“Accurate and timely delivery of wagering related information is a core value of the club’s simulcast and betting protocol,” the Jockey Club said.

“The club will always act responsibly to ensure that these values are not violated and the customer’s interests are served and protected.”


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14 comments on “Met Meeting – Information Breakdown

  1. doug hare says:

    Seems a rather drastic reaction for refunds of all bet types..Especially on the trifecta etc.

  2. Ian Jayes says:

    Phumelela truly runs a shabby operation.

  3. Rian says:

    What a disgrace , who ultimately in CHARGE

  4. Tony Mincione says:


    More than anything else, this highlights how shamefully the racing industry has treated their customers, the punters.

    For years now, on every platform, customers have been complaining that they are taken for granted, ignored and plain abused by the high handed attitude of the paid professionals in the industry. Incidents are ignored, swept under the carpet or treated with a casualness that customers often felt could only be perpetrated by a monopoly. No one cares about false rails, have the starting gates moved, what is the penetrometer reading today?

    The immediate and drastic action (by our standards) of the HK Jockey Club is a smack across the SA face with a wet fish. But South African punters should be crowing “We told you so!” as loudly as they can.

    This is the first time that the abuse dished out to the customers with regards to the real importance of information to the racing gambling public by the operators has been verified from outside. It’s especially on point that the statement issued loud and clear comes from the very people who set the gold standard in horse racing.

    Loud and clear, it’s important and you can’t cover it up, and we have to give the money back.

    The operators must be wondering what precedent has just been set. If this is the proper reaction for when you forgot to update the jockey changes, what about all the other shit we pull here? It looks like it’s time to get permanent “Refund” terminals ready.

  5. Jay August says:

    I am tired moaning about this but let me just note three issues I have with Phumelela right now;

    1) Since Jan 1 I am unable to log into my Computaform account unless I change my password every single time. I’ve been backwards and forwards with support for nearly a month now on this issue and it is still unresolved.

    2) There was a press release last week about sectional data on Teletrack. I cannot find such data and my two queries to support have to date been met with silence.

    3) Saturday night viewing on TT is a mission in frustration. This past Saturday they as usual were broadcasting the Gulfstream races which were highlighted by the Pegasus Turf and Classic punctuating that meeting. As now seems customary for TT they stopped the GS broadcast before these two races were run and instead showed repeats from the Met and the HK preview. In early December they chose to show a maiden race from some obscure track instead of the Remsen Stakes at Aqueduct. Running in the Remsen was one of the favoured horses for the Kentucky Derby. Do the people who decide on this actually know anything about horse racing?

  6. Roderick Mattheyse says:

    Black or White, no grey area when it comes to punters – no surprise their pools are so big then – punters trust they will be treated correctly.

    Interesting question will the operators have the courage to recalculate pools /payouts and pay out the higher dividend if that turns out to be the case.

    A bad day at Black Rock just got a little worse – nice baptism of fire for Rob Scott

  7. Beach Boy says:

    it is a brillant decision from the HKJC. they rake in billions every year from betting. The amounts on SA racing will have been paltry in comparison. However, this allows them to send a message, at a relatively low cost to them, to their punters that they have their clients’ best interests at heart, that they will go the extra mile and it is great PR / marketing. At the same time, it sends a message to the SA authorities that they should stop making such silly mistakes (and that their mistake has cost their partner).

    HK is the best betting jurisdiction in the world and SA are very lucky to have them participating. It is flabbergasting that they have not put a huge team on this collaboration to ensure everything goes smoothly. If they have any sense, they should formally and publicly apologise to HK and offer to cover the refunds. HK commingling is the future and having HK participate in your pools is a signal to the entire world that you have great racing which is worth participating in.

  8. Andre says:

    Well Done.. Hong Kong Jockey Club.. That’s how well they take care of their customers and you can be sure that the goodwill they derive from such a decision is immense. We have a lot to learn in this country about professionalism in this country. Changes in jockeys should always factor into your play and it does not matter what bet is struck. Nothing drastic about their decision to refund just looking after their punters so they will be back.

  9. Pieta says:

    What a disgrace for P. HKG pride themselves how they look after their income…their punters…..but hey they also understand Africa and what you have to live with…..not sure they will be involved in future…..or maybe there is an opportunity for them to get involved and run it properly? They seem to have the expertise that is recognized worldwide.
    Huge opportunity missed by P due to incompetence.Sad man….

  10. Can the powers that be please turn up the volume on all broadcasting via tv so as to be in sync with all other channels??

  11. Casey Clarke says:

    Still 3rd world!

  12. Jonathan Shaw says:

    The Commentator was too lazy to name the riders of the horses as they cantered down and in one instance could not get 2 time champion jockey Smanga Khumalo’s name right

  13. Jonathan Shaw says:

    Sound system was a disgrace

    1. Editor says:

      Sounds like you had a great time Jonathan!

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