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Yeni Gets 7 Days

Has right of appeal against the finding and the penalty

The National Horseracing Authority confirms that at an inquiry held in Port Elizabeth on 2 January 2019, Jockey Muzi Yeni was charged with a contravention of Rule 62.2.7.

This arose in that as the rider of KLEVER KATHY he failed to ensure that he did not cause interference to MARCH MUSIC, passing the 1000m in Race 4 at Fairview Racecourse on 14 December 2018.

Jockey Yeni pleaded not guilty to the charge.

The Inquiry Board found Jockey Yeni guilty of the charge and imposed a penalty of a suspension from riding in races for a period of 7 days.

Jockey Yeni has the right of appeal against the finding and the penalty imposed.

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4 comments on “Yeni Gets 7 Days

  1. Sean says:

    And on Monday the last race at the Vaal Race 8, Jolly Josephine onto African Daisy…

  2. Kobus says:

    This act of jockeys , is a futher enhachment of my opinion that the results of a horse race is in fact not the hose’s ability , but certain people that determine the results.

  3. Brian says:

    Then there’s only one option for you Kobus, leave the game alone. how does the fact that he is found guilty of causing interference prove your point at all. I watch racing seven days a week. I watch Muzi Yeni seven days a week. He gives 110% on every ride he takes. He tries his damndest to get his mount to win. He is competitive to the highest degree that’s why he got bust and do you know the exact specifics of the hearing? No, you don’t!

    How is it the champion Jockey’s get the best out of their mounts? I’ll tell you! I don’t know! I’ve never been a jockey. Have you?

    This act of Jockeys? What act? He was trying to win!

  4. JohnnyG says:

    Brian sorry to say but Kobus has no idea of racing and he should rather take up sweing or gardening but leave horse racing alone . Kabus if your mind is bemt that you think races are fixed and people can determine the results my friend you have no future in this beautiful sport .

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