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Sun Met – 22 Remain In Contention

Buffalo Bill Cody is out

Twenty two entrants have stood their ground at weight publication stage on Monday for the R5 million Gr1 Sun Met to be run at Kenilworth on 26 January.

(Pic – Chase Liebenberg Photography)

Tap O’Noth – still in the running (Pic – Chase Liebenberg Photography)

A maximum field size of 20 is permitted.
The final declarations are due at 11h00 on Monday 14 January.The final field will be announced on the same day.
The Barrier Draws function will coincide with the SA Hall Of Fame announcement on Wednesday 16 January.
0 Legal Eagle (7G) 60 121 AT Sean Tarry
0 Head Honcho (5G) 60 114 AT Andre Nel
0 Elusive Silva (6G) 60 109 A Justin Snaith
0 Hat Puntano (ARG) (5H) 60 109 A Joey Ramsden
0 It’s My Turn (6G) 60 108 A Dean Kannemeyer
0 Made To Conquer Accepted (5G) 60 108 A Justin Snaith
0 Milton (7G) 60 108 A Bill Prestage
0 Kampala Campari (5G) 60 107 A Andre Nel
0 Platinum Prince (5G) 60 101 BA Justin Snaith
0 Do It Again Accepted (4G) 59.5 125 A Justin Snaith
0 Undercover Agent (4C) 59.5 120 A Brett Crawford
0 Rainbow Bridge (4G) 59.5 119 A Eric Sands
0 Tap O’ Noth (4C) 59.5 112 BA Vaughan Marshall
0 Eyes Wide Open (4C) 59.5 111 A Glen Kotzen
0 Doublemint (4C) 59.5 104 A Justin Snaith
0 Like A Panther Scratched (4C) 59.5 102 A Mike de Kock
0 Noble Secret (4G) 59.5 102 A Mike de Kock
0 Rocket Countdown Scratched (4G) 59.5 102 A Candice Bass-Robinson
0 Infamous Fox (AUS) (4G) 59.5 101 A Candice Dawson
0 Buffalo Bill Cody (IRE) Scratched (4C) 58.5 108 A Mike de Kock
0 Cascapedia (IRE) Scratched (5M) 57.5 110 BA Mike de Kock
0 Sabina’s Dynasty (5M) 57.5 106 A Paul Peter
0 Love To Boogie Scratched (5M) 57.5 103 BA Andre Nel
0 Fort Ember (6M) 57.5 98 A Paul Peter
0 Oh Susanna (AUS) Accepted (4F) 57 121 A Justin Snaith
0 Lady In Black (4F) 57 117 A Dennis Drier
0 Takingthepeace Scratched (4F) 57 105 A Mike de Kock
0 Hashtagyolo (4F) 57 101 A Dean Kannemeyer
0 Hawwaam Scratched (3C) 54 112 A Mike de Kock

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24 comments on “Sun Met – 22 Remain In Contention

  1. Ronny says:

    Its time for Legal Eagle to be scratched and be retired . He has been one the best horses we have seen in the past 10yrs. He has failed to win the Met for the past 2yrs and the last time he ran over 2000M he faded badly.

    1. Editor says:

      Sean Tarry not qualified to make the call, Ronny?

  2. Joshua says:

    Ronnie, so why don’t you take out a trainers license?

  3. Bronson says:

    Ronny, if he has been one of the best horses we have ever seen in the past 10 years why should he be scratched and retired? Your comment is pointless. Don’t forget that he won the derby (2400M) as an early 3yo.

  4. Harold says:

    Snaith Racing may saddle the Trifecta with RB making up the Quartet

  5. Swift and Bold says:

    Ronnie, I don’t think you know which way a horse kicks. What a simple remark.

  6. Navin says:

    Do not ridicule Ronnie. If Legal cannot win over 1600 at wfa , his best distance, forgetting that he cannot run a drum….Surely but surely, father time has caught up ? Please do not embarrass a true champion.

  7. Joe Jackson says:

    And the de Kock “champions”/”superstars” are nowhere to be seen.

  8. lazarus says:

    Every one is forgetting that the champ is still kicking!!!!!!! Its sad that people want to ” discard” the Eagle . His age should not be cos for retirement cos he has still got it and giving these younger guys a run for the money. With the Eagle in any race you are sure to see one hell of a finish cos he’ll make them all work for a win!! Win or place! My money is on the Eagle!!!! I recently read of a horse that raced at clairwood race course and now races abroad i think in asia and if i remember correct the horse is 10 years old , still racing and currently on a winning streak of about 4 or 5 races and still going . Maybe we have seen the best of the Eagle or maybe his best is yet to come !!!!! We should leave that to horse and trainer. Come sun met day i will be shouting for Legle Eagle!!!!!!!

  9. hilton witz says:

    Legal eagle has had 3 runs as a 7yo winning an 1160m pinnacle then the green point stakes and then 4th in the queens plate so tell me ronny if legal eagle should be retired then what should the horses who ran behind him be doing?mr tarry should get an award for the training job he has done with legal eagle .

  10. Brian says:

    Gee! Ronnie is entitled to his opinion. What he points out is quite correct. And yes Ed, Sean Tarry certainly knows better, but on the balance of probabilities, it doesn’t look good for Legal Eagle.

    To retire him?

    Well, again, Sean Tarry knows better. What he will also know, which we certainly don’t, is why he ran below par, but, by no means disgraced.

  11. Mac Naidoo says:

    Legal Eagle has earned his place in the Met let this true champion do his bit. Being 7 gives him a great chance to win this prestigious event.. Don’t write him off yet

  12. Empress club baby says:

    You guys are discussing a past champion. Also when was the last time or did legal eagle ever win a grade one past the 1600m mark. He represented well his connections but this is the new Era. Can do it again be beaten. Looks difficult. Maybe the sexy lady oh susana can do it but Fourie can’t sit on both athletes. So who is gonna ride who. Marcus on do it again or vice versa. Legal eagle is just in it for a pay chequered. Not for the win.


    Hashtagyolo – MR 101 with 57kg – poor girl gets 2.5 kgs from Do it Again.

    Do it Again did win the July and the Queens Plate, didn’t he ?

    She is the last on a list of 22 left, in formerly our proudest Handicap race in SA other than the July.

    What a marvelous state of affairs

    1. karel says:

      The Met never was a handicap, but a conditions race, which favoured bridesmaids on many occasions.
      It had an undeserved reputation for greatness, just like the July.
      The best horse (ie the horse with the highest post-race performance rating) almost never won.
      Bit like the Melbourne Cup.
      Now at last the Met is weight for age, like the Queen’s Plate.
      You know what you’re in for when you enter.

  14. Pops says:

    This is from Sportingpost 2013 or 2014 under the headline, The J & B Met—The Cape’s most famous horse race
    While the J&B Met retained its status as one of the big three, it had begun to lose its sparkle with the HANDICAP conditions and large fields resulting inevitably in a few good horses competing against numbers of opponents not blessed with the same degree of ability.

    Visiting trainers began to baulk including the legendary Sydney Laird and it was time for an in-depth look at the race and its future. In 1973 it was changed to a conditions race – weight-for-age plus penalties – and it drew a deep new breath on which to build for the future.
    So was the Met a handicap pre 1973?

    1. karel says:

      It must have been pre-73… I bow to superior knowledge!


    The Metropolitan Stakes then…apologies.

    Where winners carried 50.5kgs.

    Terrible thing the Met now being WFA, how boring.

    1. karel says:

      A bit of nostalgia (check the weights of the winners)

      date horse age sex MR mass
      27/01/1996 La Fabulous 4 c 0 53.5
      01/02/1997 London News 4 c 0 57
      31/01/1998 Imperious Sue 5 f 0 51.5
      06/02/1999 Horse Chestnut 3 c 0 51
      29/01/2000 Badger’s Coast 3 c 0 51
      03/02/2001 Bunter Barlow 4 c 102 53
      02/02/2002 Polo Classic 5 c 106 53
      01/02/2003 Angus 5 c 106 53
      03/04/2004 Yard-Arm 4 c 114 57
      29/01/2005 Alastor 6 c 102 55
      28/01/2006 Zebra Crossing 4 c 99 53.5
      27/01/2007 Pocket Power 4 c 112 53
      26/01/2008 Pocket Power 5 c 116 58
      31/01/2009 Pocket Power 6 c 120 58
      30/01/2010 River Jetez 6 f 104 53.5
      29/01/2011 Past Master 4 c 114 57.5
      28/01/2012 Igugu 4 f 117 57
      02/02/2013 Martial Eagle 7 c 112 58
      01/02/2014 Hill Fifty Four 5 c 110 58
      31/01/2015 Futura 4 c 116 60
      30/01/2016 Smart Call 4 f 112 57
      28/01/2017 Whisky Baron 4 c 110 57.5
      27/01/2018 Oh Susanna 3 f 108 51.5

  16. Swift and Bold says:

    Five years of enjoyment Legal Eagle gave the public, bringing the crowds back to the coarse, he ran one under par race now retire him. Seams a bit harsh.

    I’m sure the new owner/owners never bought Legal Eagle to retire him after one under par run. At least give the owners a chance to enjoy his racing career.

    Wherever he runs in the met he deserves the run.

    Sean Tarry knows what his doing he’ll still win another grade 1 race at Turffontein Don’t forget Sean Tarry raced Sorevof until 10 or 11.

    The champ will be back.


    You should check the winners weights in the 40’s, 50’s and 60’s – 49kgs.

    Here’s one 1940 – First was Ming 4yo – 6 stone 9 pounds = 42.5kg .Third was Turbulent 59kg

    Another one – 1950 – 1st Sostrum 5yo = 7st 5 pound (47kgs). Third was Straight Play carrying 59kg

    Lastly 1944 – Zamora – 5 yo – won carrying 10 stone 7 pounds = 66.5 kgs – Silver Button ran second carrying 47 kgs

  18. Rod Mattheyse says:

    Zebra Crossing, when one looks at ratings and weights it clearly looks like a well hatched plan by the Bruss’s.

    2002 Met is still my Favourite race day of all time. Was
    Fortunate to lead in the winner of the race before the met also ridden by Barend Vorster. It was a B division over the met distance of 2000m. We got a trophy for a B Division and it was a burden well worth carrying through all the various after parties.

    The peasants partied like kings.

  19. anand says:

    The tone of Ronnys comment was a simple expression of an individual’s opinion…no malice detected. Editor, Joshua and Swift and Bold however, being sarcastic is never good debate. You all are entitled to disagree with him…in a gentlemanly, sporting manner

  20. Michael Jacobs says:

    There is no reason to retire Legal Eagle unless the horse is unsound. He is a gelding, he only races a few times a year, he is well prepared for races over his optimal distances and most important he is always at the business end of the races he competes in. So he clearly enjoys his racing. In England horses are still racing at 9 and 10, but in SA we want to retire horses at 6! The only barometer should be the wellbeing if the horse.

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