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Turffontein Saturday – The Official Photo

Stipes overrule Judge

The National Horseracing Authority of South Africa has provided us with the official photo-finish of the sixth race run at Turffontein last Saturday after requests from our readers.

We reported over the weekend that in an unusual deviation from normal process, the Turffontein Judge’s ‘final’ decision was overturned by the Stipendiary Stewards after the running of the sixth race on Saturday.

Read the background here

We thank the NHA for providing us with the photo.

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10 comments on “Turffontein Saturday – The Official Photo

  1. LG says:

    It was a dead heat. The judges were correct.

  2. Pops says:

    Remember the 2000 July when Young Rake ‘dead heated’ with El Picha. The judge took 20 minutes checking the photo then announced El Picha as the outright winner After that we were told that with the new equipment being used to check photo finishers the days of dead heats was over as,,”horses can now be seperated by the width of a cigarette paper”
    And then came many dead heats.

  3. Brian says:

    Heck! In 1988 I watched as they posted the photo on the board for all to see. It was decided by the proverbial whisker and the photo proved it. 31 years later and that’s what they show?

    Oh I ‘d forgotten. Who the heck does the punter think he is!

  4. Kenny says:

    The judge was correct!

  5. The Dark Duke says:

    Perhaps it would be good to get the official line here from the NHA? Why do we have a judge if he can be overruled by stipes? It would also be interesting to know why the interference in the result took place?

  6. Cliff says:

    Judge was right

  7. Gavin Langeveldt says:

    Definitely not a dead heat.
    The bay gets 2nd by a proverbial whisker.

  8. Swift And Bold. says:

    The guys that say the judge is right about the photo they need classes. A blind man can see the horse in the white colours
    ( Corridor) got 2nd place.

    Open your screen and get a bigger image of the two lines the 2nd horses. ( Corridor) nose on screen you can easily see that the horse in the white colours (Corridor) got 2nd place. His nose is touching the front line, the horse in the green and black checks his nose is on the second line. Its self explanatory.

    It’s very easy to see that the judge got this one wrong.

    Kudos to the stripes that opened there eyes.

  9. Swift And Bold. says:

    To The Dark Duke.

    The line in the photo is the official line be it from the judge or the NHA Thats the official line. The judge sends the photo with immediate effect to the NHA via an air pipe.

    The stripes has the right to over rule the judge if he makes a mistake. That’s the reason they overruled the judge because of the mistake.

    What was interesting about that over ruling within second after the result was given they corrected the mistake.

    Not every day the stripes get it right be happy when the do get it right.

  10. Wayne Fouche says:

    Quite right – there is no doubt that the bay (in white on the inside) gets 2nd place.

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