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Form Guide Scales Paper Quality Down

Digital age edges ever closer

Punters will have noticed that the ComputaForm is now printed on what is called 48.8gsm Newsprint paper while previously it was printed on 70gsm Bond paper.

The change in paper quality has been necessitated due to the high costs of printing on 70gsm Bond paper.

Rob Scott – simple choices

“We really were faced with a simple choice,” said Rob Scott, Betting Executive at Phumelela.

“We could either downscale on the quality of paper used in the printing of Computaform, or we could slap the punter with what I consider a hefty price increase. I’m sure that the punters who use the ComputaForm to study form will be relieved with the decision we have made.”

According to Scott, ComputaForm is still available online at a fraction of the retail price of the printed book.

“We live in a world where everything is moving to digital,” said Scott.

The day might come when we will have to reconsider printing ComputaForm on paper altogether and making it available online only.

“For the time being though, we have decided to maintain the printed version, but on newsprint.”

While a printed copy of ComputaForm for one race meeting costs R40, online subscribers who get the online version only pay R100 for a month’s subscription, covering approximately 32 books at around R3.12 per book.

Online subscribers can get a full year’s online books for only R600. This subscription covers well over 400 books at around R1.44 per book.

Buying a printed copy of every ComputaForm book, will cost punters more than R16,000 annually.

  • Press release published by Phumelela Gaming & Leisure

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5 comments on “Form Guide Scales Paper Quality Down

  1. Michael Jacobs says:

    The Sporting Post is by far the best racing publication in South Africa. The Computaform has got nothing on the SP! The SP has got the best breeding information, comments, pace assessment, Ability ratings and handicap ratings compared to any form publication in SA

    The Computaform can be printed on toilet paper for all I care.

  2. Dean Demont says:

    Absolute disgrace that the quality of paper has come to this. Instead of taking a poll to decide, cheaper paper or price increase. A person simply cannot race without a Computaform, therefore a professional punter and form studier will pay top dollar.. it was shoddy at times previously, now its like single ply toilet paper one would find at a government hospital . Third biggest tax revenue in the country, and the powers that be are making sure, they turn the lifeblood of the sport away, by shocking decisions all round, and now we are forced to pay R40 for …. a sheet of toilet paper. Only way to get racing on track in this country , is to boycott certain things.

  3. Wayne Fouche says:

    Hi Dean – why do you not simply buy your Computaform online? Much cheaper and you can print it on paper of your choice including toilet paper although you would probably need to purchase a newly styled printer….

  4. Dean Demont says:

    Lol… Wayne, i never thought of that .

  5. steve akunor says:

    What a fantastic ride by mr.Lyle Hewitson on Anneka at Turffontein today awesome ride to place second Fantastic

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