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When A Thrill Costs A Few Rand

Stipes don't get caught up in the excitement

Jockey Aldo Domeyer’s crowd pleasing salute of pure ecstasy as he approached the winning line to win the Gr1 Majorca Stakes on the exciting 3yo Clouds Unfold on Sun Met Day has cost him a portion of his ‘match fee’.

SP photographer Chase Liebenberg caught Aldo Domeyer in the proverbial act as Clouds Unfold stormed to victory!

In the latest calendar issued by the National Horseracing Authority of South Africa, it is reported that Domeyer was fined R3000 for a contravention of Rule 62.2.10, in that whilst riding Clouds Unfold  he saluted in a celebratory gesture prior to the finish line.

He was fined R3000.

The winner’s cheque for the prestigious fillies and mares contest was a gross R625 000, and with the jock’s cut amounting to around 10%, the salute would have probably been considered worthwhile in hindsight  – even after tax – given the memorable pic to show his Grandkids one day.

Read the full calendar – click here

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24 comments on “When A Thrill Costs A Few Rand

  1. Intergoal says:

    The highlight of the day, created a great buzz in the crowd, we need more of this not senseless fines. It’s supposed to be fun, no wonder this sport is disappearing up its own backside.


    What a scandal …Oh, this is the end of the world. Such a rude sign to make to the crowd !

  3. jc lee ching says:

    Keep to the rules and salute AFTER the winning line and everybody will be happy, dead simple

  4. Brian says:

    Dear Stipes, I know you can’t bet and you’re not supposed to enjoy the sport, BUT, we do.
    So, if you don’t mind, stop being spoil sports.You remind me of a guy I knew when I was 19. When his team started to lose at soccer he took his ball home in a huff.
    I loved Aldo’s “celebratory gesture”.
    Apart from the rule being stupid and not conducive to promoting the sport, so was the fine.

    Now come little boy Stipes, bring the ball back!

  5. Cecil Pienaar says:

    LoL, yes William, and true Brian.

    Where does the R3000 go?

  6. Ian Jayes says:

    The Rules are clear, a horse must be ridden out to past the post. All this saluting is a load of rubbish anyway, the horses win the races, not the jockeys.

  7. karel says:

    Compare Mr Domeyer’s salute to the Met winning jockey. That says it all in terms of professionalism.

  8. Joe says:

    Hear, hear.
    That definitely says it all.

  9. Trev says:

    Agree;Great to salute,,but not before crossing the line

  10. Dave says:

    Comparisons are odious – everyone is different ! The horse still won the race

  11. Martin says:

    Yes there are rules but being a say I like the met. The atmosphere is so hyped it does work through to the jockeys as well. And the occasion should be take into account when applying the rule as to saluting of the jockeys.

  12. PL.NEL says:

    Jockey salutes before the line and falls,, should pay all winners..now

  13. Pops says:

    Remember when Anton Marcus broke the rules after winning the Premier’s Champions Challenge with Legal Eagle.On that occasion this is what the NHRA had to say
    .We are aware that the jockey in this instance interacted with the reception group that were on the track to meet horse and rider. While strictly in terms of the rules, the jockey is required to proceed after dismounting directly to the weigh-in, it is a difficult one and a measure of discretion was applied given the emotion and adrenaline in the context of the enormity of the day and the extraordinary atmosphere that prevailed.
    So does emotion and adrenaline not apply on Met. day?

  14. Rian says:

    It all depends who you are, rules apply to certain Jockeys, looked a lot like one of those policeman on horseback in Town

  15. Philip Moses says:

    Let the jockeys enjoy the moment ,some of them never will.

  16. Aldo Domeyer says:

    Haha thank you guys. Some very kind comments.. I’m very unapologetic for my gesture. I wear my heart on my sleeve and I give everything I have out out there. I wouldn’t do it any other way. I think you guys and the people get to experience and witness 1st hand our highest highs and our lowest lows. And when a moment like this comes along. I’m not going to contain my emotion and confine myself to what I’m told I’m suppose to do. This is life. It Is real. I’m feeling this and it means something to me. I don’t see why should be forced to suppress it. Even though just for a moment- I got to share a feeling of pure elation with who I think is the blood of racing. The people. I think too many forget that. And after the fine is paid I will still have this moment, treasured. And that to me is priceless..

  17. Rod Mattheyse says:

    Aldo when you ride a winner for me – again – I hope it’s a good enough one for the same type of celebration.

    The only thing robots can’t do better at the moment is emotion.

  18. Adesh rambally says:

    well said aldo

  19. Rian says:

    Never seen a soccer professional salute or do a somersault before scoring a goal.
    Most apprentices obey the rules, but lets see if they cant do the same, rules for some…. obviously most Jocks know and ride by the rules

  20. Brain says:

    Well said Aldo. Did you know, having read some of the comments, it’s the horse that wins the race? Trust me to those who make the obvious statement, I’ve never been paid for a winner without a jockey and yet, a week ago, there were comments about Richard Fourie being responsible, in some part, for losing a race.

    Watching on Telly is boring. The picture reduces the action to a mish mash of colours most of which are unidentifiable until the last part of the race and whether you celebrated before the line or after it makes no difference, it brought the picture alive. It woke up racing!

    As for,’what if he falls off’. Not so long ago I think it was Hewitson who fell off after the line without a celebratory gesture. He simply fell off.

    Aldo, thanks for waking us up. My goodness your Dad sure did.

    And Stipes, racing needs a wake up, you’re part of racing. That means you need a wake up!

  21. Steve Reid says:

    Hey whats all the fuss about? Aldo feels like giving his emotions rein and celebrates before the line. It’s racing theatre, the crowds would have loved it. Even better is his message to the stipes, up yours fellas, 3k is chicken feed to me you not stopping me doing what I want. I love it. Rules are mere guidelines.

    Now let’s just imagine for a second that something went horribly wrong and he fell off the horse in his celebratory gesture. Its happened before. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=FSh_RvBYv6s. Now imagine the reaction of all those “fans” who currently applaud his theatrics in the saddle. The lynch squad would be baying for blood and even the men with the white canes would be forced to impose a holiday on the jock. A very long one.

    I also think that this is the most clear violation of rule 72.1.26 I have seen by a licenced jock. Let’s see if this gets any further attention by the powers that be.

  22. Ian Jayes says:

    To put this in perspective, jockeys can help a horse to win or they can cause horses to not win. They are an important factor in winning or losing. If a horse can win, a good jockey will probably get it to do so, but no jockey, no matter how good, can win without the horse. Jockeys are professionals and they have a duty to the connections of the horse and the betting public to abide by the rules and not play to the gallery.

  23. Roderick Mattheyse says:

    Fined for winning the race, I wont argue with the cop when i show my valid drivers licence and still get a fine.

    I’m sure this fine will be paid, why is it that the Jocks seem to pay their fines but some of the medication transgressors don’t?

  24. Mashie says:

    Not fined for winning the race – fined for not following rules. Something our police and metro cops would do well to follow.
    I have never seen a cricketer celebrate his 100 when on 99. Wake up jockeys and pay attention to the rules

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