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Hawwaam – Lerena Called In

Gauteng Guineas favourite ran second

The National Horseracing Authority tweeted via their official twitter account on Saturday that following the running of the Gr2 Gauteng Guineas at Turffontein, jockey Gavin Lerena, rider of the favourite and second placed Hawwaam, was called in.

Gavin Lerena explains his ride on Hawwaam

It states:

When questioned regarding the tactics he employed on Hawwaam, jockey Gavin Lerena told the Stipes that that from a  wide draw he intended to drop this colt out to obtain cover and to relax in the early stages in the hope that he would be to sustain a strong finish.

He advised that Hawwaam had commenced to over-race at the 1000m.

In the straight he had improved into a narrow run at about the 300m but at no stage had he been impeded or had to stop riding.

He expressed the view that the colt had managed to close its race off strongly and had been satisfied with the horse’s performance.

The full Stipes Report will be published here on Monday.

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43 comments on “Hawwaam – Lerena Called In

  1. Elton says:

    You can never really prove when a jockey isn’t riding to the full potential of a horse..speculation will always be on the cards when money is involved..the scales can turn easily though when self gain is more than gaining other royalties

  2. Nash Moodley says:

    Once again another strongly fancied horse is badly ridden to the detriment of the punter. The horse was ridden in exactly the same manner as its previous run & got away with the win due to a weaker field.
    The horse is clearly throwing its head up, but at no point is the jockey giving it rein & in the event getting the horse to settle.
    I knew then from reading numerous races that this horse would not win. Just hope the trainers are seeing it the same way & dont repeat the mistake of putting this jockey back on the horse. This is a very good horse, but no horse given this much ground to make up can stand a chance of winning. Not only was it beaten for the 1st time, but it was soundly beaten & the jockey is happy with the run???? I have no words.

  3. Dean Demont says:

    In my opinion Gavin done absolutely nothing wrong.., from that draw the horse had to drop in behind runners. Hawwaam then pulled for most of the race. By the time the gaps opened and he was able to get into Hawwaam, National Park had already skipped 4 lengths clear. End of the day the Stipes only see what they want to see. Take the race with San Fermin and Against the Grain for instance about 3 weeks ago. I backed San Fermin and was absolutely shocked when it kept the race.. Against The Grain was robbed of victory… One wonders who the Stipes had their money on. It was blatant, even Stevie Wonder would had upheld that one.

  4. Trevor says:

    I don’t know if he was no good on hawaam or just rode a shocking race . To sit so far back in such a big field and such a strong race . I don’t know what Gavin was thinking

  5. Rishi says:

    National Park won a good race. Nothing wrong with gavins ride from his position he was placed in the race. National Park will win the next race as well.. top quality horse

  6. Alcaponee says:

    Richard rode a better tactical race on the day. Hawaam still ran a creditable second. I really don’t believe there is foul play in this instance, Richard got the jump on all of them. No one expected National Park to have this kind of ability. Not even the experts were giving him a mention.

    Great ride Richard, Gav will be back for more on another day!

  7. George says:

    Poor ride, once again jockeys today have no BMT. Only Marcus. Poor riding from Lerena yet again. Not a single horse made up ground the entire day. Yet Lerena opts to drop him out and choke him up on numerous occasions. Had simons been riding him. I gaurenteed you he would have jumped and placed him 1 or maximum to off the rail midfield. And the result would have been changed, take nothing away from the winner he is champion. But one got a world class ride and the other a Rode like he just started. I hope to see Lerena off and simons on in the classic.

  8. Siven Pather says:

    The race outcome underpins Richard Fourie’s prowess over the ‘also rans’. He proved it in the Queens Plate and now again, in the backyard of the locals. Whilst precious little will be done about the ride on Hawaam, I do hope the trainers and owners take note when agreeing riding arrangements for future Group races.

  9. bob kistnasamy says:

    Gavin rode a shocker and he knew what he was doing. From a punter perspective, we also knew what he was doing. The jock did not follow any horse he thought as a potential threat.
    the outcome was known a long way out.
    Gavin is a top rider but he was awful in the last few meeting. De Kock will do well to take him off and even replace him with one of the most underrated horseman, Warren Kennedy.
    He is a trier.
    let’s await the stipes report.
    should make for interesting reading.

  10. german says:

    what can we do as punters,we will be back tomorrow again to support the racing industry,

  11. german says:

    well said gentleman,this is a sport for kings and …….

  12. Morgan says:

    I agree with that. We as punter’s are being taken for a ride by some jockeys.

  13. bob kistnasamy says:

    Regrettably, we are taken for granted and nobody give a hoot about our concerns and comments.
    I doubt that there is any consideration about the punters’ role in the industry.

    Let’s hope that there is change in thinking and mindset.

  14. Wayne Fouche says:

    Hell, I am surprised that Fourie wasn’t called in to describe why he rode such a great race on the winner after his poor ride in the Met?????

  15. Matthew says:

    I would love to see them call Mark khan in for how he rode duke of spin at Greyville on Sunday 3rd February 2019.(*edited) For an experienced jockey this is pathetic. I feel this icident is much worse than the one above.

    1. Editor says:

      We watched the replay.
      Khan failed to get a run on more than one occasion.
      The Stipes report makes no reference to Duke Of Spin – or any traffic issues related to this horse

  16. OUTSIDER GENIE says:

    All these punters crying from their pockets, The horse had a poor draw, before you put your money on you knew it so you took your chances knowingly.
    Gavin was a on a “hiding” on this horse,. If he jumped and tried to sit handy and the horse didn’t finish he would have been criticized, he did the sensible thing and dropped out to give the horse a chance, the winner had draw one, didn’t had to work hard, skipped clear and that was that.
    In my humble opinion HAWAAN was never a “good thing”, in his last run he manged to beat a horse with a much lower merit rating with a short head, for me, then already, the alarm bells was ringing. Also it was on record that Mr. De Kock said this horse will be better over further.
    I do think HAWAAN will be back over the longer distances, don’t write him off.

  17. Mish says:

    National park a 1400m specialist beat Hawaam top rated over the 1600m I spend around 20k on racing per month after that ride I’ve stopped investing in horse racing I am no more a punter after a decade of racing as a punter when you invest on a sitter like hawaam you need a confident ride out a jockey if the horse looses and it was given a proper ride no problem but this is another story

  18. Corey Teunissen says:

    I agree with Gavin that Hawwaam tended to overrace early on. I also agree with his statement that the wide draw undid his mount. On the day he just found a faster finisher in Yvette Bremner’s horse. That is what makes racing so exciting!

  19. Butkus Punchy says:

    In his own words, de Kock felt the 1600 may be too short for the horse, so anybody who ignored that comment and decided to lump on anyway is bordering on moronic ……

  20. PL.NEL says:

    RA please push for lie detector. Its legal and as a owner I should be entitled to my terms.

  21. karel says:

    After having seen all the comments on this thread, it is wryly amusing that no one mentioned that Sporting Post ratings had National Park seven (!) pounds clear of the field. This after the Sporting Post Digest in the ‘Best Ratings’ column showed National Park on the same recent race rating (AR) as leading Cape 3yo One World, while in the previous week’s Best Ratings the headline also pointed at National Park.
    It seems to me that everyone comes to Sporting Post to voice an opinion, but no one actually reads the bloody stuff. Very disappointing. Handicapping seems to have few dedicated followers.

  22. Graham Hurlstone-Jones says:

    Spotted it ! and the way National Park won before told me this horse had huge cruising speed, Richard had won the race with 300 to go…..National Park is the Champ….All the jockeys try, especially Gavin, it was the Giuneas…

  23. Avril L says:

    Poor Gavin damned if you do and damned if you don’t. When they win you’re a STAR and when they lose you’re branded a CROOK. All you critics should hang your heads in shame.

  24. Prasheen harrimohan says:

    People! Stop! Stop being sore punters. That’s the reason it’s called gambling.its a chance u take.a horse doesn’t know what price they paid for it or whether it’s priced up favourite.it found one better on that day. And I guess that is because the better horse was a pe horse. You guys forgot lizards desire was also a pe horse it almost won dubai wc.u guys lost stop making stupid excuses and blaming others. When ul do uls Money in the casino on the roulette most of the time u guys blame the dealer. Which jockey would not want to get a share of a Million rand race by winning it. Gavin’s all praise when his winning races so to is Richard just like how he is getting praise this week compared to shot at last week. U guys need to wake up and smell the coffee u got a choice to gamble no one is putting a gun to its head. Stop being like baby’s crying for candy. Racing is a kings sport so start acting like kings if ul wanna play the game

  25. Prasheen harrimohan says:

    Just to add on the same guys who are complaining now will still back hawaam in the next leg of the triple crown if it runs even if Gavin is the jockey


    All in all, I commend the Stipes for getting this incident and /or accident on the record.

    For me, if Hawwaam was primed for this race, unlike Barahin, he should have ‘had it in him’ to go and get a very handy position, if not the lead.

    Terence Millard would have had none of this. Surely, he would have instructed either Felix Coetzee or Mark Sutherland to get one of his TWO ENTRANTS out the stalls “Like a bolt/bullet/lightning” ??

  27. Roderick Mattheyse says:

    William is at unfair advantage, he knows Mike de Kock’s race strategies and riding instructions, as he is confident that Mike’s were inferior to what what TM would have said and got done.

  28. Frankie says:

    Frankie Zackey…Hi Guys I can sum up the ride on Hawwaam quick and easy Gavin rode a absolute shocker almost as bad as Richard on Do It Again Period….watching from the jump to about the 1050m I knew the result….I’ve watched over 50 thousand races so I’d like to think there’s nobody out there that has the slightest chance of changing my opinion…Trust me deep down Gavin knows that he messed up although not by design…the 1st thing that Gavin should have realized was that the going is definitely against him…Champions can win from any draw and just about any distance…yes we all know that Hawwaam is bid mom and dad just like me so in reality it was impossible to make up that type of ground as they straighten Gavin was already on the move where’s the winner was absolutely cantering…Pls believe me and don’t think any different Gavin is not part of the click…Guys don’t think for a single second that Gavin would pull up Hawwaam for any amount of money so delete that thinking right out… not if but or maybe it was clearly a human error by Gavin…Guys has it crossed your minds what it takes to be recognize abroad it’s winning as many Group races as possible good examples your Felix Coetzee,Weichong Marwing,Basil Marcus,Muis Roberts,Dougie Whyte,Robbie Fradd,Bartie Leisher and Nooresh Juglall winning the Triple Tiara on Cherry on The Top…Gavin would have loved to have won on Hawwaam knowing that it’s the only horse that can win the Triple Crown nevermind what’s to come for the partnership going forward knowing Mike a true professional and gentleman wherever Hawaam would race Beit anywhere in the world Gavin would be on board so yes a lot was running on Hawwaam winning the 1st leg unfortunately things did not map for Gavin…I truly feel for the man as much as it’s paining and hurting the pocket it is what it is….Human Error Guys Period…For the guys that are still hurting follow up in the Classic and Derby Plus Plus Plus

  29. Martin says:

    For all those punters that slate a jockey for they way they ride horses especially when being a favorite. Let’s us see anyone of the just take a horse and race ride it for 1000m and see what it takes to ride them. Then may be they will keep there unwanted comment’s to them self’s.
    Would they carry on like this if they were in a casino and loose a bet, will they slate them the same.
    Being a punter they should be able to take it like a man and focus n the next bet instead of been a sore loser.

  30. Shaik says:

    Watch all his runs he does not settle n pulls wen he jumpsneeds to mature bit wen he get older will be a great horse n which game is fair wen betting is involved


    What I know is that both Mr.de Kock & Mr. Millard, bespectacled or not, have better eyesight than Roderick.

  32. Roderick Mattheyse says:

    Cannot argue with that, well spotted, congratulations

  33. Nish Moodley says:

    Hawwaam beat National Park by over 9 lengths when they last met over 1600m. This kind of form reversal is just not on. I would like someone to explain this in order to re-assure me that the game can be trusted & I should continue supporting a sport like this where It’s becoming a sport of chance & not skill.

  34. Cecil Pienaar says:

    Hey William, I am guessing that Barahin would be your early July horse.

    Back to Hawwaam, right or wrong, very similar comments as in Dec with Rainbow Bridge over 1600m

    I reckon National Park was just too good on the day, it wasn’t even close.

    Like RB, his half Brother Hawwaam will prove if he is a serious horse over 2000m, and I hope Gavin keeps the ride.

    My Son said it best — Someone forgot to tell National Park he is from PE …. This is our beautiful game of racing. Cannot wait for the 2nd leg.

  35. Rian says:

    Cowboys dont cry…… the Bookies were sure the horse couldnt win just like they made it clear that they were taking D I A on in Met
    Lots of shrewd money on the P E horse
    What do they know ???????/


    Hello Cecil, yes, well summed up. I can’t wait either, the uncertainty is my passion, as well as yours !

    Go PE !

  37. Casey Clarke says:

    RF outwitted GL….peach of a ride on a damn serious racehorse!

  38. Hogan Govindsamy says:

    Exacta boxed ,Hawaam and Socrat for the Classic.If Hawaam doesn’t run then take Socrat straight up for a win and banker in all bets.Socrat had already won the Cape Guineas so there was no reason to run him in the Gauteng Guineas to keep him on track for the Triple Crown ,similar route to Horse Chestnut.After the Cape Guineas Matthew de Kock mentioned that he was disappointed that Hawaam could not be there but that they knew what they had in Socrat.I have a sneaky suspicion the stable rates Hawaam higher ability wise.However Randall Simons said that Socrat’s biggest asset is his temperament in that he relaxes very well in his races and produces when ask the question to accelerate.Remember Atyaab is not even considered in the same league ,no disrepect intended.So that spells trouble for backers of any other horse bar this top de Kock duo mentioned above.I will go so far as to say that the de Kock stable will make a clean sweep of all the major 3 year old features of the remaining season.

  39. David says:

    Firstly why would the Stipes call Lerena in to discuss his riding tactics without calling Anton Marcus in ??? the two top jockeys rode the exact same race,,, so is the betting fav more liable than another runner ?, Are not all runners in the race there to win ? ,, so are the stipes just doing so to appease the public ?, or are they confused ?? or are they going to call in all jockeys on beaten favorites from here on ?? I cant wait to have the trainers instructions declared and disseminated after the canter down to give the public a fair chance to make a more calculated decision even if it often is “Left it up to the jockey” or “Same tactics as always”,,,

    as for the mistake the experts are referring to they should consider the following from SP other article where Richard Fourie on the winner admits tbat even he made a mistake yet still won,

    Fourie said that when he cantered National Park down to the start he knew that his horse ‘belonged here’.

    “He was going so well. In hindsight I may have hit the front too soon. I would have sat a bit longer. But now I know,” he added.


    and I’m sure most jockeys In most races admit to making errors that sometime work for and sometimes against,, some still win even after things dont go to plan and you often hear the winning jockey in the pre race interview say that the plan went down the drain somewhere during the race, that’s racing, we are dealing with creatures of habit, some are difficult animals.

    I personally dont think Gavin made any error from his poor draw, he was beaten by an exceptional horse drawn 1 at Turffontein Standside over the mile, however in saying all this if I was Gavin I would have jumped him out then given the horse 10 hard smacks and sprinted him for about 400 m until i got to the front i then would have slowed them down to about 30 seconds for the next 400m and then slowed them down to 40.2 seconds for the next 400m then I would have walked him for 200m then sprinted him again to win by 12 lengths ,, yes I know I’m now talking absolute horse excrement but if as we say everyone is entitled to an opinion then this proves I can be just as crazy as some of you commenting above, none of us have ridden H before so Gavin was in the best position to make a decision on how to ride him and if ridden any other way and beaten then imagine how much more crazy the circus would have been.


    David, I have a definitive answer to your question. Mr. Marcus, stated publicly, in an early televised interview, that he had been specifically instructed by the trainer to ride Barahin “For His Next Race” .

  41. Roderick Mattheyse says:

    Its Clear National Park did not run to form in the Dingaans – I think he stayed in JHB after the Graham Beck, maybe he prefers to be prepped down in PE and the trip up takes less out of him.

    If you factor that in and Hawaam’s only workman like prep win then they would have been closer together than the 7 l beating in the Dingaans, factor in the draws factor in the jockey strike then National Park becomes great value at the price. Unfortunately i am in agreement with William that Baharin is probably the better of the three that met in the Gauteng Guinneas.

    The first three past the post are all very good, and soon we will have the annual debate about how good the three year olds are. In the fillies division we have seen that they are good with clouds unfold and Front and Centre flying that flag, and Soqrat showing that the boys are thereabouts too.

  42. Josh Brown says:

    Alot of fools comments ignorant about j ockeys riding tactics, they should be ban to rid the thoroughbred industry of this human factor deciding races outcome, its an evil for years because of personal involvement j ockeys and owners have in the game, punters fools again, like this fool comment, take it like a man when you loose your bet

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