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Jockeys Have It Easier Than Trainers

'10000 % tougher' - Puller

With the news that multiple Hong Kong champion jockey Doug Whyte will be trying his hand at training, Michelle Wing of Racing News canvassed some ex-jockeys who have made the move to training.

She chats to Garth Puller, Gavin van Zyl, Dennis Bosch and Michael Roberts.

It seems life as a jockey is a lot simpler!

Watch the short clip here:

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13 comments on “Jockeys Have It Easier Than Trainers


    Dear Michelle Wing, there’s’ one wise trainer in SA that I always wanted to ask him just ONE QUESTION.

    Mr. O Ferrarris, in your opinion, at level weights between 1800 and 2200m, in Durban, could Sea Cottage have beaten Horse Chestnut by more than 3 lengths…. and conversely and more importantly could Horse Chestnut have put more than 3 lengths between himself and Sea Cottage ?

    I need to know, I need to know …oh I need to know !

    Michelle ..please help

  2. PL.NEL says:

    Douglas, as a South African you have made us proud, and your horsemanship will stand up well.

  3. perd says:

    william you should ask some jockeys who rode against sea cottage in there time this question i saw sea cottage as a 7yearold winning champion stakes and 8 yearold saw his last race at germiston from the car park beat magic mirror top miler who was ridden by james maree not to mention all the weight he gave all round won 20/24races. bert abecrombie won with the cottage his first race made a statement never rode a horse with accelleration like that before and after

  4. Roderick Mattheyse says:

    I would be surprised if Mr Ferraris aired an opinion on that, he does not have locus standi and trying to determine whether horses generations apart are better than each other is impossible let alone by how much better they are than each other.

    I never saw Sea Cottage run, his story is awesome as was his ability. But then so too is Horse Chestnut’s story and ability

  5. Pops says:

    William,Sea Cottage ran at Greyville and Clairwood race tracks in Durban. Racing at Clairwood Sea Cottage would have the upper hand and just might beat H/C by 3 lengths or more if given just a little help from the saddle.H/C would never beat Sea Cottage by 3 lengths or more at Clairwood.
    Greyville different kettle of fish.H/C would have upper hand by getting first run.Beat Sea Cottage by 3 lengths and more?Maybe?

  6. Chris Swart says:

    Consider Horse Chestnut’s winning margins on left hand tracks and I can’t for the life of me see where you come up with this summation

    It is impossible to distinguish between horses that are generations apart with no lines on different tracks and conditions.

    Why isn’t it easier to celebrate a champion rather than compare one
    It drives me insane seeing people post stuff without any consideration of the horse and it’s stage of preparation

    1. karel says:

      When Horse Chestnut won the Met, the false rail was out 10m on the bend.
      If it had been the normal rail, he might well have broken the 2000m track record (my math skills letting me down here – time was 123.8; extra ground covered going wide 10m on the bend, for 600-700m?)

  7. Jay August says:

    Roderick look up Sea Cottage on youtube, there are 3 videos showing Sea Cottage racing and one galloping, one even in colour!

  8. Harold says:

    SC gave lumps of weight away and beat the best with tremendous acceleration over several seasons. HC basically did his racing in little over a year. Given he wasn’t to blame for his injury but SC took a bullet in his 3 year old season and won races thereafter. SC was the Mohammed Ali of SA racing


    Perd, POPs & Karel, thanks for your input and estimations.

    Mr Chris Swart, play nicely, we all know the issues with cross generation comparisons.

    “It drives me insane seeing people post stuff without any consideration” – Crikey, we aren’t going to pass any of these scenario’s into law, Sir.

    Ease up a bit…it’s the fun side of racing.

  10. Jay August says:

    Everyone is comparing apples and pears in this discussion. You have 10 starts until April of a three-year-old campaign for HC versus, 24 starts for SC into the first month of his fifth year.

    As at April of their third year HC was 8 for 9 with one win against older horses in Grade 1 company by a record margin. SC at the same point was 9 for 10 with two wins against older horses, one of which was a Grade 1 race equalling the race record. That is the only valid comparison you can make.

    Which of these two would have won in the Cape in the January of their third year?I’d have to give it to HC as he showed more domination of his peers than SC at that point but SC was a closer, did just enough to win, and so most likely held much in reserve.

  11. Pops says:

    Chris was Horse Chestnut with Sea Cottage nominated for The Hall of Fame?
    Maybe because one was able to see great horses race during the Golden Age of South African racing one is bias.


    Perd, your comment about viewing Sea Cottage from the Germiston car park, reminds me of the day my dad decided to view Harry Hotspur from the (Doncaster Road side) Kenilworth car park. He put me on top of the car, (a Rekord something) . I just saw horses fly past from quite a distance back.

    Then we went to the Doll House in Three Anchor Bay for a burger.

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