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Sectional Timing – It’s Official!

Effective 2 March 2019

National Horseracing AuthorityThe National Horseracing Authority of South Africa has advised that Racing Operator, Phumelela, has fulfilled the following requirements of the NHA:

  1. That the Sectional Timing information captured at race meetings from horses carrying Sectional Timing devices during races is freely available and is in the public domain for at least 48 hours after it has been published on www.tellytrack.com.
  2. The Sectional Timing information has been verified and the NHA has confirmation from at least 10 trainers within the Central Provinces region that they are satisfied with this information. The NHA is also satisfied that the final race times derived from these devices are consistent with the traditional race timing results.

Based on the above, with effect from 2 March 2019, Racing Operators’ Condition 13 will be enforced by the NHA.


13.1     Any Horse or Rider that has been declared/entered to run in a Race shall be equipped with a sectional timing device as determined by the Operator.

13.2     It shall be an offence prosecutable in terms of the Rules of The National Horseracing Authority, for any person to remove, tamper or interfere in any form or manner with any sectional timing equipment.

13.3     Any horse which fails to carry a sectional timing device as contemplated in condition 13.1 above, shall be withdrawn from such Race.

  • Press release issued by National Horseracing Authority on 25 February 2019

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17 comments on “Sectional Timing – It’s Official!

  1. Marlon says:

    Very interesting,me as a punter would like to know from the NHRA if the horse runs a race and wins the race but for some reason that said horse did go down to the start with the device on,and during the race the device got lost or fell of for any given reason,do we as punters loose our money just like when the weights are incorrect when they weigh in the get disqualified and the punter looses there money.

  2. Jess K says:

    A few points to ponder and a few questions that need to be asked !
    Was the consent of the owners acquired ?
    It appears not, which means another right of ownership will be lost by owners..
    Will Phumelela be compensating owners and trainers for the right to use their horses ?
    What assurances will owners and trainers receive, that in time, they will not end up paying to see the sectional timing information.
    Did the Cape Town trainers not stop the sectional timing because they felt that the sectional timing equipment caused discomfort to their horses which could ultimately affect the horses’ performance in the race ?

  3. karel says:

    So is this information available in downloadable format? Or do we have to do with regurgitated numbers compiled by who knows who. Or maybe Computaform is in charge? It would be nice to get some background. All this apart from not being able to find anything about sectionals easily on the tellytrack website. Frustration doesn’t even begin to describe this, for which we’ve waited for years while Larry got his hands on it.

  4. Tony Mincione says:

    All the comments so far are negative. I guess mine is too, because the whole thing feels bungled.

    Obviously a horse won’t be disqualified if the device got lost, in that respect it’s exactly the same as a horse shoe.

    As for Mr K, I don’t think the owners get asked about the day to day running of the sport, and certainly not on how times are recorded. When a camera was attached, no one cared, how is this different to that? Everything has to be paid for, one way or another, you just wondering how. Punters pay for everything anyways, they put the money in the bucket, and the bucket pays.

    Members of the NHRA have the ultimate say. By a huge majority the members of the NHRA are owners. If there is a loss of ownership for owners, then it was brought about by owners.

    I think we all missing the point though. When things are experiments, they run in provinces with the NHRA allowing “operator daily rules” or similar. But if things pass it should go national. Once you got a rule that’s good for the game the NHRA should bust itself that it’s for everyone or no-one. Same for Barrier Trials. Same for Ass Plates. How’s this not obvious?

  5. Hylton says:

    Is the sectional timing gonna be displayed live during a race on screen like the USA, Dubai, Hong Kong Singapore.
    Or is the public gonna be in the dark again.
    Will the public have to subscribe to tellytrack.
    If this is an NHA initiative should it not be on their website.
    Seems like a money making scheme for Tellytrak or the operator.
    Why can’t they just go out there and buy the proven technology?
    Seems like someone has the finger in the pot.

    Why does the NHA allow these chenanigons to happen?
    If this sectional timing is not live then we will have to believe it is fabricated.

  6. Steve Reid says:

    I agree 100% with the comment that the NHRA should bust itself that it’s for everyone or no-one. I think in essence this is the problem owners who are not RA members have. Why should RA members , many who are not owners, receive unlimited access to sectional timing?

    Another fail for agent Moodley, the gloss is rapidly fading. It’s just more of the same old.

  7. Jay August says:

    The presentation in PDF format is less than optimal, and having to download one PDF file per race is not optimal. The download needs to be either in HTML or a CSV download for it to be usable by punters.

    Sectionals need to be manipulated via further analysis methods to be a viable as well i.e. Excel or Python or whatever you chose. Look at the way Hong Kong present theirs as a start. Having to convert from PDF just wont cut it in the long term.

    Their should not be barriers to information. Please take note Tellytrack!

  8. Pops says:

    Someone is going to make LV bags of money.

  9. Kenny M says:

    Why charge for info that should be freely available to the public? Whoever came up with the tellytrack subscription service is either greedy or a self serving person *(edited). Visit the hong kong racing website and see how much info is freely available to the public. We punt with cash – real money.

  10. Jay August says:

    Now that it is official we suddenly have a long delay in getting the data onto Teletrack. Fairview sectionals from Friday 22/2 are still not up while the last sectionals to be uploaded were last Saturday 23/2. A week to view the sectionals is rather poor, considering other jurisdictions have the data in realtime. Mr Ed can you please ask TT why this delay now that we are official. Previously the sectionals were up within 3 days. In addition there have never been any sectionals for Flamingo Park despite that being part of the original press release. Why is this so?

    1. Editor says:

      Thanks Jay – will pass that enquiry on

  11. Jay August says:

    So, the files have been uploaded for the Fairview meeting, but they are all blank as there was obviously a failure of some sort. The Vaal meeting of 28/2, about 50% of races have no data. Flamingo Park now has data for the 18/2 but there was no 48 hour period allowed to view and it’s gone straight to subscriber view only. Please note that NHA!

    It might be official now but it certainly is not at a level which is acceptable or even worth wasting time on, and certainly not to pay for a TT sub I don’t really need. I’d pay for viable data in a usable format but am not prepared to be paying for something that is unreliable. I really doubt that they are serious about these sectionals. Just why HK and Oz can get this to work in real time but we cannot is beyond me.

    Very disappointing!

  12. Jay August says:

    For the record I have now received an email from Phumelela re the above. There are clearly issues which need ironing out before the sectionals will become a useful tool.

  13. Steve Reid says:

    I wonder if Agent Moodley is aware of all this going on? This puts him in a very bad light seeing that NHA Sectional timing rules were reinstated on the back of Larry having his dodge system up and running. So what is it Vee – are you following a long line of predecessors and being complicit in allowing those that you are supposed to regulate to do what they want, or are you going to show us that it is not all talk out of a big mouth for appearances? You have the ability to shut this down until it is sorted out. It appears that the false dawn has progressed into a blazing midday sun in a very short period. More of the same it seems. Tick tock

  14. Rian says:

    The Rocket Man is running out of fuel or is it TIME before he and professional team reach for their parachutes

  15. Jay August says:

    This weeks data (to 8/3/2019) has been timely and in addition Flamingo Park has been added and there is now one file per meeting, not only individual files per race. Hopefully at some point they’ll add HTML support which negates having to open a PDF file.

  16. leseding says:

    Jay August. Please contact me at [email protected] re Sectional Timing. Thanks

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