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Spies Cleared By NHA

No training under the lap

The National Horseracing Authority confirms that Trainer Tobie Spies was afforded the opportunity to make representations to Executive Management of the NHA on Tuesday, 19 February 2019.

Tobie Spies with a 2018 Gr1 winner

This was in relation to certain allegations made against the legitimacy of his training operations in South Africa. The allegations related to his satellite training yards in Port Elizabeth and Cape Town being operated by people to train horses under his name and licence, as a racehorse trainer, (“training under the lap”).

Mr Spies provided documentation and supporting evidence proving that the allegations were false and that he employs licenced Assistant Trainers and Stable Employees in the said training yards to run operations in his absence.

The NHA confirms that Trainer Spies has the necessary registered licensed individuals to take care of the operations.  As he is domiciled in Gauteng and attends most frequently to his training operation based at the Vaal Racecourse, the NHA advised him that he should ensure that he undertakes more frequent visits, particularly to his satellite yard in Port Elizabeth.

This will be monitored by NHA Executive Management and the local Stipendiary Boards.

  • Press Release published on 19 February 2019 by the National Horseracing Authority

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16 comments on “Spies Cleared By NHA

  1. Vincent says:

    Good evening all readers.

    Am I to understand that a trainer can’t open a second yard and employ assistant trainers if he can’t visit the yard regularly. How and such things be governed by a body who’s sole mandate is to protect the racing industry role players at ever level of the game. No owners was hurt in this process. No punters was hurt in this process. No trainers was hurt in this process. So visit the yard more offen, and spend more money in an occupation that’s struggling to survive, just because someone complained that he is not regular at his satellite yard, that’s the reply from the NHA.

    Please this investigation is unjust and uncalled for. Business is business. Goes the PnP owner visit every store or does he trust his managers and assist managers.

    Come on NHA, don’t entertain silly comments for silly people. This trainer did nothing wrong in anyway.

    Just my opinion….

  2. Geoff says:

    Racing is full of people who cannot mind their own business and get on with running their own operation.

  3. Steve Reid says:

    Clearly the NHA senior management have time on their hands. Why waste peoples time so that rubber stamping can take place? Every assistant and stable employee needs to be licenced according to the NHA rules. A far simpler and more effective action would have entailed going to records and confirming the stable employees licences were in in place. Then receive bank statements from both Spies and said employees over an extended period to confirm employment. Get your local employees to do spot checks and confirm that these people are actually there and performing the functions they are licenced for. It’s not rocket science particularly when there are long standing, more important issues outstanding that need answers.

    Selective action against transgressors has long been a hallmark of the NHA along with with poor management. Previous “leadership” been led by their noses by those who should have been regulated. Let’s hope the trend is not continued. Tick tock the 100 days are running out rapidly.

  4. Annie2 says:

    This kind of press release from the NHA sets a precedent that will need to be adhered to in future – or be seen to be victimising certain individuals.

    For example – What level of future allegation, accusation, tip off etc that is found to be untrue now qualifies for a press release?

    Why not name the complainant? Was that person an NHA member? Will action be taken against them for making what might have been a frivolous complaint?

    Why bring this into the public domain when he was cleared?

    How on earth can the NHA realistically commit to monitoring his visits to his PE yard? What is acceptable and what is laid down? They can’t even put three qualified Stipes on course on raceday in that region most weeks.

    What will serve as proof of a visit ? For how long does Mr Spies – or any other absent trainer – have to be there?

    Are other satellite yards being monitored?

    The NHA have shot themselves in the foot and must be very wary of avoiding showboating and puffing their chests out at the expense of individuals as they hail the new age of transparency and commitment.

    This is frankly most disappointing and smacks of a lack of application of minds.

  5. Rian says:

    German Spies all over Mr Spies , especially in P E

  6. Anthony says:

    Are the same investigations undertaken in KZN in the satellite yards of Crawford and Tarry ??? i think not

  7. Adrian Thurston says:

    I bet its after Steffi’s Grafft won in Cape Town these tips started coming through

  8. Brian says:

    So NHA. You need to save face because you’ve once again had to open your mouth to swap feet.

    Will you be informing all other trainers who have satellite yards to do the same or is this selective?

  9. beatle says:

    Does Snaith still have satellite yard in PE(is he a regular visitor to PE ??? ) and agree with Anthony – for me you can’t investigate one yard only, go check all satellite yards !!

  10. Dave says:

    Hi Editor, may we request that you obtain an answer (from the NHA) to the questions posed regarding consistency of this ruling ? Thanks

    1. Editor says:

      We can try Dave, sure.
      Will send Messrs Moodley and Hyde a copy of the comments for a response.

  11. Cecil Pienaar says:

    Competition is a good thing – the days are long gone where you could take any average horse to PE and expect to win. Good thing the ‘allegations’ were ‘investigated’ and unfounded. However a precedent has now been set in PE

    * weather / humidity reaches the benchmark and halt all races. Safety, Animal welfare first.
    * All Visiting, satellite Trainers must spent X amount of time at their yards – to be made known

    I like PE racing, big follower of G Cheyne, T Gould, L Hewitson, M Yeni and R Munger, often winning my fav bet the JP. Like CT a few trainers dominate here, hence Trainers and “Asst Trainers” like Mr Spies should be welcomed.

    Tobie ,,, pls open a satellite yard in KZN ! Ashburton even better. Good Luck

  12. Cecil Pienaar says:

    Dear Ed, how good ( winners , place ratio to runners ) is Tobie Spies down in The Windy City ?

    1. Editor says:

      Mr T Spies had 111 runners this season for 3 winners at a 2,7% win strike-rate. 37% place strike-rate

  13. Cecil Pienaar says:

    Thank You Mr Editor. Seems fair to say Mr Spies’s horses should be included in PA’s
    Anyways, attending Night Racing in Dbn t-m, hoping to see some SP tips. Regards

    1. Editor says:

      Enjoy Cecil!

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