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Another Aussie Shocker?

Toowoomba trainer faces various charges

Prominent Australian trainer Ben Currie has been charged with several serious welfare breaches, including the alleged use of a jigger on two occasions to give electric shocks to horses.

The Racing Post reports that Currie has been accused of using unauthorised shockwave treatments, failure to report bleeding horses and race-day treatment breaches contrary to the rules of racing, the Queensland Racing Integrity Commission said in a statement.

This follows the four-year ban given to fellow Australian trainer Darren Weir for possessing jiggers, which are Taser-type devices.

Currie trains at Toowoomba, 100km west of Brisbane, and is one of Queensland’s leading conditioners.

Racing Integrity Commissioner Ross Barnett said the investigation began in April last year.

He said: “The very serious nature of the animal welfare allegations that have surfaced as a result of this investigation have left us with no choice but to act now in the interests of the Queensland racing industry.”

Currie has been called to a stewards’ inquiry on 18 February, but prior to that his runners have been given the green light to race this weekend.

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14 comments on “Another Aussie Shocker?

  1. Ian Harrison says:

    Do not care what position he holds training wise..lengthy ban time ….!!

  2. Echo says:

    Why do they only give 4 years? Should be warned off permanently.

  3. Martin says:

    Well what has the Aussies have to say now that another case of miss treatment of horses in the care of leading trainer. They must be criminally charged give jail time as well as been warned off for life not just a few years ban.
    Bow your heads in shame

  4. Ian Jayes says:

    He should not be allowed to go near horses ever again. If the Australian authorities want to have any credibility they must warn him off. By the same token, they should ban harness racing (pacing) which forces horses to run like camels. That is also abuse.

  5. Rudi says:

    Ian you always have negative things to say about every one and anything. Why dont you apply for these jobs. Show us how great you are. You were an average trainer in my 30 years in racing. Agree in this instance but overall got nothing good to say.

    1. Editor says:

      What’s an ‘average trainer’?

  6. Rian says:

    He not applying for positions just voicing an opinion , like most of us and on many issues he contributes a hell of a lot
    Ed can you remember when the twitch was used at the start and by many trainers to school horses through pens, etc

  7. Rudi says:

    Ian about 3 or 4 winners a season. Try and be positive and dont always talk people down.

  8. James George says:

    Mr. Jayes have you ever gelded or had a horse gelded for it to forget about dreaming and to get its mind on racing and thus earning you money.Is that not abuse.Surely that is not natural for a colt to lose its manhood because a trainer thinks it will run better running minus 4.5 kgs.Or have you strong feelings about gelding?

  9. Rian says:

    Hi Ed you must have missed my question re the use of the twitch or you still looking it up, but knowing how sharp you are not sure what to think

    1. Editor says:

      Get back to you Rian

  10. Gavin Langeveldt says:

    Exactly.. Pregnant pause.
    The pot calling the kettle black.
    When pointing a finger always remember that there’s 3 fingers pointing back at you.

  11. Gavin Langeveldt says:

    When I saw them using a twitch to get a horse into the starting stalls.. I could not believe what I was witnessing..

  12. Gavin Langeveldt says:

    Editor… “What’s an average trainer?”
    Simple answer.
    If a good trainer’s strike rate is 14% then I would say an average trainer’s strike rate is around 7%.
    A very average trainer’s strike rate would be around 5%
    It equates to jockeys as well.
    You get good jocks and average jocks. We used to call them Christmas jockeys.
    Let me simplify for you..
    A good trainer will win more races than an average trainer..
    But that’s obviously my opinion.

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