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Gold Circle Raise The Media Game

Transparency and communication is key


Even though on course attendances countrywide are down, KZN racing operator Gold Circle have upped their social media game dramatically to promote the sport to existing and prospective new fans and even at a relatively low key meeting they will attract a healthy crowd.

“We have seen results – the Durban View room is packed out most Friday nights – the competitions are swelling – on course attendance on a Friday at Greyville and some Sundays too are better – we find people coming to Greyville are enjoying what we offer them,” suggests media team player Warren Lenferna.

The passionate Gold Circle media team, headed up by Andrew Harrison, have for a while now attacked the social media market in a big way to help promote the sport of horse racing and betting.

Gold Circle media moguls visiting Peter Blyth’s Clifton Stud (Pic – Candiese Marnewick)

“The team has realised that unless the sport is promoted, we will be unable to attract and educate new blood,” says Warren Lenferna, a regular face in the newly refurbished GTV studio which operates on racedays.

Harrison and the social media team of Nikita Maistry, Candiese Marnewick, Tawanda Taruvinga and Lenferna are supported by Stephen Marshall, Gold Circle Senior Marketing and Events Manager, Graeme Hawkins, Ken Tweddell and Sipha Mlobeli.


“Everyone has their own ideas, knows their strengths and talents and we are lucky to have the team that we do,” said Harrison. “A more passionate bunch you will be hard pressed to find.”

The team meet on a weekly basis to discuss the promotion of certain race meetings, ways to place bets and to get the information out to the public.

The recent Anthony Delpech honour day was an example of what they’d like to do more of.

Team Kannemeyer arrive at Summerveld for SA Champions Season (Pic – Candiese Marnewick)

“We go out and meet the visiting horses arriving at the various centres for champions season. We welcome the visitors – we go personally and watch the horses walking off the trucks.- that gets photographed and we talk to the trainers – which information is disseminated to the public via our various platforms.”

The age old hobby horse of a perceived lack of transparency, is a different beast in KZN.

“We need to be transparent in this sport and the sooner everyone realises that, the better – punters, especially, want to know the trainers and jockeys thoughts and opinions, win or lose,” said Harrison.

Gold Circle are working to be more transparent in post-race feedback, which is as important as pre-race.

The team capture some great photographs and interviews.

They also use their various platforms to promote owners and punters along with all the people involved that make the racing industry tick.

There are also weekly podcasts – called Horses To Follow , as well as videos and a host of different news items that can be enjoyed on the various media platforms.

Gold Circle can be followed on Facebook where the official handle is: Gold Circle, Instagram: theofficialgoldcirclehorseracing and Twitter: @circle_racing.

Tawanda Taruvinga and Warren Lenferna focus on the task (Pic – Candiese Marnewick)

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15 comments on “Gold Circle Raise The Media Game

  1. Graham Hurlstone-Jones says:

    BOOM !! another horse with absolutely no form. What a joke. The new Teletrack slogan which the presenters shout with glee almost every day ” the bomb has landed”……

  2. Steve Reid says:

    Well done to GC who are putting in an effort to get the man in the street back to the course. I think that they will be infinitely more successful than the boys up north who think a top hat and tails event will appeal to the masses.

  3. Pops says:

    What is Mr. Warren Lenferna saying when he says — the Durban View room is packed out most Friday nights .Does he mean there are 20 or 30 people in the room on most Friday nights.
    And what is meant by— on course attendance on a Friday at Greyville and some Sundays too are better.
    The question is,better than what?Better than when?

  4. Elwin says:

    What attendance figures is Warren using, and how many meetings is he comparing with to make that assessment? Please give dates and figures.

  5. David naidoo says:

    Who is Warren lenferan trying to kid the view room is empty on Friday raceing maybe they should drop the price on Friday for entry to the view room

  6. Divine says:

    Great news. Positive intent is important. Where can we access trainer and jockey comments?

  7. Chris Swart says:

    They had a pretty good interview with Gavin van Zyl recently that I was lucky enough to catch.
    Give credit where it’s due and they’re certainly thinking ahead where shoulders shrug elsewhere.

    Remember though, it is champions that bring the present pool to the track with new blood in the hope they’ll understand that they were there when Dynasty won the July and talk about the day with future generations.

  8. Sandhiran says:

    They should consider visiting the engine room of horse racing which is the the tab outlets. Come find out how much can be done by promoting these outlets instead of promoting events like the happy hour bar on a Friday night or eating a fancy dinner at the view room. It’s clear the vision is not on the game anymore .

  9. Shanil says:

    Tearing up your tickets constantly at Polytrack meetings. Not worth the time and effort to get to the course. Look for value they say means looking at a crystal ball. Keep the Polytrack meetings to weekdays only. Turf meetings always attracts a bigger crowd.

  10. warecho95 says:

    The positive comments on here are great, Gold Circle is trying hard and trying to appeal to families to enjoy a day out and educate people about what goes on behind the scenes of racing especially.

    The negative comments on here are disappointing – pity its not understood from the article that Gold Circle are at least trying to do something aren’t they? I have personally tried to book my family in on some Friday nights at the Durban View and they have had no space to accommodate me, which means they are doing something right.

    Keep up the good work guys.

  11. Warren Lenferna says:

    Thanks to those for the positive feedback we are trying our very best we have a great team- a top respected racing man told me we / I would never be able to please everyone and judging by these comments I see what he meant – keep on in your negative world and enjoy it – us positive ones will keep trying our best for those that appreciate it – don’t forget to also slate us for our selections that get beat too !!!!!! Throw some more stones !!!!!! Happy racing to everyone and may you all find many winners – p.s watch our social media platforms for more action.

  12. Pops says:

    Warren Lenferna what a Trumpian post.Keep it up and you will lose punters who have been in the game long before Hawaii ran with Macaw Do you remember that Mr. Lenferna?
    Suggest a Dale Carnegie course should be looked at,
    Do not touch Warren on his studio.Does the betting public pay your salary Mr. Warren?.

  13. vinny says:

    Its a small effort that Gold Circle is doing however, the people that they have behind have no clue about horse racing, they bringing people to the course but is their turnover improving? I surely doubt. They should be in the Tab branches promoting the business not sitting behind a desk and a camera and telling people how nice the course is. Its a joke that they say they want to be transparent. Some people have over stayed their welcome, they should be some change. Get people who understand what the punter wants not guess what the punter wants. They talk about the view room being packed, go there on a Wednesday meeting and see how empty it is and when it is full its only owners and trainers, the average joe is sitting in his local TAB listening to Warren and Kevin tip the whole field.

  14. Malcolm Draper says:

    From a marketing perspective, St Patrick’s Day meeting should have been at Scottsville. St Patrick’s Road links Alan Paton Avenue with Scottsville Racecourse. Scottsville is rich in biodiversity and is an important green spot in the Capital City. Greyville has a golf course which is a monoculture/green desert. There is an environmentalist movement against golf. https://www.theguardian.com/commentisfree/2007/jun/14/thecaseagainstgolf
    Besides which one has to navigate nasty traffic to get to Greyville. I had to bet and watch Ooh La La win on St. Patrick’s Day at Greyville online. She got me 14-1. She has German, not Irish blood. So I made my own selection used German rationality not Irish luck and bet on her draw, weight and Khanya who is riding at the top of the game. I was there at Scottsville with Doug and Dave when she won her maiden so there was sentiment and luck as well as rationality.

    Vercingetorix also German blooded got a double in the first two races on St Patrick’s Day. He has an Irish namesake who raced in France.


    Total Stakes in FR over 1 seasons – R0 Runs: 1 Wins: 0 Placed: 1

    Date Race Course Dist Draw Fin kg 1/2kg lbs Length Winning or 2nd Horse kg 1/2kg lbs Winners Time


  15. Graham Martin says:

    Scrap Polytrack racing and re-open Clairwood, Gosforth Park and Newmarket racecourses and return horseracing back to normal again. I never have had and never will have a bet on Polytrack racing, thank you! I don’t guess which horse will win a race! I want proper collateral form! If I want to guess winning numbers i will go to the Casino.

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