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Under A Spell – Or The Antics Of Semantics?

A Monday Morning Moan

At Greyville on Sunday, the odds on shot Roy’s Physco was (once again) a beaten favourite.

Tony Ridgway of Cape Town writes in the Sporting Post Mailbag that several months ago, upon studying the KZN card, he found that, after noticing the spelling of Sunday’s beaten favourite in the newspaper as “PHYSCO”, the race card also spelled it thus, as did the Computaform, and Tellytrack.

Luke Ferraris keeps Outside Edge going down the inside to pip Roy’s Physco (Anton Marcus) – a horse a reader says won’t win until they rectify his name (Pic – Gold Circle / Candiese Marnewick)

All the racing presenters and commentators pronounce/d the name “ROY’S SIGH-KO” (which is logical and assumedly how the horse’s name should be pronounced) – however, “sigh-ko” is phonetic for the word PSYCHO.

.The word “PHYSCO” does not exist, and, if it did, would be pronounced “FIZZ-KO”.

Am I the only person who noticed this, or have others, who just don’t regard it as an issue?

Quite clearly this horse has been registered with a misspelled name! (Ed – or misspelt?)

Now, if that had to happen to any thinking person, looking at his faulty ID, he would do his damndest to correct it. Right?

Did this horse get “incorrectly” registered in Australia, or here in South Africa? I find it quite absurd that this happened, and would very much like to know why this happened and why it has never been corrected.

Moreover, this obviously talented horse has yet to find the winners’ box – perhaps when he hears the commentator mis-pronouncing his name (according to his registration certificate) he says: screw that, and doesn’t give of his best at the race end. Not even with Anton Marcus up.

For all he cares, Anton Maracas could be on his back… it matters not, eh?

Let’s hear from the connections… would Mr Roy Moodley not be offended if his name was spelled Ray Madley in the papers? Or how about Allison Wrong?

I know XXXX is “beer” in Australian, so I assume the mistake came from ‘dyan unda’, where they can’t even pronounce Redouté properly.

I reckon: correct the horse’s name – and he’ll win a race or three!

Grammar matters!

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17 comments on “Under A Spell – Or The Antics Of Semantics?

  1. Ian Jayes says:

    A rose by any other name would smell as sweet.

  2. Tony Ridgway says:

    Not a moan – just an observation, and a little bit of fun (pun)? WHAT’S IN A NAME?

    1. Editor says:

      Monday alliteration, Tony

  3. Niran Pillay says:

    Hahaha, brilliant, Monday made. Cheers “mate”. Lol

  4. Mac says:

    Malteme, pronounced Malteem, won the Summer Cup with that pronunciation. After many subsequent winless races later the connections advised the commentary that the correct pronunciation was Maltemmie. Malteme duly won his next race with the pronunciation change.

  5. Malcolm Draper says:

    Talking of semantics and presenters. An issue I have is when presenters and commentators refer to horses as “it”. Horses are not things, they are sentient beings with agency, personality, gender and identity. It is some of the the men presenters who call them it. The ladies usually call them him or her which I prefer.

  6. Ken Fisher says:

    Why don’t you get the trainer’s name right . For your information it’s not Allison but Alyson ! Seems your spelling also needs an upgrade !

    1. Editor says:

      Tony, you have been reprimanded

  7. Ken Fisher says:

    Tony should maybe study the race card more carefully . If he did he would see that trainer Wright’s name is Alyson not Allison . 😨😨

  8. Tony Ridgway says:

    Dear Ken – I called her Allison on purpose. You see – you get heated up when a person’s name is incorrect, but not a HORSE! He he. You see the spelling of “Ray Madley”? “Allison Wrong?” “Anton Maracas”? BTW, Ed, I “misspelled” on purpose too – as it was a pun on “spelling” which horses tend to learn better than humans. I forgive you Ken, so please acknowledge what I said! This post was ” all about a horse” not the egos and false impressions of a mere mortal. Have a wonderful day, all you real horsey people.

  9. Tony Ridgway says:

    made my point. Name purposely “spelled” like that. See?

  10. IAN says:

    Well said Malcolm Draper. What is even worse is a certain KZN commentator who continually refers to horses as “the Dynasty”, “the Judpot”, “the Gimmethegreenlight” etc etc – almost as though the horse is just a piece of meat and does’t have a name of its own.


    Just other concerning issue for woman in racing this Monday – It has been discovered that females are presenting different symptoms to males for heart attacks

    Female common symptoms are nausea, indigestion, sweating and constriction across the torso.

    Ok, thank you

  12. Tony Ridgway says:

    So where is Ken Fisher now? In a fissure? Quick to make assumptions, but then disappears? Come on, play the game, pal!

  13. Deezo says:

    The name probably represents the owner and not in a MOODLE state of mind.

  14. SLEDGEHAMMER says:

    Also, who is Arthur Marcus?

  15. Cecil Pienaar says:

    Oh my, Roy’s Physco beaten again. I am a Anton (Arthur) Marcus supporter, but maybe this horse needs a claiming apprentice….

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