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Industry Failing Horse Care Units?

Seven Years Later - little progress

The Horse Care Units countrywide play an important role in the community but now find themselves under serious financial pressure after an undertaking by the previous CEO of the National Horseracing Authority failed to materialise.

In an open letter to the industry, Chairman Ronnie Napier writes:

All of you are aware of the fact that we have made approaches to the stakeholders in the racing industry for a more sustainable funding stream for the Trust and the three Horse Care Units operating under our umbrella.

These approaches have been in discussion for the last seven years. 

The industry has told us that they agree with the approach in principle but that all stakeholders will need to contribute on a fair and proportionate basis to the NHT going into the future.

However a basis for this fair and proportionate payment has not yet been agreed by all stakeholders.

When the previous CEO of the National Horseracing Authority was appointed some two years ago he announced that horse welfare would be one of his major objectives for the NHA and that this was regarded as a priority objective.

We accordingly engaged with him on the issue of support for the NHA and the three Units.

National Horseracing AuthorityAs a result of these discussions we were told by Mr Lyndon Barends that the NHA had agreed in principle to take the lead in the industry to support horse welfare and that we could expect funding for the National Horse Trust to commence in the second half of 2018.

Unfortunately it now appears that this information was not correct.  However our cash flow expectation was that we would receive funding in 2018 and the result is that we are therefore now badly short of funds.

As a result the Board of the NHA had to make a decision at the end of 2018 to temporarily suspend the monthly payments that we were making to the Units until our financial position had improved.  This is obviously highly detrimental to the Trust and the three Units.

We have however now reengaged with the new CEO of the National Horseracing Authority, Vee Moodley, and he is doing his best to see that sustainable support can be provided to the National Horse Trust in the near future.

However in the interim we have the shortfall that I have referred to and we are asking all of our traditional supporters and any other members of the racing industry to please URGENTLY support us in the short-term so that we can recommence the flow of funds to the Units to enable them to do their invaluable work for horse welfare.

We urge you to respond to this appeal and donations can be made to the following account:

Name: The National Horse Trust

Bank: FNB Johannesburg

Account Number: 50600156480

Branch: Southdale

Branch Code: 254205

Reference: [Surname]  Special Letter

Horse Care Units:


Website:  www.horsecare.org.za

Email Address: [email protected]

Phone No:  016 360 9900

Emergencies: 082 921 1644


Website: www.coastalhorsecareunit.org.za

Email Address: [email protected]

Phone No: 031 782 1434

Emergencies: 073 550 3061

Eastern Province

Website: www.echcu.co.za

Email Address: [email protected]

Phone No: 041 366 1594

Emergencies: 072 357 2505


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4 comments on “Industry Failing Horse Care Units?

  1. Calvin says:

    Its a real shame. Im not sure about the numbers, but are these all horses from the racing industry? If majority make up these numbers, then one has to begin with the breeders. What really happens to all those that don’t make the grade as earners? Do they become worthless to owners and trainers? And end up with horse care units? Maybe there should be a limit put on the amount of horses bred!!! This is just plain old greed and the poor animals suffer at the end. This is not a major problem at all.

  2. Steve Reid says:

    There is no doubt that the industry is failing the Horse Care units. The bottom line is they do not get the funding that they deserve. There are only two sources of possible funding and clearly those come from breeders and owners. My suggestion is that there should be a % deducted from all sales and paid over to the horse care units. A second suggestion is that owners make a contribution by cutting the RA CEO salary by 66% and the R2M saving is given to the horse care units. I personally would think pay what he is worth and this would relate to a R3M saving, but realise that this may take a bit more time to achieve.

  3. The Dark Duke says:

    Steve the owners already pay for too much I agree that the breeders should contribute.

  4. perd says:

    nearly two years i went to jockey club to see if i could get a meeting with mr lyndon barends regarding horses not treated well by turffontein trainer hardly no bedding, left all my details to contact me as he was not available also went to ra ceo as i was a member of ra needles to say no phone call from jockey club ra ceo shrugged his shoulders at the time and told me he had many complaints not really his job description to follow up never did anyway horse was moved to new trainer that took great care untill his retirement i will in person donate money and give it to Mr Ronnie Napier to hand over to highveld horse care wont dare to leave R10 rand to the above mentioned

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