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Punting Annoyances – What’s Your Favourite?

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An Aussie website has asked punters to list the most annoying things about punting.

The long list includes Tipsters congratulating themselves by congratulating others. E.g. “Brilliant ride by that jockey (who just happened to be on the horse I’ve been tipping all week).”  “Great training performance (with that horse I mentioned was over the odds).”

Also high on the www.punters.com.au needle list was taking the field in what looks a tricky exotic leg only to watch the favourite win like Black Caviar.

Or when you’ve backed the winner and then get the ‘hold all tickets, race review’ announcement.

Tell us about your favourite annoyances!

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21 comments on “Punting Annoyances – What’s Your Favourite?

  1. Ralph Fell says:

    Sir , The Tellytrack ‘tipsters’ suggested permutations costing thousands of rand where even a small percentage would be exorbitant. Is responsible gambling not the watchword.Secondly do the pundits take the bet themselves. I suggest doing a regular audit of their profit and loss. Throw in Shane McGregor as he appears to have a bottomless pit of the readies to speculate on all manner of soccer exotics, ably supported by knowledgeable Neil.

  2. Brian says:

    My absolute had is watching the jockey on your horse fall asleep or he must have turned into a statue. It’s as though it’s his brand new Ferrari and someone wants to take it from him so he holds on for dear life never letting go.

    Worse is the stipes clearly need eye tests


    if Durbanville & Kenilworth can only manage to stage one meeting a week, then we know racing is in it’s chops.

  4. Ivor says:

    Hi William. I totally agree with you. Look at the no of entries and runners for a meeting at Fairview, Flamingo Park and in Gauteng for eg: compared to C.T. That tells a story. 96 runners in P.E. this coming Friday and only 8 races = an average of 12 per race and NB. no C.T. raiders. Fairview racing is given the WORST coverage by Tellytrack. You won’t see replays before midnight but in any other centre , you will. C.T. racing is a total joke. I feel for the owners of horses that are based in C.T. Enjoy your day.

  5. Brian says:

    Ivor, you are right. But the question was, what are your annoyances? Not enough races? No there are plenty! All over the world. Ralph has a point. Tipsters with massive pay in.

    That’s not all. Form doesn’t count anymore unless the horse has run second for 5 races and then you don’t earn a bean.
    Trainers are blamed, jockeys are blamed. No! It’s not them!

    Those running the sport have been in it too long and now it’s politics.

    Pat each other on the back, pay each other f…… big salaries, get on TV tell the minimal racing fraternity that is left how great we are, keep up the higher than mighty image and forget it’s the guy in the seedy off course tote hoping to make enough to buy a loaf of bread that keeps the money flowing in so that this perceived snobbery can continue.

    I’ve been at both ends of the story. It was hell and it was great.

    I bet in the Hillcrest Tote run by great people. The great Tiger Wright was in the cue behind me when I bet on the wonderful Spanish Galliard to win the July that year, which he did. (Yeh, yeh we know about Empress Club)

    Betting forms littering the floor, losing tickets adding to the mess.;

    Later, sometimes, I would go to the course. Why? It was boring. Even as a member! No one was there!

    People who now run racing have no cooking clue!!!

    That’s what pisses me off as a a punter

  6. Cecil Pienaar says:

    There is this Tellytrack presenter that interviews after big races in Jozi. Knowledgeable chap, but Oh my, he waffles, poor Jocks at times. LoL, sometimes I’m worried the Jocks might miss weigh in or next race.


    Sorry, hoping this doesn’t annoy anyone but Winx is running on Saturday @ Rosehill over 1500m.

    Brain, your piece reminds me of issues I’ve had with supporting racing since the age of 16.

    Hello Cecil

  8. Vincent says:

    Hi all.

    The fact that racing the presenters never interview the trainers who give real insight into their runner. They ask the same trainers every week. Ask the small trainer, that way there is no surprises. Also new owners looking for new trainers are aware of those smaller yards out there.

    Just my opinion..

  9. Kamal Ganesh says:

    My annoyance is telly track as a whole. So sick of these presenters using up majority of the airing to ramble on about their selections .As if they are some kind of authority on form analysis – what an absolute joke . Just misleading the poor guys who actually give their nonsense any chance. Always mentioning the pools numerous times as if everyone will keep on investing every time they mention it. Mundane, annoying and boring . Their strike rates are so poor,, why do we need to have this in the first place. Give us something useful instead

  10. Cecil Pienaar says:

    Hey William trust you are well. Hope you made some bucks with The UK Festival last week. I see your early July fancy Barahin might be MdK’s nr1 July horse….

    One tipster/presenter that stands out for me is Nadine @ PE

    Back to annoyances, I would like to send my Mother in Law to an NHA long weekend conference. LoL, they might even employ here, she”ll fit right in

  11. MichaelMGJ says:

    There are hundreds of things that annoy me in racing, I wish I could actually stop playing but the problem is I love horse racing! Crazy! My annoyances are about the people in the game and not the horse or the sport itself.

    Let’s start at the bottom- tote and betting staff. Poorly trained, disinterested, no knowledge of horse racing and poor customer service. Jockeys and trainers who dont understand that the punter is the lifeblood of the game. No punters, no need to buy and race expensive horses. Unless they want to race for a pie and a Coke. Tellytrack prsenters- probably the worst presenting hosts of any sport on television be it soccer, rugby, cricket, etc. How we miss Shaheen Shaw! Racing operator management- out of touch, overpaid, incompetent in building the sport and industry.

    Right there are my annoyances in horse racing. Other than that, what a fantastic sport and industry!

  12. Deezo says:

    Talking about tipping. Our local presenters are probably the worst tipsters in the racing industry. They almost on every occasion tip the first 4 in the betting. The UK racing tipsters give you one horse which is gold star rated and 70% of the time it arrives. As for Shane’s bankers on the football, leaves a lot to be desired. Get the local punters involved and let them give their fancies and sure as bob we might make some profit. There is no such thing as a sure thing but at least you get a run for your money.

  13. Prasheen harrimohan says:

    The most frustrating thing is when there is a race about to be run in overseas like happy valley for example u get people like Cecil Mthembu and Allister Cohen talking about the betting for the next local race and don’t allow us to listen to the overseas tipsters. The reason being is that sometimes tons of money comes for overseas horses but because Tt presenters are busy yapping theres no audio for the races thus not allowing us to hear anything what the money horses are. So tt please stop airing adverts and stop your presenters from talking just before a race runs cos it’s our money involved that pays for all the services and allow us to enjoy our punting. I hope someone takes herd of this comment.

  14. Steve Reid says:

    Trainers saying a horse will need a run. Horse gets backed and wins. “It wasn’t stable money”. A few serial transgressors.


    Kamal, I couldn’t have described the Tellytrack scene better than the way you have !

    Bravo Sir.

    Oh Goodness Cecil, excellent idea ..lol !

    I’m getting cooler and cooler about Barahin, I don’t know, I’m just not that excited about him now.

    I’ve hijacked your Zilzaal fancy, I bet him for another big place bet

    Yes, in some way Nadine is different to the rest, you right.

  16. Chris Swart says:

    My annoyance is there isn’t enough Cape racing.
    I watched last weekend and Fiona interviewed both Paul Reeves and Adam Marcus who won the last two races.
    She does great work selecting opportune times for the interviews with Grant and Stan.

    I don’t think football has any place on this channel It isn’t on the same planet.
    You want to appeal to a mass market, there are six others where your opinion will not stand the test of time.
    Look at what the public think of Michael Owen’s rants ..

    The same applies to anything but racing.

    The local presenters instantly cut off Emily Jones as soon as she says “Well…”

    I don’t feel Gauteng do enough legwork bar Andrew Bon.
    Social media here is a shocker

    KZN on the other hand are leaping into this with zeal and enthusiasm.

    It’s what you put out there that brings people in.
    You’re competing for the entertainment Rand so you’ve got clubs, pubs, restaurants, cinema and casinos to compete with.
    Not only do you need great food, a bar with a great vibe, good facilities and efficiency but you need a good safe environment.

    Start thinking about a BSI or ATR approach rather than dump everything on one or two individuals and expect a channel to have better ratings than the weather channel.
    The went the opposite way with two presenters cut to one and it was a shambles.

    The only good thing is they’re displaying presenter profit margins.
    They don’t impress me much but they’re every race when one should be selective and disciplined.

  17. Mayen says:

    Too much talk has killed racing. Was better listening on the radio.


    Prasheen & Mayen = your’e both so right

    Even an over-educated flea can do it better that those Tellytrack STUDIO PRODUCERS.

    Too many of the presenters do way too little research of the daily product they have to deliver…some no research or know how whatsoever.

    Don’t you presenters get embarrassed about your lack of general knowledge ?

  19. Graham Hurlstone-Jones says:

    The P6 debate was false flag….they have no intention of improving punters chances, it was all a big PR stunt. The back slapping authorities have to have the carryovers to hide the massive drop in P6 pots. The last week only 30 + winners except for two meets that paid pennies so when you do catch it, its pennies. Its lottery as the results attest to…..good luck with the smaller pots….it s going the same way as the lottery because people perceive the manipulation…..The barrier trials was the latest punter friendly thing to do or so we thought but guess what, its been manipulated to rip us off and look after a few individuals…..but all is good, no problem.

  20. IAN says:

    1. Taking a bet on overseas racing, watching that race until the final few furlongs, then cut-off & missing the finish due to having to watch horses in the parade ring in SA.
    2. No need to read local tipsters’ tips – just check the betting. They regularly pick the first 3 favourites – in that order!
    3. On the same subject, does anyone take notice of the tips on the “Free Tab sheets”? It’s a monotonous Fav, 2nd fav, 3rd fav race after race. Presumably someone is getting paid for this….
    4. Continuous Betting World adverts on TT. Are Betting World the controlling force behind TT ?
    5. Presenters & tipsters (???) wearing different logo’d shirts, depending upon which bookie is sponsoring the show. Presumably also on the payroll…?


    Crikey Ian, my sentiments as well.

    What I’ve gathered is that all these annoyances listed/mentioned by the various bloggers are so common and frequent. There is consensus.

    Footnote – I’m so tried of hearing about the prawns, chips and that bloodly fabulous sauce ….my God, yes there’s something called Ocean Basket, Phumelela !

    So top management at Tellytrack force their presenters to push the sauce, on air.

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