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Khumalo Fall – Tellytrack Apology

Two jockeys down at Kenilworth

Tellytrack have apologised to the racing fraternity for the insensitive broadcasting of jockey S’manga Khumalo’s nasty fall while riding Ibra in Race 2 at Kenilworth on Tuesday.

S’manga Khumalo – bad fall

In a press release issued on Tuesday 16 April 2019, Tellytrack state that Khumalo was sent to hospital for x-rays after the fall.

The 27-10 second favourite was battling it out with Mirage (43-20) with about 100m to go when she seemed to falter and fell, pitching Khumalo onto the turf.

He was given lengthy treatment before being taken to hospital.

“Mr Khumalo had slurred speech, felt drowsy, a headache and neck pain. He also reported a thumb injury.

“He was sent to hospital for x-rays and further examination,” said Kenilworth on-course medical officer Dr Godwin Carelse.

Ibra herself was unhurt.

Ed note – Aldo Domeyer and his mount After Glow fell in the sixth race

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19 comments on “Khumalo Fall – Tellytrack Apology

  1. Jamie Turkington says:

    Did they simply happen to broadcast the fall during the course of the race coverage, or what else informs the sensitivity?

  2. johnsweet says:

    I didn’t hear the insensitive comments by Teletrack as I turn off the sound immediately after each race. I have listened to the same repetitive ‘music’ which they constantly play between races for years.
    If I wanted to hear music, I would listen to my own choice, it is not a music channel.

  3. Deezo says:

    True. There was absolutely nothing insensitive about broadcasting of the fall. If you want to see insensitivity watch the jumps races. Thats drama for you.

  4. Judith says:

    Insensitivity aside – how is Bling? Concussion? Broken bones? Querying the broadcast is weird. No,it is not a music channel – we know that – but why do they never deal with the fallen jockey, the damaged horse? Is Ibra ok? A one liner from Sporting Post says Ibra is – but nothing further about Khumalo – I struggle with the ethics that hide the visuals, the post accident reports – why? One of the toughest jobs out there for humans, ditto for the animals. Silence is NOT golden. Jockeys should be praised (its a violent, tough painful workplace), horses revered.

  5. Bronwell Tobias says:

    Totally insensitive.
    No update on the jockey, no replay or coverage to see if SK was ok. Not even a bit of worry by d broadcaster, totally insensitive and never seen this before. Looks like it’s all about d money and entertainment and not the jockeys well been. Disgusted

  6. Ronnie Ramasamy says:

    Happy to hear that nothing serious with jockey and horse

  7. Pieta says:

    I’m surprised that TT are almost tearful and cut up about this……they have been showing this lot at least 3 times a day for the last 10 years…..and more….I’m sure they will be hiding behind the over 18 clause if challenged……and you as a viewer know what can happen……we did not ask you to watch…..

  8. Lawrence Parsons says:

    If a jockey falls, he falls. All people in sport take risks and as it happens some get injured. We all make noises when a jockey falls as if we can feel their pain and the horses. No broadcaster wishes a sportsmen or woman any ill and the sport must go on to the next race ect. Its a business and a sport. Best wishes for SK on recovery and hope to see you back soon as we punters enjoy the game and he is a top class jockey


    Oh please, what a joke ! ….and I’m not referring to the terrible fall of jockey and horse.

    How condescending.

    I have a myriad of incidents, on a weekly basis, that Tellytrack could do well to apologize to there patrons for.

  10. Hogan Govindsamy says:

    Lets hope all athletes are fine – both equine and human.

  11. Martin says:

    As mentioned watch jump racing in the UK. There they take some serious fall. Please can tellytrack give us some feed back on the jockeys.

  12. Devon says:

    Well done Tellytrack. We need to see these things. At least we understand the extent of the problem.otherwise it disappears and we only find the outcome a long time later.

  13. Mark Truter says:

    All part of the job the more you fall the better you ride next time

  14. Victoria Dickerson says:

    This is a very poor article as it doesn’t specify the nature of the perceived lack of sensitivity. Reading between the lines (mainly from the Comments below the article) I gather the insensitivity was evident in the fact that Tellytrack did not show concern for either horse or jockey with no update on their condition. Compare with F1, also a sport & entertainment, they always show concern and constantly update viewers on the driver’s condition. Glad to hear horse & jockey are ok.


    Devon, Mark & Victoria….. spot on.

    Devon’s post = Just in case anybody thinks we thrive on jockeys injuries. The general public need to see, once in a blue moon, that riding a horse, at full tilt, is a seriously skilled job.

  16. BobbyDawg says:

    I believe it was the third race instead of the 2nd.

  17. Alwyn West says:

    “Ibra took an awkward and incomplete stride for no apparent reason” and “Afterglow fell and dislodged the rider.” Common to both horses was that the saddle had slipped. Usually the fall is not the cause of a saddle slipping. Both of them had slipped so far back that they were in the flank area, in the same position as a ‘bucking strap’ would be fitted in a rodeo to make a horse buck. A horse in a paddock can run and buck without a problem but under saddle, at a flat out gallop, it will result in a fall. Many years ago, as a young rider, I had this happen to me. Fortunately I was working on sand and not quite at that pace. and in a full size training saddle. The saddle used for racing is often the size of a postage stamp and is nothing more than something to hold the stirrups. It is very noticeable in Australian racing that horses are fitted with breastplates. Here in South Africa, bridles must be fitted with Irish Martingales, better known as ‘rings’, as a safety precaution against the reins from being flipped to one side of the head. Surely it should be made compulsory, in the best interest of the jockeys’ safety, that breastplates are used here?
    Something else that was shocking was the length of time it took for medical assistance to arrive on the scene. In the case of Smanga, the ambulance would have first had to exit the course onto Doncaster Road, drive to and along Rosmead Avenue, back into the course and then onto the track to reach him. Reaching Aldo was a bit quicker as the ambulance drove on the track from the start.
    We know it is not possible for the ambulance, with a doctor aboard, to track the horses along the side of the track at Kenilworth but what is stopping them from following on the grass at a safe distance. Fortunately both incidents were not of the type where time is of the essence which it could so easily have been. The same applies to veterinary assistance and the time taken to reach a horse. Let the vet follow in his vehicle. Come on, Kenilworth Racing, make the plan now instead of having regrets later

  18. Alwyn West says:

    Mark Truter. What an insane remark to make. Did you not see both horses fell? Evidently you did not fall enough

  19. Joao says:

    The insensitivity come from showing replays of the race straight after the event , followed by close up side on and then head on’s. The issue is we all sadly accept that these things happen sometimes but do we really need to watch it over and over again especially until we know that all the participants are ok?

    Perhaps you are one of those people that like to turn your head left when passing a traffic accident on your left hand side.

    For me there is enough ugliness and sadness in the world that I personally don’t need to add to it.

    The millisecond those horse fell my only concern is with horse and rider or rider and horse how ever the PC way is of putting it.

    Had one of the participants lost their lives I would feel very uncomfortable watching it over and over again, unless Im a d#@$ (edited) then i suppose things like that might make one happy.

    Well done Tellytrack for copping to your faux pas. When Aldo fell you did the right thing by not replaying it and then Fee (i think thats her name) informed us all everything was ok.

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