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NHA Raid Bush Racing

Sanctions may follow

The National Horseracing Authority confirms that its Officials attended an unauthorised “informal bush race meeting” near Lephalale on Saturday 27 April 2019.

Pic – only for illustration

It was established after serious confrontation, that several of the horses that participated were horses currently registered under the Rules of the National Horseracing Authority and that their participation was in contravention of Rule 93.2.1.

Consequently these horses are suspended with effect from 27 April 2019 for a period of 90 days and possible sanctions may follow against the connections of these horses in terms of Rule 72.1.24.

  • Press release published by National Horseracing Authority

Ed -Lephalale or Ellisras is a coal mining town in the Limpopo province of South Africa immediately east of the Waterberg Coalfield.

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33 comments on “NHA Raid Bush Racing

  1. Beverley Hibbert says:

    BRILLIANT! Here’s hoping we can get these bush races completely banned. Well done NHRA!

  2. Dave says:

    Hi, can we get the names of these horses and from which yards they are trained ?

    1. Editor says:

      We did ask the NHA that question prior to publication, Dave

  3. Roderick Mattheyse says:

    and what was the answer?

    1. Editor says:

      They are reverting to us
      Agree that if the horses were seized and identified, they should be named

    2. Editor says:

      NHA CEO Vee Moodley advises we should watch the racing calendar

  4. Manie Pillay says:

    Yes , we need to know the names of the horses and trainers they belong to. It’s very important.

  5. Brian says:

    Why can’t he just be the transparent promise and tell us

  6. Nico van Niekerk says:

    Can you imagine if the trainer didnt tell the owner he was running them in a bush race?

  7. Surette Dunn says:

    I agree in a sense where horses are raced that are currently in training with registered trainers should be suspensed… But the other horses are not in training with trainers… Those should not be picked on, the photo is also not that of the actual track. Have any of you been to one of these meetings??? Maybe Riaan from the NHRA can also comment here… The people who run in these races normally don’t have the funds to pay for horses to be trained by professionals. And have any of you seen the condition of these horses? Probably not… This is not bush racing it is Armature racing

  8. Rod Mattheyse says:

    Why wait until Friday- why not just include it in the press release

  9. Robbie d says:

    Are trainers selling horses to this obviously inadequate set up?or are they buying at auctions?

  10. Surette Dunn says:

    @Robbie who says the people owning these horses are inadequate I’m more than willing to share photos of what these horses look like and how they are cared for. I have done photography at these events my email address [email protected] should anyone feel that they want justification to the care of these equines

  11. Pieta says:

    ED, I attended the Mascom Derby at Maun (Northern Botswana) on the 20th April this year.
    This is the only race meeting in Botswana ( that I know of) and its held on the Easter Saturday.
    WOW….thousands of people…..even on my way north the towns were empty….the locals told me everyone has gone to Maun.
    A bit disorganized as you can understand with blurred commentary before the races and no commentary during the race and sadly they had to withdraw the race card…..someone printed last years card.
    The bits and pieces I could pick up was that there were horses from Zim, Lesotho,SA,Namibia and from all over Botswana.
    The horses looked in good order…not that I’m an expert.
    Worth going to if you are in the area…….but take a taxi from your hotel……normal cars in ques from 07.00 to 13.00hrs…..Taxis know the quickest way😁

    ED, I’ve take some videos if you are interested.

    1. Editor says:

      Hi Pieta

      Plse email [email protected]

  12. Andre Slabbert says:

    What is the difference between Bush Racing and Amateur Racing?


    I find the action of the NHA hypocritical.

    Bush Racing is the same discipline as Amateur Racing.

    Amateur Racing masquerades as being legitimate and gets support from the jockey club and money from Phumelela.

    Bush Racing gets nothing.

  13. Steve Reid says:

    No person shall be a member of any racing club in SOUTHERN AFRICA which is not recognised or licensed by the NATIONAL BOARD or participate as an owner, trainer, rider or official in any race meeting which is not licensed, recognised or authorised by the NATIONAL BOARD;

    This is the rule referred to. Mr Editor could you perhaps ask the following from the NHA for me since under the lap don’t get me “privileges”.

    1. Is this a rule or a guideline?
    2. Events such as the Bray July and Dundee July, among others, are well publicised and have things like their own Facebook pages and multiple mentions on various very mainstream websites such as News24. Some perusing reveals a list of current racing personalities that participate in these events. I recall an article in the GO! magazine a few years back documenting a race meeting in the Kalahari ( not sure if this was the Bray July or another meeting ) that gave the history of the event and had interviews with participants, some were very prominent and well known Kimberley racing owners. Forgive my amnesia I can’t recall the surname but the “organiser” if memory serves was a Dysmann, who owned horses in Kimberley as his father had before him at the time.
    My question is are these events licenced, recognised or authorised by the NATIONAL BOARD? If they are, what criteria needs to be met to obtain the go ahead?
    3. Was there betting being undertaken at this recent meeting that was raided? If there was were the bookies licenced by any Gambling Board?
    4. Besides horses and owners, were any trainers, jockeys or licenced officials present?
    5. On what grounds did the NHA believe they had the right to raid what I assume is a privately owned facility?
    6. Is it the NHA’s policy that owners are not allowed to utilise their horses for private use of any kind whilst they are in a racing yard.
    7. Does every horse that has “retired” from racing have the neccessary “2nd career” documentation on file at the NHA? If the answer is no, how percentage do and why is this rule not being enforced, or is that maybe also just a guideline?

    1. Editor says:

      Will do Steve

  14. Rod Mattheyse says:

    So the Kimberley horses are fit enough for bush racing but not fit enough for racing under rules.

    Should only horses be banned for 90 days or should license holders who break the rules also be banned for 90 days or life?

  15. Roderick Mattheyse says:

    Did the NHA not have the power to prevent those horses from participating

  16. Arrie says:

    Ek as n eienaar was daar op die resies gewees met my perde .Ek is al oor die 13 jaar in die perde bedryf .Het nog nooit n plek gehardloop nie Maar wel hoeveel eerste s gehardloop .en plekke om die Amuatur racing .Ek doen dit nie vir geld nie maar om dat ek n lief is vir sport en die perde.Ons was al by meeting met die NHA .Almal wil die trainers die skuld gee dit is nie .Ek as eienaar het die reg om met my perde te doen wat ek wil .

  17. Steve Reid says:

    Arrie jou doring hulle gaan jy en jou trainer kap. Dis die Jokkie klub die boeta hulle skrik vir fokol. Kry maar die vaseline reg my maat.

  18. Rian says:

    The N H A are a toothless bunch, and the hole the digging is getting bigger, well said Steve
    They didnt post my first one ( Sic )

  19. Geraldine says:

    About ruddy time

  20. Elize says:

    Ek Persoonlik is seker daarvan dat die Amateur Racing gedoen word uit die liefde van die Sport en nie vir Geld nie.
    Om Amateur Racing stop te sit of soos JUL dit wil noem (Buch Racing) , maak Owner trainers wat dan onder die NHA se reëls en rigelasies val.

  21. Roderick Mattheyse says:

    The list per the NHA is out and It only contains the name of horses, and in at least 1 instance it will raise peoples eyebrows when they look at the racing records to see whom the trainer was, but on closer inspection it will be apparent that the horse has left the trainer and now in the care of another trainer who is licensed in the central provinces.

    NHA should really have named the trainers who now care for the horses in question

  22. Roderick Mattheyse says:

    Arrie, se vir my waar kry ek die pille wat my aflos van die aanspreeklikheid vir die reels van die NHA.

    Gee maar jou “colours” in dan kan jy maar maak wat jy wil – maar jou “trainer” mag nie maak soos hy wil nie – hy moet besluit of hy in die bos wil kompiteer of op die baan

  23. Gary says:

    Horses on list

    Suspended under Rule 93.2.1 Unauthorised racing

    NHA Racing Calendar Dated 3/5/2019 – Volume 118 Issue 40

    Apache Outlaw
    Bahama Mama
    Caribbean Bay
    Eagle Ruler
    Fort William
    Georgia May
    Golden Semenya
    Kansas city
    Like a Master
    Marble Drum
    Marked White Night
    New Resolution
    Pont du Gard
    Portman Square
    Rhythm in Red
    Second Lieutenant
    Shades of Pink
    Solar Quest

  24. Bella says:

    Watse pille?????? Anyway sien julle in die bos hieha….

  25. Steve Reid says:

    Some more questions to be asked from our beloved “authority”

    1. Some of the horses on this list are older than 10 years and have not been carded in a sanctioned race for years. How is it then that these horses were still registered as “active” in a trainers yard?
    2. Where are the documents on all these horses pertaining to their 2nd careers? Another NHRA smoke mirror and bs rule that looks good on paper but is not policed.

    Lets panel jocks for “excessive” use of whips and come with these farcial hands and heels rules to show how we care for horses, when in fact there is no compassion for these animals following their racing careers.

  26. Mashie says:

    Educate yourself on the 2nd career assessment forms that are now compulsory for horses retiring from a racing yard ….

  27. Horselover says:

    What a bunch of nonsense…people who have not attended a meeting like the Bray Juky. Cannot comment on this forum..in my opinion..that is what horse racing is about and not the hyprocrtaes at tbe NHRA

  28. Clodagh Shaw says:

    I have rescued 3 horses from Mthata Bush racing. All in shocking condition! Coincidentally previously trained by the same trainer!!

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