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Crops – Coastal Jocks Respond

It must be included in 'no crop' races

The Coastal Jockeys Association fully supports any initiative aimed at promoting a positive image of the sport of horseracing.

This was the response from a spokesman for the association after media reports of a potential controversy surrounding this weekend’s ‘no crop races’ at Greyville and Turffontein.

WhipsAn article carried originally on Tabnews – read here –  said a petition regarding Race 11 on Champions Day, the Hands ‘n Heels MR80 Handicap, was handed to Gauteng chief stipendiary steward Lyle Anderson last Saturday. It had apparently been signed by fourteen of the jockeys riding at Turffontein that day.

The Coastal Jockeys Association has distanced itself from any suggestions of a boycott or a lack of discipline on the part of its members in relation to these races.

According to information flowing from the association, approaches were made to both the NHA and Gold Circle in advance of entries for the race scheduled for Greyville on Friday evening.

The purpose of the approach from the CJA was for more information and to lobby for permission to run the races with riders carrying their crops.

The spokesman said that members of the CJA were willing to participate in the ‘no crop’ races on the basis that crops were to be carried with both hands on the reins, and also with an option to switch crop hands if deemed necessary.

It is a general consensus of opinion that crops are an integral element of a jockey’s equipment and facilitates proper control of the horse from mounting in the parade ring prior to the race, right through to the dismount after the race.

“Our members are independently employed jockeys who have a right to accept or reject riding engagements. We found that in the absence of more specific and detailed guidelines for the ‘no-crop’ races from both the operator and the racing regulator, that our members risked an infringement of the rules without full capacity to understand the parameters. In the circumstances we chose, as professionals and in our own and the public interest, to rather encourage further consultation and engagement on the part of all stakeholders to clarify any issues and to broaden the scope of the discussions to consider the inclusion of the crop on the basis suggested.”

The spokesman for the Coastal Jockeys Association said that they had no comment to make on the petition related to the ‘no crops’ race carded for Turffontein on Saturday.

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6 comments on “Crops – Coastal Jocks Respond

  1. Cecil Pienaar says:

    At least this nameless Spokesman refers to our Professional Jockeys as Independently Employed and not Contractors. I do note only apprentices riding Fri Night Race1. It clearly isn’t called an Apprentice Maiden plate. So why no “Coastal Jockey Association” Seniors ?

    Mr Ed pls check on this ?

    1. Editor says:

      Cecil, the spokesman is a senior jockey who confirmed that their members opted not to ride in the Greyville race on individual choice for reasons outlined – ie they proposed that they be permitted to carry the crop and also for reasons of the lack of clarity and detail regarding the rules applied. They feel the rules need to be more specific in regard to these races.

  2. Cecil Pienaar says:

    Thank You Mr Ed. I am all for more consultations with all The Jockeys on this one, and support the ones that opted out for now. Both articles gave me a bit of heart burn, I feel we have bigger issues in racing at present. Yes, abuse of whip is wrong and penalised. So is not riding out a horse, and some do need a reminder to keep going and a show to straighten. Anyway, maybe I am just anti-bosses that make rules, sorry guidelines, not just in racing. Luckily they come and go.

    PS – I do “slander” Jocks now and again in the privacy of my home when I’m 2 or 3 out with my JP. Then my Boss(wife) reminds me I am big enough to ride 2 horse.

    1. Editor says:

      Be the bigger man 🙂

  3. Speedyvar says:

    So now it is OK to send in the Kids to do the jobs the adults refuse to do?If it is true that the crop is needed to properly control the horse why send out inexperienced horsemen without a crop?
    And are Jockeys and apprentices not controlled by the same rules
    So are these apprentices not risking infringement of the rules without full capacity to understand the parameters
    Who looks after the interests of these appies?
    Was this No Whip thing Mike de Kock’s baby? .

  4. James G says:

    All riders of horses should carry a whip as it used to be called.
    We would all prefer to see races where cruelty to horses is never contemplated.
    But in these races i believe riders should carry a whip but not be allowed to take their hands off the reins to strike the horse. Or for that matter another rider, He He He !!

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