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No Whips – Senior Jocks Sign Petition

Riders don't agree with NHA

The ‘no whip’ races to be held at Greyville and Turffontein this weekend have attracted controversy.

History – Hawwaam won our first no whip race in November 2018 (Pic – Candiese Marnewick)

Generally speaking many jockeys seem to be happy to ride in these races if allowed to carry a stick and show it without it being used.

But they aren’t keen to take part if not allowed to carry a stick at all.

Tabnews reports that a petition regarding Race 11 on Champions Day, the Hands ‘n Heels MR80 Handicap, was handed to Gauteng chief stipendiary steward Lyle Anderson last Saturday.

Race-11 (Turf / Night) R109 000 1600m 18:00 Ref-1004
1st R68125, 2nd R21800, 3rd R10900, 4th R5450, 5th R2725
WFA: 2yrs-11.5kgs 3yrs-2kgs
1 11 Diamond Dancer 61 82 T A W Kennedy Paul Peter
2 2 Arlingtons Revenge 60 84 A R Simons Mike de Kock
3 3 Dan The Lad 60 80 A D L Habib Paul Matchett
4 9 Condor Gulch (IRE) 59.5 79 BA G Lerena Mike de Kock
5 8 Kings Archer 59.5 79 BA D De Gouveia Stuart Pettigrew
6 10 Hakeem (AUS) 58.5 77 A M Yeni Mike de Kock
7 5 Bien Venue 58 80 T A L Hewitson Sean Tarry
8 7 Throng 57 74 TBA R Danielson Sean Tarry
9 6 Mighty Valdie 55.5 71 BA *K Matsunyane -2.5 Sean Tarry
10 1 Nimcha 54 72 A *D Schwarz Gary Alexander
11 4 Aurora Australis 52 64 A *L J Ferraris Sean Tarry
Same Trainer – Not Coupled on Tote
(2,4,6) (7,8,9,11)

It had been signed by fourteen of the jockeys riding at Turffontein that day.

Racing Control Executive Arnold Hyde responded:

“The no crop races are spectacles that highlight the fact that horse welfare is taken extremely seriously by the NHA. Indeed as from May 10 our whip rules will be tightened so as to only allow twelve strikes.

“Obviously the jockeys are independent contractors, and it’s their decision whether or not to ride, but it’s disappointing they feel that way.

National Horseracing Authority“The race conditions had been published and clearly stated that no whips were to be carried, so that wasn’t going to change.”

Race 1 at Greyville this Friday is a Maiden with no whips allowed, but was subject to something of a boycott from the senior jockeys.

Consequently  all are ridden by apprentices.

Race-1 (Turf / Night) R105 000 1400m 16:55 Ref-695
1st R65625, 2nd R21000, 3rd R10500, 4th R5250, 5th R2625
For all Maidens
1 4 Jet Lignite 60 66 A *A Arries Alyson Wright
2 7 What A Blast 60 63 A *K Matsunyane -2.5 Dennis Bosch
3 9 At The Opera 60 60 A *Y Ramzan -4.0 Michael Roberts
4 8 Master George 60 59 A *J Gates -2.5 Doug Campbell
5 6 Stunning Guest 60 38 A *N Klink -2.5 Doug Campbell
6 3 African Apollo 60 0 A *X Jacobs -4.0 Duncan Howells
7 1 Lord Caro 60 0 T A *D Schwarz Wendy Whitehead
8 5 Class Of Eight 57 58 A *K Sakayi -1.5 Wayne Badenhorst
9 2 Arizona Silk 56 0 T A *L J Ferraris Nathan Kotzen
Same Trainer – Not Coupled on Tote

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19 comments on “No Whips – Senior Jocks Sign Petition

  1. Jim says:

    Hope the jocks stick to their guns. Any one who actually rides horses will know how important it is to carry a stick. I’m all for limiting the strikes but expecting riders not to carry a stick is retarded

  2. Rod Mattheyse says:

    How did the NHA come to the number of 12. Why not follow France or Ireland, in every other aspect we try to emulate the rich North

  3. Jay August says:

    At some point the welfare of jockeys and horses intersect and then diverge. It cannot only be one over the other.

    When we criticise jockeys for a bad ride we unfairly get rebuked for being armchair critics but in this issue I concede they are the experts and their welfare is just as important as the horses..

    The jockeys therefore have my support on this issue!

    Regulator’s worldwide, in their haste to appease a very vocal minority, under the guise of improving public perception, would do well to consider the possible consequences of their actions which are as yet unknown.

    Good intentions sometimes have a habit of sponsoring terrible outcomes!

  4. N. KOTZEN says:

    Carry sticks but no hitting behind

  5. Ds says:

    Some horses only respond to the whip will punters besides studying form now study which horses respond and which horses don’t respond to the whip

  6. Neil Hughes says:

    Horses are big animals with minds of Thier own.
    Sometimes it is necessary to conjol them into going in the right direction at the right time and force is something needed to do it for Thier own good as well as it’s rider and all other riders as well

  7. Preggie says:

    The problem that exists is that the people that make these decisions have not been educated as to the purpose of the crop. Any jockey, trainer or horseman will tell you that a crop is there to correct behavior and not for punishment. If a horse is hanging in a race the crop is used to straighten the horse, hence without a crop injury to other horses and jocks is inevitable.The horse responds to the sound of the crop rather than the pain of the crop. Are we now prepared to risk the lives of our jocks and horses because of these uninformed decision makers? Are punters prepared to lose their money because some horses do not respond without a crop? We are in a decining industry, a few more of these antics will surely stop people punting, owners buying, trainers closing down and jocks calling it a day. Maybe that’s what the underlying goal to all these changes are. As owners we spend a fortune on a passion but it seems the controlling bodies add no value but continue creating hurdles for this industry.

  8. Dino says:

    A whip makes a difference.even a fool can see that. I will not be betting in these races where my money is at an even bigger risk than conventional gambling.it is like playing roulette.

  9. Debby says:

    I love it that they are riding without whips !

  10. Debby says:

    Only Wimps ride with Whips ……So much for our senior jocks ….

  11. Andrew says:

    Why don’t they first try the no whip rule in the barrier trails & see how it works out. To play with people’s money is no good .Me as punters aspects the best for betting horses & the only best can be accomplished if you give a horse a whip

  12. Philip Moses says:

    On another note,why don’t the rule apply for the place accumullater when 16 or more horses are carded because if you place Blets on a horse then it pays out if 16 or more,I don’t think it is fair for not adding it as a p/a better as well.

  13. Philip Moses says:

    There is also another frustrating thing that I have notice, when your horse are scratched , then you get the favourite,if the number 9 is flashing so you think that will be the favourite but no ,,then they give you something’s else what they decide, please do something about that give the punter a better deal,from a realy sad punter who has been in the game for the last 45 years..

  14. raventhran lionel naidoo says:

    if the whip is not important then why put comments like..JOCKEY LOST HIS CROP AT CRUCIAL STAGE OF RACE…in form guides….so unfair to all punters and owners…youl never get the best performance from a horse without carrying a whip.theres so many punters that are leaving this game..i just cant imagine wats gonna happen with tote pools..i for one wont burn my money on watching horses race at half its potential…RIDICULOUS RULE

  15. Patrick says:

    I will not place a bet on a no whip race

  16. Rian says:

    THE JOCKS MUST DECIDE AND NOBODY ELSE !!!!!. Many of the Stipes were senior Jocks and no the drill
    WHY are they so quiet on this issue its disgusting

  17. GEE Racing says:

    I wonder if the people making these decisions have ever sat on a horse? Our horse ran 2nd in the Greyville no sticks race. He was favorite and ran 2nd by .3 of a length. All he need was half a tap and it would have been a different result.

  18. Jay August says:

    GEE Racing, my exact thoughts when watching that race last night! If no stick racing becomes the norm you can throw form out the window and start from scratch. Perhaps that is what the idealist’s want?!

  19. Chrissy says:

    Fantastic! I am all for anything that encourages the rider to establish more of a relationship with the horse. At the end of the day it all comes down to training. Our horses would much rather be out grazing than doing anything that a human wants, so if we can convince them to work with us and listen to them if they say “absolutely not” and go through the process of WHY they don’t want to (ie. pain/ulcers/ill-fitting tack/insecurity etc), that is great. We need to always remember that they don’t have to do this with us, they don’t have to co-operate, and force is not the way.

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