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Carryovers – Policy Revised

Same bet-type the focus

TAB has enhanced its carryover policy for all bets in order to maximise the participation and enjoyment of its customers.

All horseracing carryovers will continue to be added to the same bet-type pool from which they originated as is the case currently.

But going forward all these carryovers will be accumulated into individual bet type stockpiles. These carryover monies will only be deployed around month-end, when customer participation is at a maximum and when the carryover amount is sufficient to ignite the interest of horseplayers.

Pick 6 and Quartet carryover monies will only be utilised on month-end major racedays according to an annual schedule drawn up by TAB based on the total Pick 6 and Quartet carryovers amounts in a year.

The schedule will take into account the centres from which the carryovers originated and attempt to redistribute proportionately.

Should there be insufficient monies in the Pick 6 and Quartet stockpiles to fund the advertised carryovers at any point, TAB will make up the shortfall until more carryover money is generated, while any excess at the end of 12 months will be added to a selected pool.

Soccer pool carryovers, excluding Soccer 13 which is hosted by Svenska Spel in Sweden, will be accumulated into one stockpile regardless of the pools from which they originated.

These carryover monies will be added to selected soccer pools containing maximum-appeal matches around month-end.

“The aim is to make the most of TAB carryovers for the benefit of our customers, which in turn will drive turnovers,” said Rob Scott, who heads up Phumelela’s betting and media divisions.

  • Press release published by Phumelela Gaming & Leisure on 28 April 2019

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10 comments on “Carryovers – Policy Revised

  1. Pieta says:

    Someone should tell this guy there is a difference between a customer and a client…..maybe he is from a rentail background….
    Pick+Pay, Woolworths,Spar and Checkers have customers…..
    A client is someone that invests his money in private and expects a personal professional service.
    Maybe this has been their problem all along.

  2. Graham says:

    So the debate on the P6 exotic was a PR stunt ? I see they have entrenched the ” carryovers” as a permanent thing. “clients” only coming at the end of the month depending on the failure of other “clients” not to win so making the pools more attractive will finally bring the exotic to its knees…….what about the first 3 weeks of the month ? “clients” will walk away if they see that their money is being used to bolster other clients chances later on…….Everyone will wait till the end of the month. The pools will keep dropping, you have to make it easier to win, not harder to improve turnover…???

  3. Speedyvar says:

    How does the TAB want us to read and understand this-These carryover monies will only be deployed around month-end, when customer participation is at a maximum and when the carryover amount is sufficient to ignite the interest of horseplayers”’
    Is the TAB calling the punter who bets every day and grows the Carryover pool a customer.You know the punter that takes a Pick 6 for R30 or R 500 every day.
    And is the TAB calling the punter who waits for a huge carryover at end of month before taking a R 60 000 to R 200 000 Pick 6 a horseplayer.

  4. Anthony says:

    Who *edited came up with this plan,I am a punter that plays every meeting and spend at least a R1000. a meeting , well now i may as well wait for month end and just increase my bets .The onload thing that’s going to happen is the pool’s are going to get smaller .

  5. Jay August says:

    Anthony’s point is spot on. The consequences of this may just be to reduce the pools even more during the slow period. Pool size by day of month is not a static variable which can be adjusted at only one point in the month without repercussions for the remainder of the month.

  6. Walter Dajee says:

    I think I have an appreciation for the ongoing attempts to improve your priorities. I would have a counter point that suggests you are discouraging P6 play for the rest of the month?

    Punters are gullible at the least and may prove me wrong by continuing their donations?

    Time is the only master here… Let’s see.

  7. Robert says:

    Guys for goodness sake you cannot wait to just throw money into pools with a few days notice how do u get the message across give it a chance personally I think it may just work

  8. Zahir says:

    This is a sickening to the punters.

  9. Fyndraai says:

    Month end has come and gone and still we no idea to where amounts are carried forward to. The only advertisement I can find is on Saftote which refers to a Pick6 and Quartet carryover to Saturday. There is a huge meeting on Friday night at Greyville and no information has been provided to the “customers” as to whether any monies are carried forward to such meeting. Surely this meeting must fall into the bracket of Phumelela’s so called month-end major race days.

    Ed, I did ask you previously in a post to obtain certain information from the TAB regarding carryover funds and I do not know whether your queries prompted Mr Scott to provide this information. In any event, my questions remain unanswered. Maybe you can ask Mr Scott to comment on the following:
    1) Whether any of the so called customers where consulted when making the decision to only utilize carryover funds at the end of the month.
    2) Whether Phumelela can provide us with the annual schedule as referred to in Mr Scott’s letter.
    3) Which media platforms he will be using to convey the month-end carryovers on.
    4) The amount of carryover funds held by the TAB before converting them into individual stock piles.
    5) A breakdown of the funds that are transferred to the individual bet type stock piles.
    6) Whether the TAB is prepared to be so transparent by providing monthly updates as to what amounts are available in each individual bet type stock pile.

    1. Editor says:

      Will pass this on to Mr Scott

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