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Election Day – WCRA Weighs In

'Situation could have been handled better'

A meeting at Durbanville on Sunday 12 May has been added to the racing calendar – to compensate for the cancelled Election Day meeting at the same venue.

The programme for that 8 May Wednesday meeting stood–and new entries were called for. and  closed yesterday at 12h30. Declarations were made at 13h30.

This was the sequel to a few weeks of debate and reaction from various stakeholders in Cape racing in relation to the eventual action taken regarding the Election Day meeting.

Jonathan Snaith

The Western Cape Racing Association Chairman Jonathan Snaith has written to members and his communication is carried in full hereunder:

He writes:

As you may be aware, trainers were notified via a press release on Sunday, 5 May that the Durbanville race meeting scheduled for Wednesday, 8 May had been cancelled, and replaced with a race meeting to be held at Turffontein on the same day.

The reason for the decision was cited as not wanting to clash with the General Elections, which left Cape based owners and trainers mystified given that the same considerations should surely then apply in Johannesburg.

As directors of the Western Cape Chapter of the Racing Association we were compelled to investigate and attempt to influence this decision.

All participants in the Western Cape, and in particular owners, are directly and significantly affected by such an unnecessary cancellation of a race meeting. We immediately directed e-mails to the Kenilworth Racing Board and to Phumelela Management.

RA LogoThe good news is that Phumelela on Thursday, 9 May agreed to the new race meeting scheduled for Sunday, 12 May.

This meeting effectively replaces the cancelled meeting.

We would have ideally wanted a much faster resolution as owners, grooms, jockeys and trainers have been given very short notice.

The incident has highlighted the need for better communication between the various decision makers, in particular Kenilworth Racing and Phumelela.

We would like to thank both these entities for their willingness to engage on the matter, and for agreeing to the Sunday race meeting.

We can all agree that this situation could have been handled better and we will endeavor to continue our efforts in representing owners’ interests in the Western Cape.

We look forward to seeing you at Durbanville this Sunday to celebrate Mother’s Day.


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13 comments on “Election Day – WCRA Weighs In

  1. Steve Leahy says:

    This Racing Game is not for the faint hearted because structures change on a daily basis??? Yesterday chatting with my Trainer, I was advised that stakes have been reduced in Gauteng because its the ‘OFF’ Season?? What a load of S…T!! The Owners ‘keep’ remains the same and the Trainers ‘overheads’ remain the same, so why are the stakes reduced??
    Being a member of the RA, who supposedly is there to support the Owner, and this is the first I get to hear about this?? Please Larry!!!!!
    There have been serious issues of late with the Grooms demanding better working conditions and salaries and now this happens??
    Improvement in Stakes have been a serious issue and now it gets reduced???????????????????

    Please help!!!

  2. Andrew says:

    Western Cape racing must really get their act together .Lesser & lesser race meetings are held in Cape Town .Fields are getting smaller influence the small payouts . I don’t think Phumelela must dictate Cape racing . That’s why trainers like Joey Ramsden looking for greener grass . Jockeys racing abroad .Common racing authorities fight for Cape racing & listen to all concern (trainers , owners & the punterers ) .Maybe the Kenilworth racing board are softies .We got the best trainers in the country & the racing in the Cape are treated like scraps .

  3. Steve Reid says:

    When ego and self-importance trump common sense, this is the result. What a mess.

  4. Speedyvar says:

    Should Mr. Robert Bloomberg not hang his head in shame for not standing up to Mr Patrick Davis Racing Executive Director of Phumelela who manages Western Cape racing.He could of insisted that he would not allow Gauteng to gain a extra racing meeting and the WC to lose out.
    But what he did was to take it on the chin( his words) by selling out the WC racing owners,trainers grooms and others.He should be on the blower to Mr.Davis asking him to explain why it was that 5 days before it was that, due to the Turffontein meeting being substituted for the Durbanville meeting, this would necessitate an extra meeting being put on which makes no economic sense bearing in mind KR’s dire financial position and the challenges that PGL faces.And now it seems it makes complete economic sense after Mr Snaith steps in
    Bravo Mr. Snaith that is what a true leader does.

  5. John Kinsley says:

    As I was one of the owners who objected strongly on Sporting Post to the original cancellation of the meeting (as opposed to being moved to the Saturday) I feel obliged to commend Jonathan and any others who eventually pushed for this decision.

    This is the right decision for Cape Racing and shows our representatives showing the ‘backbone’ we require.

    I have already sent an e-mail directly to Jonathan via the RA conveying my support.

  6. Speedyvar says:

    Kenilworth Racing Chairman Robert Bloomberg did not stand up for Western Cape racing owners,trainers and others.
    He should be on the blower to Mr. Patrick Davis asking him, What the hell is going on.You making me look bad.””
    But then there are very few men who would speak to their boss like that.
    This is what Mr.Bloomberg stated,
    Had it been up to me, I would have postponed the Durbanville meeting to Saturday when we aren’t racing. But as Patrick has explained, due to the Turffontein meeting being substituted for the Durbanville meeting, this would necessitate an extra meeting being put on which makes no economic sense bearing in mind KR’s dire financial position and the challenges that PGL faces.
    So one has to ask ,Has the KR’s dire financial position and the challenges that PGL faces changed.
    Kudos to Mr Snaith for showing what a real leader does.

  7. Barry Irwin says:

    My head hurts from shaking it from side to side in disbelief over this latest foul up. It has become increasingly more and more difficult to promote racing to new participants under these circumstances.

  8. Owner says:

    Hocus Pocus, Simsaladim and now we have another meeting on the calendar.
    Where is this money coming from? The last I heard was that Kenilworth Racing hasn’t got two farthings to rub together and Phumelela has lost R40bar from levies and tightened up its belt so that there is no longer any room for another notch.
    On a serious note. After seeing this new meeting being catered for at a moments notice, If I ever hear anyone again bleating that the operators have no money, I intend to throw this meeting back into their faces.
    Why can’t we have consistency? The politics in horse racing is worse than a knife and fork fighting over a bowl of soup.

  9. James George says:

    Don’t stress folks.Robert “Shaggy-it wasn’t me”Bloomberg will clarify this mess.

  10. Brendon says:

    A comment or reply from Bloomberg and Davis would be helpful to all concerned as we need to understand how the “extra meeting being put on” for 12 May 2019 defies their previous utterances and suddenly it no longer “makes no economic sense”. Or is this meeting being subsidised and if so, by whom?

    Where is John Stuart? Should he not hold his management team accountable? or was this a “collective” decision of PGL management?

    It might not be a bad idea for PGL to consult with Mr Snaith, or even better, outsource the management of Western Cape racing to Mr. Snaith and his team on the ground. It might just turn out to be a profitable initiative, henceforth.

  11. Michael Jacobs says:

    Important to note that the Election day meeting was all set to go until Bloomberg butted in. In his wisdom he decided to raise his concerns about possible controversy and “elitism” which resulted in Phumelela cancelling the meeting, probably on the “concerns” of Bloomberg. So blame can be squarely placed at Bloomberg’s door, no-one else!

  12. Jack Swarts says:

    it’s not difficult to figure out this mess – it’s called the root-cause

  13. Art says:

    Betting Worlds Sea point outlet is running true to form ..AGAIN!!! This is a wholly owned subsidiary of Phumelela who just cannot get it right.Their betting display boards have been inoperational for most of last week ,thus depriving punters of essential information.It is no wonder that they are staring down the barrel of a gun.

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