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Muzi Claws On To Lead After Fall

Nasty fall by hardworking jockey

The race for the SA jockey title took another twist and turn at Greyville on Saturday when Winning Form sponsored log-leader Muzi Yeni fell from Fiorella after the filly stumbled in the running of the Gr2 WSB 1900.

Muzi Yeni (photo: hamishNIVENPhotography)

Muzi Yeni (photo: hamishNIVENPhotography)

Yeni was taken to hospital for x-rays and scans. All tests and scans were clear and he has been discharged with concussion, as well as a swollen hand and knee, and is expected to be off for a few days.

Yeni, currently on 164 winners, leads title holder Lyle Hewitson, who bounced back after kidney stone surgery last week, on 162.

Anton Marcus is in third spot with 158 winners.

Hewitson has six rides at Turffontein today.

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17 comments on “Muzi Claws On To Lead After Fall

  1. Deezo says:

    I truly hope Hewitson can defend his title. He is a dedicated jockey that practically rides 6 days a week and he deserves all the accolades. Yeni tries his best considering 70% of his winners are at Flamingo Park. Yeni’s strike rate is not as good as Hewitson or Marcus so it should be fitting that the jockey that wins the SA Jockey Championship should have an equally good winning strike rate.

  2. Russell Parkinson says:

    Whoever wins the title, glad to hear that Muzi didn’t suffer any major injuries after his fall yesterday. Take a few days rest and come back with all ‘ten guns firing’ – all the best to you.

  3. Emmie says:

    Muzi Yeni deserves every winner he rides. He is the hardest working jock in the country. Most of his winners are not only at Flamingo Park; however being top jock at Flamingo Park is not easy. Many a champion jock learned that the hard way.
    Musi does not have the luxary of riding for the biggest stables in SA; however he does his best and if he wins the championship it will be well deserved!

  4. Ingie says:

    Muzi deserves to win championship cause certain young jockeys gets all the best rides while others have to do all the hard work for them and never get the opportunities.

  5. marlon reddy says:

    Firstly, it is a huge relief that Muzi is ok after the previous issues that wrecked jockeys careers.
    Muzi does not get the quality of rides that Marcus and Lyle get.
    They even took Hawaam from Lerena and gave it to Marcus.
    Lyle Hewitson has first choice rides from Tarry.
    Don’t get me wrong.
    Marcus is a world class jockey.
    So it is an uphill battle for Muzi Yeni.
    This is my view. Hope it gets printed.

  6. Cecil Pienaar says:

    Muzi will be a popular Champion. Let the best man win.

  7. hilton witz says:

    Deezo maybe you should buy yourself a new calculator because as of the 14th may muzi has ridden 163 winners this racing season of which 35 have been at flamingo park so your 70 percent should read?

  8. Mickiel says:

    I was there when u fell u a top jockey just pray u Will be alright

  9. Joe says:

    Muzi is a brilliant natural talent. Horses love him. He has good hands and a great judge of pace.

  10. Pops says:

    Deezo, Hewitson won the SA Jockey Championship with a strike rate of 12.5%.With 2 plus months to go, Yeni is sitting at 11.9%,Not too shabby right Deezo? In the last 5 years Hewitson won with the lowest strike rate but we did not hear from Deezo saying, so it should be fitting that the jockey that wins the SA Jockey Championship should have an equally good winning strike rate.

  11. Cwc Ynwa says:

    Muzi, a speedy recovery sir, and all the best for the rest of the Championship months 2 a bit months left. I believe that you shall deliver Muzi, your grit, determination and belief will see you a cross the line.

  12. Lyle says:

    Ladies and Gentlemen, I would just like to make it clear that “Deezo” has no connection to my agent Deez Dayanand, however some have assumed such and have wrongfully been sending negative comments which have then proceeded to include me.
    With respect, please ensure facts before making comments as it can dent one’s reputation aswell as emotional well being.

  13. donald bradshaw says:

    Even George Croucher who is Muzis agent thought Deezo was Deez which is quite a surprise to me as they must know each other pretty well ! Maybe it would be better if comments are posted under your full and correct name to avoid this type of unacceptable situation from ever arising again ?

  14. George Croucher says:

    The Pseudonym Deezo was clearly selected due to the subject matter to create the impression that the author of the post was in fact Deez, this being the case it is in extremely poor taste and shows just how malicious some people can get when they have anonymity and cowardly hide behind an assumed title …shame on you…

  15. Brian says:

    Hello Lyle. You’re a young man. Nothing wrong with that. you are clearly talented. No doubt!

    Here’s the thing as a man of law representing many high profiled artistes around the in the UK and Australia may I say with utmost respect, your agent should have jumped on this not you.

    The fact that you had your Agents back only shows to thew great character you have, and you do.

    You’re gong to face a lot more scrutiny, more than you think you have. lucky for you the circle you’re in is relatively closed and that’s because this publication let’s the punters chirp and yet, because of it’s passion for horse racing, does it’s best NOT to open a can of worms especially when it comes to Jockeys. Believe me if it did there are many rides you’ve had for Ms Bremner at Fairview I’ve tried to question in this forum. None have been replied to or even published.

    So, you pay the man to get you rides. Good!

    Part of that in my view and in terms of contracts entered into with my clients is, they shut their mouths. Yours did. By opening yours in absolute loyalty and innocence is highly commendable.

    Her’s the thing though. you could have opened a can of publicity worms which my clients love.

    You don’t need that.

    Your agent is a really big boy! Believe me he’s come up the hard way. He’s forgotten what you’ve still got to learn.

    I admire your loyalty. It showed with your first win which I watched.

    Keep that up and focus on your job. You have show much more greatness to come.

    Ed, you have the prerogative but I think it best to let Lyle decide whether it be published or not.

    You have my details and I am open to a call should Lyle wish to do so however I will be in Aus. until the weekend.

    To you Lyle as David Gresham used to say, “keep your feet on the ground and reach for the stars”. ( I think he stole the line)

  16. George Croucher says:

    My apologise to Deez for taking the bait and reacting without confirming with him first, a knee jerk reaction in defense of a friend that i could have and should have been handled better….

  17. Niran says:

    Hmmmm… interesting comments, as far as my two cent worth goes, I have a sneaky feelikgthat wiley old fox Anton Marcus might blow both muzi and lyle out the water …. with regards to quality of rides , I dont know if muzi has an agent or he represents himself when it comes to getting rides ,but surely the oneness is on the agent or jock to phone for the better rides , lyle has been riding for the Tarry and Bremner stable even beforebhe became champion jockey,so how is it his fault that the abovementioned trainers are the best in the country?….. with regards to muzi ,as everybody says and its evident,he is a hard working jockey who puts in the hard yards ,and yhr burning question is ,why is he finding it difficult to attract the better rides???, is there a side to him behind the scenes that trainers and owners dont like???? Or is it that at this juncture where there are a select few who can win the title ,owners and trainers become more selective in favor of one particular jock????, and my personal opinion ,if muzi carries himself out in a becoming and professional way behind the scenes like he does in his races then its pretty evident that trainers and owners are in favor of muzi not winning the championship.

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