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Cellular Devices – Mxothwa Fined

Raid on Fairview stables

National Horseracing AuthorityPrior to the commencement of Saturday’s East Cape Derby meeting, a team of NHA Officials consisting of the Senior Veterinary Surgeon, Senior Investigating Officer and Senior Stipendiary Steward conducted numerous stable searches.

During these searches, certain items were seized and sent to The National Horseracing Authority’s laboratory for analysis.

Additionally, an inspection was conducted of a number of runners racing at the race meeting.

In this regard, the Senior Veterinary Surgeon confirmed that nothing untoward was found and he was satisfied with the condition of each of the runners inspected.

During the course of this race meeting, The National Horseracing Authority’s Senior Investigating Officer conducted a search of the Jockey’s Quarters.

During the course of this search, it was established that, Jockey L Mxothwa was in possession of 2 cellular devices.

Jockey Mxothwa appeared before the Board and was questioned regarding his possession of these devices.

In this regard, he explained to the Board that, he had forgotten that he had failed to hand these devices in to the Clerk of Scales and had them on his possession.

In order to support the above version, Jockey Mxothwa allowed the Stipendiary Board access to the devices in question, this enabled the Board to confirm that there was no evidence of skulduggery or sinister evidence on either device.

Notwithstanding the apparent lack of intent on the part of Jockey Mxothwa, the possession of the cellular devices still amounted to a contravention of Rule 56.2.4. Accordingly, Jockey Mxothwa was issued with and signed, an admission of guilt for the minimum penalty, of a fine of R3500.

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16 comments on “Cellular Devices – Mxothwa Fined

  1. Ronny says:

    Come on R3500 Fine..How are such high ridiculous fines determined? Are these fines part of the curriculum at the Jockeys academy or are they posted in the Jockey Rooms

    1. karel says:

      Such a fine is way too low.
      Suspension would be more in order.

  2. Brian says:

    I’ve said it before, they’re milking the jockeys for a good Xmas party

  3. Gerald Maree says:

    In any other racing jurisdiction in the world an excuse like “I forgot to hand the phones in to the clark of scales” just would not cut it. Time to throw the book at these perpetrators. Perhaps the authorities will then start cleaning up our sport.

    1. karel says:

      Imagine if this was Hong Kong…

  4. 7734gerald says:

    Please explain what the jockey did wrong by having a cell phone that was switched off in his possession ? And thereafter gave the stops permission to go through his phone ….some of you would do well working for the South African criminal justice system…:

    1. Editor says:

      56.2.4 Save with the consent of a STIPENDIARY STEWARD, no RIDER, during the period stated
      in RULE 56.2.2, shall have contact with anybody outside the JOCKEY’S quarters or
      weighing room other than the OWNER or AUTHORISED AGENT of the OWNER or the
      groom of the HORSE he is riding, the RMR on duty and LICENSED OFFICIAL for the
      RACE MEETING concerned, nor shall he take into the JOCKEY’S quarters or weighing
      room nor make use of any type of telephone, transmitter or similar device for
      communication purposes.
      And no smoking too!
      56.2.6 Smoking in the JOCKEYS’ quarters and weighing room shall not be permitted. Smoking
      shall only be permitted in designated smoking areas

  5. Jay Akkiah says:

    How come the rules and penalties in horse racing differ in all countries. Isn’t there a common rule of punishment for jockey misconduct or anything to do with horse racing. Like having a common rule book

  6. Ronny says:

    When one looks at the fines that jockeys and trainers receive, they are much worse than criminals get in SA. A logical person may conclude that Jockeys and Trainers are the worst which isn’t the case..Jockeys and Trainers are not made of money and they need to fight these ridiculous high fines

  7. Niran says:

    Mr Ronny , the rules and protocols have been in place for centuries ,these rules promote order and discipline and most importantly it protects the sport from and clandestine and transgressive behaviour ,the fine was just and in line with the system , because horseracing involves gambling and at any given point a jockey can be compromised,hence it is imperative to have these rules in place. MR Mxothwa explanation that he simply forgot was sceptical ,as this is seemingly routine for jocks ,and asking the official’s to check the device doesnt cut it ,information pertaining to untoward behaviour could have been deleted prior to the investigation… it is difficult to please everybody,hypothetically speaking ,if for instance a jockey was using his device to fix races ,then we will be quick to say the official’s are not doing their jobs meticulously…. so you cant have your cake and eat it … kudos to the official’s. Keep up the good work in trying to curb all irregularities that bring disrebute to the sport ,we can do without all of that at this juncture .

  8. James George says:

    Niran,you saying information pertaining to untoward behaviour could have been deleted prior to the investigation.So are these officials doing their job meticulously” by just checking information on the phone and not getting the information from the Network provider?

  9. Pops says:

    After watching a show years ago called Bent Horseracing(concerning some British jockeys admitting to fixing races), have always wondered if a investigation like that was done into South African horse racing what it would reveal?
    .Can we say South African horse racing is clean?Hope it is. Otherwise throwing good money away by betting on horses

  10. Niran says:

    Greetings George , im not defending the official’s,and yes a further investigation should have been carried out to make sure that the jock in question was clean , my comment was more in line to disagree with those who say fines and sanctions are too severe , we demand more from official’s and this incident should be a stepping stone to root out any indiscretions in the future .

  11. Punters pal says:

    Top PE trainer phones owner.i happened to be around..come and lead your horse into the winning enclosure on Friday.
    When I get home I’m excited to see what and where.i see the horse is at healthy 25/1 and stable jock is on coupling at 17/10.
    I put 400 wins on the 25/1 that gets pipped by a mil.and the 17/10 runs 5th…what was the trainers instructions to jock on fav and the 25/1 shot.just wondering.

  12. Sean says:

    What they failed to state in there report was that another jockey had a phone in his possession and he refused to sign a admission of guilt. Further more jockey Mxothwa’s bag was searched illegally and without his permission while he was out of the jockey room.

  13. Yugen says:

    Shouldn’t this rule be extended to trainers who could be possibly involved with bookmakers, it does not make sense as trainers could withdraw their horses at the last minute, at a price.

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