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Northern Cape Trainer Fined R115 000

Chestnut Troop positive

The National Horseracing Authority confirms that an Inquiry was held at its offices at Turffontein Racecourse on 16 May 2019.

National Horseracing Authority

Trainer Theron was charged with a contravention of Rule 73.2.2, as read with Rule 73.4.4 and Rule 74.1, in that:

1.1       Mr Theron is the trainer of the horse CHESTNUT TROOP, which is a gelding;

1.2       CHESTNUT TROOP was due to run and, in fact, ran in the 6th race at the Flamingo Park Racecourse on 12 November 2018;

1.3       Prior to the race a specimen was taken from the horse CHESTNUT TROOP;

1.4       Upon analysis the specimen was found to contain testosterone at a level of 174.59 picograms per millilitre of plasma, which is in excess of the accepted threshold of 100 picograms per millilitre of plasma;

1.5       Testosterone is a forbidden substance and also a prohibited substance.

Mr Theron pleaded not guilty to the charge, but was found guilty of the charge.

The Board imposed a penalty of a fine of R115 000 (One hundred and fifteen thousand rand).

Furthermore, CHESTNUT TROOP is disqualified in terms of Rule 72.3.2, however, the conditions of Rule 67.7.8 do not apply as CHESTNUT TROOP ran unplaced.

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8 comments on “Northern Cape Trainer Fined R115 000


    I wonder whether it would be viable to open up a hydroponic business in the Kimberley area ?

  2. Speedyvar says:

    So Testosterone is a forbidden substance and also a prohibited substance, but it is ok at a threshold of 100 picograms per millilitre of plasma;?

  3. Testo says:

    It sure looks like it

  4. Paul says:

    It is a natural occuring substance so there must be a threshhold.

  5. Brian says:

    I’m not sure but the NHA must be bankrupt or close to it.

    R115000? It will be cheaper to go to a lawyer and defend it. Even if it all goes to the Lawyer

    It’s time the NHA woke up

  6. Testo says:

    The trainer got away very lightly if it is forbidden its forbidden take his license or suspend him for a year.

  7. Ebrahim says:

    I agree. Give out a harsher penalty. Is it normal procedure for specimen to be taken before a race? Just wondering. If I was the trainer and specimen was taken before the horse ran I would make sure that the horse did not win. Thinking aloud….

  8. Ian Jayes says:

    The NHA will not stop this abuse until they stop using the doping rules as a source of revenue and start warning people off.

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